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Why We’re Quitting RV Life After 5 Years?

Why We’re Quitting RV Life After 5 Years?

It’s a strange time to be RVing! 

Olivia & I hit the road fulltime in 2015. We sold most of our belongings, put the rest in a small storage unit, and never looked back…until now.

To be clear, we’re not selling our vintage Airstream and ditching RV life altogether. We’re putting the old girl in storage, getting a sticks & bricks, and using our RV as a recreation vehicle (not a full-time home-on-wheels).

There are a few HUGE reasons we made this decision. And to be frank, it was an easy decision to make.

Here’s why we decided to quit full-time RV Life:

Traveling Stinks During This “New Normal”

When we started RVing five years ago, our desire to live life by the seat of our pants was a driving force.

We love to pack up camp and move on a whim. Boondocking (aka free camping) gave us this experience. 

In this “new normal,” whims are no longer doable. 

States have unique restrictions. Some federal camping lands remain closed. And making reservations was never our specialty.

Quite simply, the freedom we came to know was limited (to say the least) by these new restrictions. 

rv storage facilities

Health is a Top Priority

As we grow our family, staying healthy is a top priority. 

We ventured out in our RV this summer and felt uneasy with the state of affairs. Crowded RV resort pools, employees not taking mandated precautions, and shared facilities made us second guess how much (or little) we want public exposure.

As introverts at heart, quarantining isn’t too bad. But, isolating in an RV without traveling isn’t too fun.

Taking a break from full-time RV life made sense in these terms.

Too Many RVs on The Road

At the risk of sounding like a cranky old man, “there are too many damn RVs on the road!”

I’m thrilled that more Americans are taking RV vacations. It’s just that I can’t get a reservation anywhere. The combination of state restrictions and an onslaught of RVers make it very frustrating trying to plan a trip.

Additionally, the reports of National Park vandalism and increased RV incidents have left us totally uninspired.

We feel like it’s our turn to step away and make room for new RVers exploring America.

bad drivers

Our Family Needs More Space to Move

I don’t know how Less Junk More Journey does it? With our 1-year-old daughter, we were about to lose our minds in that 24-foot Airstream.

Having a small house has allowed us more room to play, work, and chill.

That Which Frees Us, Eventually Imprisons Us

Our motto for full-time RV living has always been, “we’ll do it until it doesn’t feel right.”

Throughout my 37 years on this floating rock, I’ve repeatedly learned that freedom is relative. The feeling of freedom stays the same; the way it’s obtained is always changing.

We once felt like full-time RV life gave us freedom. It suddenly shifted to making us feel like prisoners inside a 24-foot aluminum can.

At that point, we knew it was time for a change.

Airstream at sunset

Are We Still RVers?

Hell, yeah! Let’s be honest, 99% of RVers don’t do it full-time. We’re joining that bunch.

RV ownership is a must for the rest of our lives. We simply want the best of both worlds now!

And we sure as hell plan to continue writing about RV life and RV news.

Pro Tip: We decided to keep our vintage Airstream in 100% enclosed storage equipped with power. It costs about $250/month, which is a little steep. However, it gives us great peace of mind.

We recently wrote about all the RV storage options. You can learn more about RV storage facilities here.

Once more free camping spots open back up, I guarantee you, we’ll be out there enjoying nature.

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  1. So happy that you’re listening to your hearts on this. And you definitely don’t have to be a full-time RVer to enjoy the wonders of RVing! Love and hugs to you all 🙂

  2. Sucks you guys wont be on the road full time but i definitely understand the issues especially with all that’s going on in the world right now. Maybe we will have our airstream ready to go right about when its safe too again. Or at least hopefully.

  3. When I read the headline, I thought “Yeah, they’ll be twitchy after a month or two in the house, LoL!” Glad to hear you’re keeping the RV ready-to-go (you’re gonna need it when you get twitchy.) We are headed out for 10 days of quasi-boondocking, compliments of gracious hosts and members of and Our parking itenerary includes an alpaca farm, a winery, and an odd assortment of driveways, including an abandoned radar site, a woodstove shop and an excavation business with a ginormous gravel pit pond – and one night at a Flying J truck stop.

