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The Exciting 5th Wheel RV Designed for Tesla Cybertruck

The Exciting 5th Wheel RV Designed for Tesla Cybertruck

The Exciting 5th Wheel RV Designed for Tesla Cybertruck

Could this 5th wheel RV be the future of electric towing? Since Tesla announced the revolutionary Cybertruck in 2019, RVers have wanted to know if it can tow a trailer.

Let’s get one thing straight – it’s clear the Cybertruck has the power to tow, but Tesla hasn’t given any guidance on how far it can tow on a single charge.

Cybertruck 5th Wheel RV Rendering

This 5th wheel rendering was posted on the Tesla Cybertruck Owners forum.

No specs were posted with the images. However, it looks like this unit is between 28 and 31 feet long. It includes plenty of space on the roof for solar power as well.

We can imagine the solar roof would be able to extend the trucks battery life when connected.

There’s still a lot of design issues to be worked out. David, a member of Cybertruck Owners forums says:

“The real issue with a 5th-wheel or gooseneck is the high walls on the bed of the CyberTruck. The hitch in either case needs to be over the real wheels which brings the height of the bed walls into issue. For example, I own a 5th-wheel camper and there is no way it would work on the CyberTruck as it would rub when making turns and probably wouldn’t even hitch at all due to the bed side height. “

Cybertruck Fifth Wheel RV | From Cybertruck Owners Forum

Cybertruck 5th Wheel RV Interior

The interior has a standard, front-bed 5th wheel layout. As typical with many RVs, it also includes a dinette slide-out to create more space.

A rear kitchen with scenic window adds a unique touch to the layout and opens up the floor plan.

From these renderings it looks like the storage bays are huge. Could this be for excess battery storage?

Our Airstream has 500ah of lithium batteries, which can keep us of grid for quite a while. This 5th wheel RV rendering could easily house 1500ah of lithium without taking up too much space (or weighing it down).

Cybertruck Fifth Wheel RV | From Cybertruck Owners Forum

Tesla Cybertruck Specs

There are three models of the Tesla Cybertruck. The specs below are for the Tri Motor AWD model. For complete specs of all models visit the Cybertruck page.

  • 0-60 MPH: <2.9 SECONDS
  • RANGE: 500+ MILES
  • STORAGE: 100 FT3

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Ray S.

Thursday 23rd of December 2021

No mention of its Payload Capacity. Its probably about the same if not less than a standard half ton truck.

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Clarence McGregor

Tuesday 14th of April 2020

What will be the likely surcharge for recharging at an RV park?

Wanderland Travelers

Tuesday 14th of April 2020

Super exciting! We have a reservation for the tri-motor version :-)

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