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The Best Red River Gorge Camping

The Best Red River Gorge Camping

Kentucky is a camping paradise. Within the rich history of this state, there are lots of outdoor activities and amazing campsites. This is the ultimate guide to the Red River Gorge camping in Kentucky!

Located in the eastern-central part of Kentucky, the Red River Gorge is 29,000 acres of wilderness that is situated in the Daniel Boone National Forest.

This unique area is shaped by years of flooding against the soft sandstone. After years of erosion, the rocks have been carved into cliffs, caves, and arches perfect for rock climbing and hiking.

This area is cold during the winter and hot with humidity during the summer but nothing short of fun.

Things to do in the Red River Gorge

  1. Hiking the many trails to natural bridges

There are miles of hiking trails in the Red River Gorge area. There are trails to lookouts to get great views of the area along with many trails to the famed natural bridges such as Sky Bridge and Rock Bridge.

  1. Rock climbing along the sandstone cliffs

If you’re not afraid of heights there are plenty of opportunities to go rock climbing in this area. Ranging in various difficulties, the Red River Gorge has visitors from all over the world to climb “the Red” cliffs.

  1. Underground Kayaking

Underground kayaking in the Red River Gorge is a very popular way to spend your time in the area. Because sandstone erodes easier than other rocks Kentucky is full of caves and sinkholes which can be toured not just on foot but by kayak as well. 

Red River Gorge Camping

Camping at the Red River Gorge is a very popular activity by locals and those visiting from out of town.

Ranging from established campgrounds to primitive backcountry camping, Red River Gorge has whatever you’re looking for.

Natural Bridge State Resort Park

The Natural Bridge State Resort Park is a centrally located campground for hiking to one of the most visited natural bridges along with swimming, fishing, and canoeing. This campground has water and electricity but be sure to bring an extension cord. Some of the electrical boxes are located on the opposite side.

There is a dump located at the entrance. The average price is $29 a night. There are some larger sites to accommodate the larger RV’s. This campground has poor cell reception but has all the amenities needed to be comfortable.

Address: 2135 Natural Bridge Rd. Slade, KY 40376

Koomer Ridge Campground

Koomer Ridge Campground is a first-come, first-serve campground. This campground is perfectly located for hiking with trails starting at the campsite itself. There are no hookups and some of the sites are too small for an RV, but it can accommodate up to a 35’ RV.

During the offseason, the price is $10 but can be as much as $30 for a double site. AT&T gets decent cell service.

Address: Koomer Ridge Rd. Pine Ridge, KY 41360

4 Guys RV Park

The 4 Guys RV Park is the perfectly located site being no more than 10 minutes from any activity in the Red River Gorge. This campground is $39 a night.

They can accommodate any size RV and offer relatively flat pads for easy leveling. The 4 Guys RV Park offers all the amenities needed including laundry, a fishing pond, and a swimming pool.

There is good cell service from all major cell carriers. 

Address: 10137 Campton Rd. Stanton, KY 40380

Planning Your Red River Gorge Camping Trip

The Red River Gorge is a must visit place. It is the perfect place to get outdoors and experience the Kentucky wilderness in between visiting Churchill Downs and drinking through the bourbon trails. There are endless things to do for all ages and interests.

Trip Routing to Red River Gorge Campsites

If you’re traveling with an RV, trip planning to Red River Gorge is essential.

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    Kentucky was one of the first area hit hard for Lyme disease. I’m talking way back in 1989. Local sports stores were advising using permethrin, which is majorly toxic. So like anywhere else with deer ticks you have to check yourself, your kids and your pets. Besides Lyme they now have another one called Anaplasmosis which is even worse. I found this out the hard way with an embedded deer tick and the start of a red circle so 21 days of doxycycline. Not the usual 7 or 10 for other things. That tells you the seriousness of this. So check, check, check.