  4. Ed Bickford says:

    After 3/12 years of full timing we are feeling the same way about the current situation and the difficulties of making reservations. We will continue on as there are several places we want to go, but we have been looking at areas where we may want to buy a home and go back to the life of occasional travel. Glad to hear you have kept your Airstream as I suspect the urge to travel will return if not full time, at least part time. Enjoy your new home and hopefully our paths will cross some day.

  5. Iris Morgan says:

    You’re doing the right thing for your family. And, trust me, the “right thing” is always changing, depending on…so many situations and events, both socially and personally. Others will look at your decision and say, “what were you thinking?”–again, trust me. We moved from Georgia to Wyoming–in February! But it was the right thing for us and Wyoming has turned out to be the perfect place! Keep living your dream!

  6. MichelleNeale says:

    Wow, big news! Totally understand the thought process and really appreciate you sharing. Good for you for being open to change and being honest about what’s best for your family at this time. Enjoy your new normal, looking forward to continuing to follow your journey!

  7. Demme Eric says:

    In total agreement with your life choice of change. I’m going to let this blow over and wait for all the newbies to get it out of their systems
    I have a feeling that there’s going to be onslaught of one year old vehicles for sale in the next few months, then we can all get back on the road maybe get thru Canada again to head westbound. Til then all the best. Thanks

  8. Judith n Richard palma says:

    Truly understand your decision. We have been work camping this summer at a private campground near the beach. October,November and December we will be camp hosts at state park in Florida. This feels safe at this time. So glad we traveled last year. Enjoy this new journey for now. Blessings beach_to_beaches

  9. It’s a different world indeed. I think a lot of us ‘long timers’ are re-evaluating our priorities. We’ve shifted to a more stationary life aboard our floating small home, with short camping trips in the van. And it feels just right.

    And in the end, it’s about having the freedom to shift as your own needs do. Well done listening to your hearts and doing what is best for your family.

  10. Christina says:

    We aren’t full time RVers, but we have still run into the same issues lately that you’ve had. It’s so difficult to get a reservation & we don’t feel comfortable with the busy pools & shower houses. You will definitely enjoy having a house & still going camping whenever time allows & your hearts desire. Best wishes with the new changes!

  11. Edwina Belding says:

    We went full time In 2017 after selling our home and doing a huge downsize. Traveled the country and visited family and friends all over. It was the greatest experience! But after 16 months (this was Pre- Covid times)we knew it was time to come off the road. We missed our “stuff” in storage, regular access to high speed internet and were just road weary. It was the right decision us and I know this will be the right one for you. I have been following you since the full time dream seemed like it might be possible – early 2017. You guys provided so much great info and most of all gave us the confidence to go for it! All those videos you made were so helpful. I can’t thank you enough! Wish you all the best and keep us informed about what’s next for Drivin and Vibin!

  12. Jeffrey Balogh says:

    Do what works for you. No explanations required.

  13. Suzanne says:

    I’ve really enjoyed following your family in your travels and wish you all the best as you settle down for now! I’ll continue following your journey from Colorado. I hope you’ll continue to post pictures of your cute babe. ❤️🇺🇸

  14. Timothy W Lantry says:

    We just bought a stick and brick ourselves. I am planning to pour concrete next to the house and add electric and water to keep our 28ft travel trailer there instead of paying storage. Plus I can perform maintenance as needed without towing it out of storage. I enjoy reading your articles and fully understand your decision. Enjoy the ride!

  15. BonnieBourdo says:

    Good luck to your sweet family on your new adventures. Do what’s best for you. I have missed seeing pics & videos of you like at the beginning of your journey. Hopefully we don’t lose you altogether!

  16. Lori says:

    You have to do what is right for you. I was wondering when the walls were going to feel restrictive with a little one. 2020 has changed everything we use to know! I get what you are saying…we have a home base & have stayed very close. Will miss seeing your adventures on a routine basis. Will look forward to your new travel style. Take care & stay healthy & happy!

  17. Good on you guys. Ya gotta follow your heart and do what feels right. Things are different right now, and having a home will be more space for little Nora – all of you! RV life is always evolving and so are our definitions of freedom. Sounds like you’re finding the right balance for your family and needs, especially in these unusual times! Enjoy this new season of life. Seeya down the road.

