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5 Best A-Frame Camper Trailers

5 Best A-Frame Camper Trailers

Are you looking for a lightweight camper trailer, easy to tow, and folds flat for transport and storage? You may be looking for an A-Frame Camper Trailer. We think that they are the perfect solution for hobby campers and adventure travels.  

A-Frame campers have been around for decades, but the new models have sleek, modern designs. We even think that you will be surprised by the features and amenities included in today’s A-frame style campers. 

Forest River produces many high quality a-frame campers. Photo from

What is an A-Frame Camper Trailer?

 The A-Frame gets its name from the A outline, with a peak that is created when the camper is assembled on site. Most weigh less than 2000 pounds, and each pound packs a punch of style. It may be small-living, but the well-organized interiors live large. 

An A-Frame camper is a step above a teardrop, equivalent in size to a pop-up, and a touch beneath traditional travel trailers.

There’s an A-Frame Camper to fit any need and any camping style. From wet baths to kitchenettes and units that sleep 4, we know that you will find the perfect option. All are easy to tow and easy to store—with most fitting in a standard garage.  

If you are new to camping or have years of experience, give the new, modern A-Frame design consideration.

Let’s dive in!

A-Liner Family of Campers

The A-Liner Family of campers includes the design and tools for a modern, quick to assemble unit. Included are fold-out beds and a sleeper sofa with a sink and toilet. (Note that not all A-Frame Campers include a bathroom) Pop-up dormers add height and provide a breezy atmosphere and extra space. 

We especially like the outdoor kitchenette that quickly pulls out for easy use. You can also add an outdoor grill to the package for a full camp kitchen. Weighing under a total of 2000 pounds, this A-Frame can be pulled with a small truck, van, or even an SUV.

The Rockwood A-112

The Rockwood A-112 is a hard-sided A-Frame with a dinette, a flip-up bed, and an interior kitchenette, including a mini-fridge, sink, and propane cooktop. 

This A-Frame has ample storage, accessible from the outside. A propane grill can also be added for outdoor cooking. Weighing just over 2000 pounds, this camper is also easy to tow. 

Jayco J Series

The Jayco J Series provides several “Easy Set-Up” design options. If you are looking for an A-Frame Camper with a wet bath, you will find it in this series. Other options include full-size beds and interior kitchenettes and a microwave. All have a removable dining table that can be used inside or out and an outdoor shower. 

The Jayco J Series also has an optional exterior deck for storage and transport of gear. Weight depends on the model, but all can easily be towed and feature an “Easy Set-Up” design features.  

Flagstaff Hardside

The Flagstaff Hardside wraps all of the popular features into a hard-sided A-Frame Camper. Want a wet bath, a kitchenette, and a 60X80 bed? This may be the A-Frame for you. Weighing in at 2,700, this camper is still comfortable to tow and to assemble.   

Coachmen Clipper

The Coachmen Clipper A-Frame comes in at 3757 pounds and 20FT, but can comfortably sleep 4 with a convertible dinette and a bed. 

Campers will enjoy an interior kitchen, including a fridge. Bring all of your hiking and extra camping gear, including a foldable kayak and store in the Coachmen’s quick-release exterior storage box.  

If You’re Still Debating if an A-Frame is for You…

If none of these A-Frame trailers sounded like a win, we’ve got more options for you. Check out the resources below to find similar, but different, model RVs:

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