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RV Hacks: How to Prevent Falling Objects in Your Camper

RV Hacks: How to Prevent Falling Objects in Your Camper

Falling objects are a constant problem for RV & camper owners. Sharp turns, quick stops and highway potholes can wreak havoc to your home on wheels.

Today we’re sharing 5 RV hacks to help you solve the issue of falling object, once and for all!

Let’s dive in


Heavy Duty Velcro

Price: $13.95

Amazon Link for Velcro

How we use it: Heavy duty velcro is one of our favorite hacks. Every picture in our camper is secured with velcro. We’ve had good luck with the 15lbs weight capacity, but if you’re going to use the velcro, don’t buy the pre-cut tabs … buy the roll.

We also secure small pots with succulents and our jar of utensils.


Tension Rods

Price: $8.99

Amazon Tension Rod Link (Pack o f 3)

How we use it: We learned this hack the hard way, and very quickly. Tension rods are great for securing items inside the fridge on travel day. We also use them to secure canned goods and books on our bookshelf.

Every RV is unique. Fortunately, tension rods are extremely adaptable. You never know where it will come in handy…until travel day.

Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 7.09.27 PM.png

Command Hooks

Price: $7.62

Amazon Command Hooks Link (Pack of 3)

How we use it: The walls in an RV can be some of the best unused space. We found that command hooks add versatility in storing items that we use regularly. Hats, belts, towels, kitchen utensils and cutting boards are all easy to hang items with command hooks.

An added feature with the hooks is that no drilling holes is necessary. Each hook is applied to the wall with tape, making removing the hooks easy and safe.


Mini Bungee Cord

Price: $8.64

Amazon Mini Bungee Cord Link (20 pack)

How we use it: Mini Bungee Cords are fun and functional. We use the cords to secure cabinets during travel day. They can be used in the fridge, bathroom, and kitchen for additional support to semi-loose items.

The bungees also work as a great door holder when keeping the front door open. If you tow a trailer and use your truck bed for storage, bungees have unlimited uses for additional security.


Cabinet Organizers

Price: $16.00

Amazon Cabinet Organizers Link

How we use it: This is a “catch-all” hack depending on how your rig is set up. Our cabinets are deep and tall, creating a very inefficient storage situation. We use cabinet organizers to increase storage space in our pantry and bathroom.

Simply figure out the dimensions of your storage space and then search Amazon. The organizer we have linked above is a hanging organizer. These are easy because they require zero installation.

Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 7.35.21 PM.png


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  1. Rita Quinn says:

    Love these ideas! We have discovered them as well for preparing our new Class A for the road. We have also used the heavy duty double sided tape (that comes in think foam like rolls) for adding curtain rods, devorative moulding or other things we really want to stick that we know we won’t be moving. I’m so excited to begin this journey and love following your adventures. 😁

  2. sharon labarge says:

    Wonderful suggestions. You two are so encouraging and helpful. We love it. We are starting out on our first weekend trip on April 1st. Hope that’s a good sign. After a couple small trips we hope to head for Washington state from Missouri. Best Wishes, Momiswacko

  3. Julie G says:

    All good ideas. I’ve heard of museum putty or earthquake tape, “Quake Hold” but not seen any RVers mention it.
    Also, use square containers not round helps things stack easier & also see thru. Can put things like crackers, cereal, …odd shaped food items, and reduce packaging & getting crushed.