  18. Diane says:

    Have enjoyed reading about your RV journeys. Your videos and information you shared have been so helpful. We just purchased a Class C and are going to start our own travels.
    Thanx for the inspiration!

  19. K.L. Hale says:

    Congratulations on making a heart-filled and wise de union for you and your family! I’ve been in mine 4 years and understand. I’ve been “grounded” at home base. I’m actually going to sell my TT and buy a Class C. With two sons in the Air Force and grandkids so far away, it’s the only way I feel I can truly travel and feel “safe “-despite the limitations and restrictions! Enjoy the sticks and bricks ~I did winter in one and loved it. And I completely understand needing more room for a toddler. Stay safe!

  20. Johnny Lightning says:

    Well guys it was a good ride, and personally I appreciate all of the time and effort your put into your channel. I’m doing just the opposite, I’m getting an offer on my house tonight. Full time has been a dream of the wife and I for decades and these times will pass. I understand not wanting to be around a lot of people but where I live there’s too many people that don’t seem to think that this virus is real so I’m not sure other places could be a lot worse. In any event, we’ll see that the offer looks like tonight. Maybe a little good bye video or live event would be nice. Take care and be safe.

  21. Ed Byron (Libertas) says:

    Congratulations!! You are moving on to a different chapter of your Life. Children always change our priorities and goals. You have really update your channel with producing much more written information which has been appreciated. The next time we are in LA we will contact you. Stay safe and healthy. It takes courage to follow your heart. Best Wishes.

  22. Bill Gaston says:

    It not getting a place to stay, making reservations, its the dang traffic, no matter where you go or what day you travel, the traffic is unbelievable and it hasn’t got better with the virus closing everything down. We down sized from a 31ft Airstream to 25ft Airstream because of the traffic, making it easier to maneuver from lane to lane etc. The government should hire people that are unemployed to build RV campgrounds on national forest and federal land like in the old days when the CCC and WPA put people to work.

  23. Ann says:

    So sorry to hear this, my husband and I really have enjoyed watching and learning from your videos. We totally understand, especially with having the little one. Best wishes to your wonderful little family. #EatDrinkSeeTravel

  24. George Eisele says:

    Sounds like you guys have thought about this a lot, and have made the right decision. We have a house and RV, and want to sell the RV. Too much traffic, crazy people, bad weather, full campgrounds, etc, And, at 73, I feel too old to mess with it anymore.

  25. Timothy Ebert says:

    We want to thank you both for helping us start on this journey to become fulltime rvers..Your informative videos helped us each step of the way..As you embark on raising a family we just empty nested after having 5 of our own..We hope to meet you both one day so we can thank you in person..

    Tim and Karen Ebert

  26. Kerry Sabella says:

    Less Junk has a permanent home at Nate’s Moms in their home town with tons of space. Keep your Daydream has an a cabin in their home state. Long Long Honeymoon has a home base. We just started our RV journey as I semi-retire, but could not imagine doing it without our home base in Maine.

    Absolutely LOVE your videos which inspired us to kick our rear-ends into flipping the RV switch. Figuring out how to balance that with God’s will is part of the adventure and privilege in living in this country.

    You are going to do great! Hope to see you all on the road someday! Kerry and Sheila.

  27. Deborah Kerr says:

    Congratulations on your new home!! 🏠 I love your videos and posts since you 2 get right to the point – short & sweet. You have a lot of great reference information posted on your website – I hope you leave it all up since I am going to need a lot of that info in the future!! I appreciate all of the hard work and time you spend creating the posts. Thank you so much! Best wishes on this new chapter of life for your young family 💙💛

  28. Ed Nopp says:

    I was a bit saddened to read the headline, but upon reading your article I completely understand your decision. I, on the other hand have been trapped in one spot for far too long. It was my own fault though, as i had to pay off a huge debt. I went back to work full time and hated every second of it. I am about to take to the road again, and regardless of the hard times i will love every second of travel. I’m a nomad and just can’t travel and see enough.
    Your child has to be your top priority now, but i bet she will love traveling when she gets older. Will still look forward to your articles.

