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5 Best Small Camper Trailers with Bathrooms (Under 3,100 lbs)

5 Best Small Camper Trailers with Bathrooms (Under 3,100 lbs)

Over the last decade RV manufacturers have been focused on designing light-weight camper trailers that still deliver all the best amenities. In 2020 we are reaping the rewards of this innovative process.

The recent Tampa RV SuperShow showcased hundreds of small RVs (with full size bathrooms)!

Today we’re sharing the five best small camper trailers of 2020. To qualify for this list the trailers must have a toilet & shower, and weigh less than 3,100 lbs.

Let’s dive in!

nuCamp Tab 400

MSRP: $42,711

Weight:  2,864 lbs.

Why You’ll Love It: The nuCamp Tab 400 is one of the lightest campers on the list! Aside from the weight, we love the rugged exterior. The clearance and approach angle let’s it go off-road without being easily damaged.

The wet bath with drop down sink conserves space and allows for an enjoyable (not crowded) bathroom experience.

NuCamp also executes on style. The circular windows and light accents gives the camper a modern look that tips it hat to the retro feel.

Additional Specs: To be honest, the specs are only ok. Due to the fact it’s so light, you’ll notice smaller tank capacities.

  • Overall Width: 90″
  • Overall Height: 104″
  • Bed Size: 55″ x 79″
  • 2nd Bed Area: 30″ x 74″
  • Interior Height: 79″
  • Fresh Water Tank: 22 gallons
  • Gray Water Tank: 18 gallons 
  • Black Water Tank: 12 gallons
  • GAWR: 3900 lbs

Riverside Retro 135

MSRP: $18,105

Weight: 2,540 lbs.

Why You’ll Love It: The Riverside Retro 135 doesn’t waste any room on a dinette! We really like that type of design. When you travel in a small camper trailer, you can’t have it all.

Instead of wasting room on a dinette, the Retro 135 offers up two comfy recliner style chairs.

Additionally, the 32 gallon grey water tank will keep you supplied with water for much longer than some of these other small camper trailers. With a separate toilet & shower, you be able to enjoy showering a lot more!

Additional Specs:

  • Width: 7’6″
  • Interior Height: 6’5″
  • Fresh Water: 17 gal
  • Grey Water: 31 gal
  • Black Water: 17 gal

Sonic Lite SL150 VRK

MSRP: $27,157

Weight: 3,040 lbs.

Why You’ll Love It: The murphy bed frees up a lot of space! Of these five small camper trailers, the Sonic Lite is the only one taking advantage of a murphy bed.

By doing so, the living & kitchen space feels a lot larger.

Additionally, the “wood-plank style” floors run the entire length of the interior. This seamlessly connects the bathroom to the living area, giving it a residential look.

Lastly, the bathroom is amazing (for a tiny RV). There’s separation between the toilet and shower…and the shower is quite large, all things considered.

Additional Specs:

  • Width: 90″
  • Interior Height: 82″
  • Fresh Water: 38 gal
  • Grey Water: 30 gal
  • Black Water: 30 gal

Forest River RPod RP-190

MSRP: $27,628

Weight: 2,766 lbs.

Why You’ll Love It: The Forest River R-Pod is the only camper on this list that has a slide out…which is pretty amazing because it’s not even the heaviest!

The slide obviously opens up the interior space, allowing for a nicely sized kitchen. The only issue is that, with the slide in, it may be hard to access the bed & bath area.

The RP-190 has a large, rear dinette. The space could easy be used as a work area as well.

The shower and toilet are separate. In fact, the shower area could fit most people quite comfortably.

Additional Specs:

  • Width: 96″
  • Interior Height: 78″
  • Fresh Water: 36 gal
  • Grey Water: 30 gal
  • Black Water: 30 gal

Vintage Cruiser 17 SCD

MSRP: $24,350

Weight: 2,680 lbs

Why You’ll Love It: If you love vintage style, this is the camper trailer for you! Everything about Vintage Cruiser is “old-school.” The dinette looks like it’s straight from a 1950s dinner and the chrome-moon hub caps give it cool points.

The exterior construction is innovative as well. It’s roof is constructed from one solid piece, allowing less points of potential water entry.

Lastly, the bathroom is pretty spacious. With a separate toilet and shower, you won’t have that “cramped wet-bath feel.”

Additional Specs:

  • Width: 90″
  • Interior Height: 83″
  • Fresh Water: 27 gal
  • Grey Water: 33 gal
  • Black Water: 33 gal

Why Are Small Camper Trailers Beneficial?

There are lots of benefits to traveling in a small RV or trailer. First and foremost, mobility is a wonderful benefit. You’ll be able to navigate around regular gas stations and parking lots.

Secondly, if you’re into boondocking, a small camper will give you access to the most scenic spots in the USA

Lastly, if you travel with a small camper, you won’t need a huge truck. This will save you gas money and make it easier to drive around town once you unhitch.

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  1. Sue says:

    Wow ! Those are nice !! Thanks for the reviews

  2. Jason McLeod says:

    Check out Prolite. They’re out of Quebec and can be difficult to find dealers in the USA but not impossible. Their entire lineup is ultralight. I own a Max21 w/ separate bedroom, bathroom, sofa and fridge slide w/ dual axles. All for a GVWR of 3500 lbs and dry weight of 2950.

  3. Vance Knight says:

    The top photo is of a nüCamp 320, not a 400. They look somewhat similar. The 320 is smaller.

  4. Mike Loerzel says:

    Cool!, Thanks for the list,,, But what about the T@B 320S? …The Bathroom is Tiny, but it works 🙂

  5. AlaskaErik says:

    I just bought a brand new 2020 KZ 130RBSE for $10,999. I’m 6′ 2″ and not only can I stand up in the main living area, I can also stand up straight in the shower. It has a 20 gallon fresh water tank and two 15 gallon waste tanks. Bring along an extra five gallons of water and one person can easily stay out for 3-5 days while boondocking. It has a dinette that converts into a 81×53 bed, five foot long bench seat, A/C, furnace, 6 gallon DSI water heater, two burner cooktop, refrigerator, sink, toilet and bathtub style shower. There are also 11 cabinet doors, for a huge amount of storage space, plus outside storage and storage under the five foot long bench seat. It weighs about 2200 lbs empty and GVWR is 2800 lbs. I have the optional Norcold electric/propane refrigerator, which is a must-have for me. Electric only is standard.

  6. angelndzgyz says:

    Actually, the rep from Riverside Retro tells me the 135 now has an option for a dinette. I love it, since it is just my hubby, me and our little dog that would be using it. Wish I could share a pic.