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Convert Your RV into a Doomsday Prepper Mobile

Convert Your RV into a Doomsday Prepper Mobile

RVs are, by nature, a good foundation to become a doomsday-prepper-mobile. You can take them off grid, harvest natural energy and maintain the luxuries of residential living.

Now is a better time than ever to modify your RV.

If you’re looking for a few project ideas to convert your camper trailer into a prepper-mobile, you’ve come to the right spot.

Today we’re sharing 5 simple ways to transform your RV!

Let’s dive in.

1. Boosted Signal

If you take your RV off grid there’s a strong chance cellular signal will decrease. Trees, mountains and valleys can all contribute to a lack of service.

We recommend installing a cell booster to your RV.

The installation process is fairly easy (taking about 3 hours). There’s an external antenna that needs to be mounted on your RV, an interior booster, and an interior antenna.

A booster can turn one bar of unusable cell signal into full bars of streaming service.

2. Solar Power

In a doomsday prepper scenario, solar power is king. Generating energy will be essential – especially if gasoline is hard to access.

Here’s the great thing about solar energy, you can start small. You’ll need a solar panel – it can be roof mounted or ground deployable – and it will have to connect to your battery.

If you buy a deployable ground unit, the installation time in minimal. Mounting a roof panel is much more challenging, but the whole process (including wiring) can be completed in a day.

3. Lithium Batteries

To maximize your stored power, lithium is the best way to go. There are two key features that make them far superior to lead acid batteries.

  • They weigh a lot less: RVs have limited weight capacity.
  • You can use virtually all the power without damaging the battery: Lead acid batteries can only be drained to 50% before seeing damage and reduced results.

Keep in mind, a 100ah lead acid battery can only be used to 50% and it weighs more. Pound for pound, you’re getting a lot more energy from lithium batteries.

The installation can take around 5 hours depending on the access to your electrical system.

4. Water Filter Upgrade

If you have no water filtration system on your RV, now is the time to get one! There are multiple ways to do it. From $20 to $500, many options can provide clean water.

We use a combination of three filter.

  • External Carbon Filter: Cheap & easy. These water filter can be bought at Walmart or Camping World. They are a great way to begin your water filtration system.
  • Internal UV Ray LED Filter: This ultra filtering unit uses the power of UV ray technology to disinfect drinking water.
  • Berkey Water Filter: Stand alone filter has a lot of power. It can filter viruses, lead, fluoride, chlorine, heavy metals and more.

Water filtration is pretty easy to install. Even the UV ray unit can be installed in a few hours.

5. Added RV Security

If a doomsday prepper scenario ever happens – added RV security features will be very helpful.

  • Lifelite Pepperbal Launcher: Non lethal form of protection against humans and animals
  • GPS Tracker: Hardwire a GPS tracker discretely in your RV for tracking ability if stolen.
  • External Security Cameras
  • Upgraded RV Lock: Many RV locks aren’t secure at all. RV Lock is a trusted upgrade that many RVers have added hemselves.

These security tools are always more effective when used together. They can vary on install time.

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