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This Amphibious Camper Trailer Let’s You Explore By Land & Water

This Amphibious Camper Trailer Let’s You Explore By Land & Water

RV sales are booming this year, and the roads are getting crowded. What if you could avoid the crowds by taking to the water? The Sealander camper trailer lets you do exactly that.

This amphibious RV can be towed on land, or motored on water.

Today we’re sharing all the deets about this unique trailer!

Let’s dive in.

Lightweight trailer can be towed by most vehicles. Photo from

About The Sealander Camper Trailer

If you haven’t heard of Sealander before, it’s probably because the company is based in Germany. Virtually no towable RVs are imported to the USA.

However, if you have the desire (and funds) to ship one of these trailers to the USA, you’ll be the talk of the RV park (or marina).

Sealander has been designing and manufacturing these units since 2012.

Unlike the top 5 American Fiberglass Campers, this RV is truly revolutionary.

What are the Specs of the Sealander?

First and foremost, the Sealander is lightweight. The most substantial version weighs only 1,200 pounds. Almost any vehicle with a hitch can tow it!

Additionally, it has a carrying capacity of 440 pounds. Once you get two adults in there, it doesn’t leave much room for accessories. You’ll have just enough to load it up with cold beverages and snacks.

On-board you’ll have an 80 AH gell battery. The sink carries 13 liters of water, and the shower has a 16-liter tank.

The length of the trailer varies depending if its on land or in water. The land length is 13 feet, and the water length is 15.2 feet. 

Photo from

What Amenities Does the Sealander Offer?

The Sealander comes with a base package that includes limited amenities. Here’s what you’ll find in that package:

  • Reinforced fiberglass shell
  • Lockers, cabinet doors and panels of lightweight plywood panels 
  • Waterproof uniaxial chassis
  • 13-inch steel rims with 185/55 tires
  • Two tinted panorama acrylic glass
  • Entry and swim ladder with polished stainless steel support function
  • Handrails and fittings in polished stainless steel
  • Exhauster for ventilation

Upgrades packages include higher-quality interior cushions, sound systems, shower upgrades, kitchen upgrades, aluminum wheel upgrade, and many other add-on choices.

Sealander gives the buyer the ability to customize the amenities to fit their unique travel style.

Sealander being docked. Photo from

Putting the Sealander in Water

Sealander offers instruction-graphs on their website and videos on their YouTube channel to put the camper trailer in the water.

They make it look easy!

Its basically like backing a boat down a boat ramp.

Regardless, the launch would be terrifying the first time.

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  1. PeSailorman says:

    The Sealander doesn’t look like it has much freeboard. Any waves over 12 inches would swamp this thing! Is a sump pump included? Lifevests?

  2. Cheryl says:

    That looks like someone used the concept of a lifeboat and converted it to a tiny RV.

  3. Darren says:

    $18k for the base model plus shipping to the states. You can keep it.