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What Does a $1.4 Million Motorcoach Get You?

What Does a $1.4 Million Motorcoach Get You?

Have you ever wondered what a million dollar motorhome looks like? What type of added luxuries are you actually paying for?

Today we’re answering the $1,000,000 question!

This Foretravel Motorcoach ih-45 has an MSRP or $1.4 million (the folks at Tampa RV Show are offering it for just under a fresh mil).

Let’s take a deep dive into what you’ll be getting when you swipe that AmEx black card!

Watch the video tour here:

It has the power (and towing capacity)

For starters the Foretravel ih-45 has a Cummins 605 ISX paired with an Allison 4000MH transmission. This powerful combo gives you lots of cargo carrying capabilities and enough power to tow up to 20,000 lbs behind you!

Additionally, it comes equipped with a Spartan Safe Haul system and powerful three-stage engine braking.

Exterior Storage

Cargo bays run the entire length of the exterior. Most of them are full, side to side compartments. The have soft opening and closing hydraulic arms for easy access.

Each bay is carpeted. This helps items from sliding while in motion. It will also protect your cargo and motorcoach when loading & unloading.

Million Dollar Motorcoach

Here are additional specs in regards to the exterior:

  • Foretravel Travelride III Chassis – by Spartan
  • All Air Ride with:
    Two Air Bags (IFS front axle)
    Four Outboard-Mounted Air Bags (Drive Axle)
    Two Air Bags (Tag Axle)
  • Cummins X15 605 HP Engine
  • Spartan Cummins Connect
  • Spartan Safe Haul
  • Engine Brake: Three Stage Engine Brake with On/ Off Switch
  • ABS Anti-Lock Braking System with Automatic Slack Adjusters
  • Air Disc Brakes on all Wheels
  • Air Hose for Tire Service
  • Air line with Quick Connect
  • Alcoa Aluminum Wheels with Dura-Bright Protection
  • Allison 6 Speed Transmission MH 4000
  • Alternator – 350-amp: Leece-Neville
  • Automatic Traction Control (ATC)
  • Auxiliary 12V Air Compressor
  • Fuel Filter / Water Separator
  • Front Axle – IFS (Independent Front Suspension)
  • HWH – Active Air System and Computerized Air Leveling System
  • Ridewell Independent Tag Axle
  • Rear Axle Ratio: 4.30:1
  • 20,000-lb. Towing Capacity/ 2,000-lb. Hitch Tongue with 7/4-Pin Plug
  • Michelin Tires:  Front 365/ 70R 22.5”   Rear 315/ 80R 22.5”
  • 3 Year Spartan Scheduled Maintenance Included

Luxury Living Area

There’s no shortage of luxury in the Foretravel ih-45 motorcoach. From the moment you walk in the door, leather, tile, granite and gold accents abound.

The main entertainment area is flush with leather. Both captains chairs, the sofa and love seat are made of beautifully sewn, brown leather. The cabinet molding even has leather accents.

Foretravel ih-45 Living Room

Don’t worry about your feet getting cold on the tile floors – they have heating built into them!

Additional Living Area Specs:

  • Natural Quartz Countertops
  • Filtered Ice and Water Dispenser
  • Electric Floor Heat
  • Pneumatic Pocket Doors
  • Custom Tile Floor
  • Decorative Insert in Large Floor to Ceiling Wall
  • 120V Outlet with Dual USB Charge Ports in LR and BR
  • Multiplex Lighting System
  • Powered Step-Well Cover with Two Switch Locations
  • Foretravel Designed Bedding and Throw Pillows
  • Foretravel Designed Window Treatment with Electric Day/ Night Shades
  • Slide-Out Rooms, Flush with Sidewalls when Retracted and Pneumatic Sealed
  • Built in Vacuum with Toe Kick and Hose Connection
  • Handcrafted Wood, Walnut or African Mahogany Cabinetry

Residential Style Kitchen

The kitchen in this motorcoach spare no expense! The large counter top (with multiple levels) feels like it could be in a mansion.

In addition to the ample kitchen storage, you’ll even get a dishwasher located underneath the counter.

The two burner stove and the deep sink both have toppers that create more counter space when not in use.

On the far left side, you can pull out an extension for even more counter space.

motorcoach kitchen

Master Motorcoach Bedroom

To be honest, the bedroom looks a little kinky! Mirrors line the ceiling for an interesting view and the dark colors make it less inviting. It feels a lot more like a luxury hotel bedroom than a cozy, residential bedroom.

The actual bed is a Slumber Ease Luxury with a King Size Mattress.

Storage is no issue. Plenty of closets and cabinets line the walls.

motorcoach bedroom

The ih-45 Master Bath is the Big Winner!

The master bathroom is the absolute best part of the motorcoach. The shower is a large, tiled walk-in unit with multiple shower heads and spray options. There’s a full size bench opposite the shower control center!

It comes with dual sinks, a washer & dryer and private toilet. The bath area will make you feel all the luxuries of a hotel spa…only missing the attendants!

master bath ih-45 motorcoach

For Those That Want To Nerd Out!

If you want to take a closer look at some of the awesome, million dollar features, here’s a list:

  • Fresh Water: 135 Gallons
  • Holding Tank: 145 Gallons
  • Fuel: 200 Gallons
  • DEF: 15 Gallons
  • Interior Height: 84” / 87” in Recesses
  • Exterior Height: 13’2” – Top of Roof A/C’s
  • Dual-Pane Tinted and Insulated Windows
  • Easy View One-Piece Windshield
  • Electric Executive Entry Step
  • Cosmolite Roof – One Piece, Stain and UV Resistant

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