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The Best Books for RV Life | Research, Planning & Inspiration

The Best Books for RV Life | Research, Planning & Inspiration

Reading & RV life go hand in hand. Whether you’re researching the lifestyle, planning your next trip or simply enjoying a book at your campsite – these books will be perfect travel companions.

The list of “Best RV Life Books” is organized in three sections: lifestyle research, travel research and inspiration.

PRO TIP: If you don’t want to lug around a physical book, many of these are available on Audible or Kindle.

Let’s dive in.

best rv books

Best RV Books: Lifestyle Research

Best RV Books: Travel Research


Best RV Books: Inspirational

If you’re a writer…

We devoted an entire article to the best travel journals. Some of them are mostly blank, others have many prompts.

Here’s the best travel journals in 2020!

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  1. Sandra Hunt says:

    Hello.. I have a read 2 books about RV Life, by author Sunny Skye, ” Living the Simple RV Life” and The truth about RV Life.. Very interesting, Maybe add these books to your List.. I Enjoy your emails. thanks,