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The Don’ts of Cracker Barrel RV Camping

The Don’ts of Cracker Barrel RV Camping

The Don’ts of Cracker Barrel RV Camping 

We’ve all needed a place to crash unexpectedly while on the road. There are Walmarts, dispersed camping sites, and a few other places we know we can turn to when the sun is setting, and we haven’t quite made it where we needed to go. But there’s also Cracker Barrel camping, that can offer a brief respite for a night if necessary.

Like all overnight camping spots on private property, each location has it’s own rules to follow. Cracker Barrel is one of our favorite choices, but these ‘don’t’s’ are essential to understand.

Here’s everything you need to know about RV camping at Cracker Barrel.

The Basics of Camping at Cracker Barrel

When you decide to set up shop at a Cracker Barrel, you should always remember that the parking lot of a restaurant isn’t a campground. 

You may be able to stay overnight, but it’s not appropriate to set up camp like you would at a state park or campground. You won’t be expected to pay anything to stay overnight, but you should understand that the Cracker Barrel parking lot, or any parking lot for that matter, isn’t the place to get warm and cozy. 

As with any overnight parking spot, even at Walmart, you should call ahead of time and ask if it’s okay to sleep overnight. Cracker Barrel is a place of business, so be courteous and respectful, even if they say no, as you’re asking for a favor and not vice versa.

Don’t Expect to Park a Big Rig Here

Even though there might appear to be room for a big rig in the parking lot, you shouldn’t park a big rig here. 

Often, there are spots in the back of a Cracker Barrel that are good for 25-foot trailers or Class C RVs, but large motorhomes probably won’t fit in the designated spots. 

Additionally, these large RVs may have a difficult time getting in and out of the parking lot. 

Don’t Overstay Your Welcome

It can be comfortable to sleep in and rest up after a long night of driving, but you should never stay longer than 12 hours at any overnight camp spot. 

Cracker Barrel is not a campground with check-in and check-out times, so be ready to get up the next day and hit the road as you won’t want to overstay your welcome. 

Don’t Worry About a Sleep Mask

The nice thing about Cracker Barrel is that most of their parking lots are much darker than your usual overnight spot, like Walmart. The designated RV and trailer parking is usually behind the restaurant, which keeps the light at a minimum. 

Don’t Forget a Hot Breakfast on Your Way Out

Whether you only stayed for a few hours or slept overnight, it’s always best practice to stop in and patronize the business itself if you stayed there for free. 

There’s nothing better than hitting the road with a full belly and cup of coffee, but it’s also a way of saying thank you to the establishment before you head off to your next destination.

Don’t Set Up Camp at Cracker Barrel

By now you’ve read it several times, but do NOT set up camp at Cracker Barrel. It’s best to leave your RV slides in, if possible, when staying here to avoid drawing too much attention to yourself or the restaurant. 

Also, resist the temptation to bring out camping chairs and avoid turning your generator on to keep noise pollution down. As a best practice, you only want to look like you’re parked there, not sleeping there. You are staying at a business, not a campsite, so be courteous of the restaurant patrons and staff.

Can’t Find a Cracker Barrel?

If you can’t find a Cracker Barrel nearby, you can always look to Walmart, truck stops, and even dispersed camping for a one night stay. We use an app called Harvest Hosts to help us find free camping spots during our trips, so if you can’t seem to find a place to stop, whip out your phone and do some searching there. 

The best part about Harvest Hosts…the camping spots are at vineyards and breweries!

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Pam Jaros

Friday 10th of September 2021

One more thing not mentioned is respecting their property. Pick up after your dog!! We've witnessed this several imes. Soon they will be like Walmart and stop allowing it if this privilege continues to be abused.

Matt Arnold

Sunday 15th of August 2021

While traveling from California to MO we called the local Costco in Albuquerque to see if it was possible to park overnight. They explained they couldn’t be held accountable for any losses but we were welcome to stay. Always call to check.

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