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5 Best Small Class C RVs in 2021

5 Best Small Class C RVs in 2021

When a motorhome is too much, but a campervan is not enough, the small Class C RV is a happy medium that provides both maneuverability and comfort.  

Today we’re sharing five of the best small Class C RVs.

These RVs will provide luxury without sacrificing functionality.

Let’s dive in.

What is a Class C RV?

Class C RVs are sometimes called mini-motorhomes. They’re typically built on an auto-manufacturer van frame with an attached cab. Identified by the bed-over-cab, these RVs are easily noticeable. 

Class C RVs make a great choice if you don’t want to tow another vehicle as they’re typically small enough to drive around without too much trouble.  Small Class C RVs even fit in many standard parking spots.

So what are the best 5 small Class C RVs for 2021? 

We’ve rounded them up for you right here:

#1 Entegra Odyssey 

They say good things come in small packages, and it’s true with the Entegra Odyssey. In this 26 foot RV, you get a queen bed, dinette, and sofa in every floor plan. There’s even a bunk option if you’re bringing the family.

This small Class C RV can get you off grid and navigate urban streets.

This Class C RV is a great choice.


  • 26′ 8″ long
  • 1 slide
  • 55 gal fuel tank
  • 42 gal fresh water
  • 31 gal black tank
  • 40 gal grey tank

We love this small Class C for its E-Z Drive system, which truly makes it easy to operate. It includes computer-balanced driveshaft, front and rear stabilizer bars, Hellwig helper springs, and rubber isolation body mounts.

#2 Gulf Stream Conquest 6237 

The Conquest Class C comes in more than a dozen floor plans; the specs below are for the 6237 model. Gulf Stream is known for handcrafting their cabinets and RV walls in-house, a tradition that continues today.  


  • 24’1″ long
  • no slides
  • 37 gal fresh water
  • 31 gal black tank
  • 31 gal grey tank

We love this Conquest Class C RV because it’s compact and easy to drive while still providing plenty of storage space outdoors and indoors. 

It’s great for a family, with a full over-cab bunk for the kids. And it’s a solid and safe rig, built with Gulf Stream’s “Cradle of Strength” construction system.

#3 Leisure Travel Vans Wonder 

The Leisure Travel Vans Wonder model looks more like a big van than a traditional Class C RV. And, they’ve packed in a ton of features in a less than 25-foot space.


  • 24’9″ long
  • no slides
  • 25 gal fuel tank
  • 30gal fresh water
  • 28 gal black tank
  • 28 gal grey tank

We love the Wonder Van because it feels like pure luxury.  

The design is over the top; it’s more like a small European condo than an RV. It’s clean, modern, and bright while still packed with features and amenities to maximize the space.

#4 Jayco Melbourne 

The Jayco Melbourne comes in 3 different floor plans, varying mostly based on sleeping preferences.  

We like the 24K best, so we’ll discuss it here, but the other two models are quite similar. The 24L most notably has a full slide, and the 24T offers two twin beds in the back.


  • 25’2″ long
  • 2 slides
  • 26 gal fuel tank
  • 43 gal fresh water
  • 31 gal black tank
  • 31 gal grey tank

We love the 24K Jayco Melbourne because it has both a living room and a bedroom slide.  

The bedroom slide allows for a genuinely separate bedroom with a walkaround queen bed and a sliding door, a rare feature in a rig only 25 feet long.  

#5 Thor Four Winds 22E 

Another small Class C with no slides, this rig is best for those looking for a compact and straightforward, easy to drive RV.  Thor Four Winds offers floor plans from 22 to 31 models, and this is the smallest one.


  • 24’7″ long
  • no slides
  • 55 gal fuel tank
  • 40 gal fresh water
  • 29 gal black tank
  • 25 gal grey tank

We love this Thor Class C because of the innovative design with a corner queen bedroom. This design saves on floor space and also provides a comfy little nook to hideaway. 

It’s rare to have a private space in such a small rig, but this corner queen provides precisely that!

Choosing the Right Small Class C RV

With all of these great RVs, it’s amazing how many features and functionality coachbuilders are squeezing in these small frames. 

And there’s something for every preference. 

If you’re keen on Motorhomes, the Entegra Odyssey will float your boat. 

Suppose you’re more of a van person, definitely the Leisure Travel Vans Wonder. And if you want to bring the whole family, consider the Gulf Stream Conquest. Happy Trails!

If you didn’t find a Class C that works for you, check out our 7 Favorite Small RVs.

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  1. Sue Dickey says:

    Just wondering why you don’t include Tiffin Wayfarer! Quality is tons better than Thor and the are a family owned company that stands behind their product.

  2. Rod Van Gelder says:

    Totally agree Sue. I’ve been RVing for 40 years primarily in Class A’s. My 2021 Tiffen Wayfarer has quality features that are incredible for the price range
    Rod VG