  29. wendy says:

    Fully support your decision. Kid(s) need a stable env to grow and adults need rest after such a long on the road life style. 😉
    Just don’t turn into a normal working american, working 16~20 hours a day and one day waking up and wanting to run away in a RV.

  30. oursomedayisnow says:

    Awesome. So many more life decisions coming for you young guys! Somehow when you’re good people it seems to work out just fine. We’re glad we got meet you a few times along the way! Take care, enjoy your family, and get back out when you can. Paul and Nancy

  31. Tony says:

    We were going to go on a two month trip ,MT. west to washington and Oregon . But wife got meningitis had to open brain up too make room ; two months hospital three months recuperate hit just before the co-19 she doing better every week but travel is no way safe for her. sadly I had canceled all camping grounds we were going to stay at. The greed of a few of them keeping half of the deposit make’s me not wanting to pay to camp . Will be looking to find free camp site when we do — are able to go – next year hopefully . I like hearing from you and other’s as to pitfall of problems when out and about , and the goodness of other’s. Hope too see you in the future ! I am setting up camper with better locks I feel it will only get worse , as mine was broken into at the repair shop get a couple things fixed .

  32. Cindy says:

    Hope for the best for you and your family to get back out there soon ,I’m at a age were that is what I want to do timing is everything wish u all the best

  33. Darlene Frederick says:

    Just recently started seeing your videos, very informative. Retiring soon and planning on taking off for a few months, going south. This crazy situation makes me very nervous, but it’s been a retirement dream to go! Will see what happens soon and then re-evaluate our plans for Spring 2021 which was to go west for most of the year. Won’t give up the sticks and bricks! Have too much stuff to keep and come back to. Good luck to you and your family.

  34. robyne says:

    I’ve been full-time for 2 years and have enjoyed following your journey. I’m trying to get off the road for at least a year and keep the Airstream in storage. My health is most important and I’m tired of the anxiety of park closures and quarantine restrictions (which are warranted). Next year the virus will be under better control, I hope. The road is a great place until it’s not. Best wishes.

  35. Gail Arnold says:

    We were boondocking in a teardrop of sorts. I loved it. Now it’s hard to find free spots since the homeless have found them here in Tennessee. So we just bought a 5th wheel. It’s going to stay parked on land 5 acres and we’ll be camping from now on. If we get twitchy, love this word. We have our teardrop to hit the roads again. We are outdoors kinda folk. So here goes living large smaller.

  36. Traveling with Beans says:

    I totally get it. I went full time a few months after you did, and even ended up in the same places, usually a day or two after you guys were there. It IS hard right now and scary. I wish you the best and home to see you on the road.

  37. June S says:

    I’ve been watching your videos for months and have found them very inspiring. We bought our first rv just before COVID we completely redid the entire interior. and for months now we’re ordering all this stuff to hit the road and be self sustained boondocking . For us we have to with 6 dogs lol. I don’t like to be around people neither does my husband he’s gets high anxiety as it is when he sees people not wearing masks or getting to close to him. So I wonder how this first trip will go . We aren’t to far from Sedona from your recommendation we are headed there. I hope soon. we were planning on Yellowstone just thinking about that makes me anxious.

  38. Love this post and you aren’t wrong about all the rvers. There are TONS now. We are happy though and plan on doing this for a while.😊

  39. William says:

    250 a month for storage? Wow! Thats a lot. Considering storage for my Airstream was 80 bucks a month plus i have room to fit my 1977 Mercury Bobcat in it as well. I guess prices may vary from state to state. I live in Oregon.

  40. William says:

    Its a problem in Oregon too. And its getting expencive. Too many camp sites fill up. I see signs all the time in summer which reads campground full. Another problem is that Oregon lets you reserve the first come first serve camp sights. So when you see an empry camp sight and its reserved 4 days from now, you cant camp there becsuse its reserved. Its crazy.

  41. Ricky gargis says:

    From muscle shoals al just now able to camp anytime we want to so yes I’m but not to old to enjoy this beautiful country. Purchased a tiffin allegro open road and I plan on using her. Any suggestions is appreciated. Rick…