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7 Beautiful Waterfalls in Arkansas

7 Beautiful Waterfalls in Arkansas

Arkansas is called “The Natural State”, and for good reason! From forested mountains, hills, lakes, streams, and even waterfalls, Arkansas is an outdoor-lovers dream.

If you’re chasin’ waterfalls, don’t miss the gems in Arkansas! Most of these waterfalls are located in the far northwest portion of the state in the Ozark Mountain area.

We know waterfall enthusiasts also love camping. So we included the best nearby campground to all the beautiful waterfalls.

The waterfalls of Arkansas include the tallest waterfall between the Rockies and Appalachian mountains, which kicks us off with #1!

1. Hemmed-In Hollow Falls

About the Falls: At 209 feet, Hemmed-In Hollow falls is the tallest waterfall between the Rockies and Appalachians. Accessing Hemmed-In Hollow is not easy, but it is definitely worth it! There are two ways you can access Hemmed-In Hollow: 

  • By foot with a 5 mile out-and-back hike (2.4 miles each way). This is the most strenuous way to reach the falls, with a total elevation change of 1,300 feet. 
  • By canoe or kayak on the upper portion of the Buffalo National River, which is floatable during the spring. The hike to the falls from the river is about ½ a mile long and mostly uphill, but less strenuous than the other hike.

Location: Hemmed-In Hollow is located in the Ponca Wilderness Area in Newton County near Compton, Arkansas. These falls can be accessed by hiking starting at the Compton trailhead, or via floating the upper portion of the Buffalo National River. 

Great Nearby Campsite: Buffalo Outdoor Center RV Park is your best option for RV camping near Hemmed-In Hollow. This portion of Arkansas is rugged with winding roads, and this campground is an excellent and accessible choice for RVs of all sizes. Plus, the views are stunning! 

Arkansas Waterfall Vibes Score: 10/10 –  although it’s difficult to access, that just makes it all the more rewarding. This is a must-see Arkansas waterfall!

2. Glory Hole Falls

About the Falls: Glory Hole Falls is an incredibly unique waterfall in the Big Piney District of the Arkansas Ozark Mountains. This waterfall flows through the ceiling of an overhang cave from a stream above. This waterfall flows best after a rain, or in the spring. The trail to access Glory Hole Falls is about 2 miles out-and-back and is rated as moderate. Getting there is easy, but getting back is mostly uphill – and the rocks can be slick. 

Location: Glory Hole Falls is located in a remote portion of Newton County, Arkansas, near Deer off of Highway 16. 

Great Nearby Campsite: Dogwood Springs Campground in Jasper, AR is a great choice for an RV campground near the Glory Hole Falls, or even the Buffalo Outdoor Center RV Park as referenced in #1.

Jasper is a charming little mountain town in Newton County, which is the most rugged and scenic area in the entire state. While you’re here, be sure to explore all Newton County has to offer! 

Arkansas Waterfall Vibes Score: 10/10 – it’s not every day you see a waterfall coming through a hole in a cave!

“This is the Glory Hole, a geological oddity in north Arkansas, where a creek has drilled a hole through the roof of an overhang, resulting in a round hole about four feet in diameter that all the water flows through.”

3. Twin Falls of Richland Creek

About the Falls: Twin Falls of Richland Creek is 2 waterfalls from 2 different creeks that fall closely to each other, creating a beautiful pool that’s great for swimming. One fall is 17 feet tall, and the other is 19 feet tall.

The trail to reach Twin Falls of Richland Creek is a 5.6 mile out-and-back trail with 449 feet of elevation change. This hike is rated as strenuous, but beautiful the entire way. 

Location: In the Ozark National Forest’s Richland Creek Wilderness area near Ben Hur, AR. 

Great Nearby Campsite: Dogwood Springs Campground as mentioned above for RV camping, and if tent camping: Richland Creek Recreation Area. Richland Creek Recreation Area is located very close to the trailhead for Twin Falls, but is not suitable for RVs or trailers due to the rough road conditions.  

Arkansas Waterfall Vibes Score: 7/10 – beautiful falls and spectacular scenery, but the trail difficulty and extremely remote and rugged nature of the area may not be worth it for some people. 

4. Pam’s Grotto Falls

About the Falls: Pam’s Grotto Falls is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Arkansas, with a gorgeous hike to match. The waterfall itself is a 37’ tall waterfall surrounded by huge boulders.

The hike to reach Pam’s Grotto is just under a mile and it is an out-and-back hike that is rated as moderate with a 206-foot elevation change. Pam’s Grotto is named after the wife of Tim Ernst, a wilderness photographer and author that is somewhat of a local celebrity in Arkansas, who discovered these falls. 

Location: Pams Grotto Falls is located near Hagarville, Arkansas, within the Ozark National Forest.

Great Nearby Campsite: Dad’s Dream RV Park in Lamar, Arkansas is the closest campground for RVers, located about 23 miles from the Pam’s Grotto Trailhead. 

Arkansas Waterfall Vibes Score: 8/10 beautiful waterfall, beautiful hike in, but rugged and moderately difficult to reach. 

5. Eden Falls

About the Falls: There is a reason this place is called Eden Falls: this area is breathtaking! Eden Falls is located along the Lost Valley Trail in the Ponca Wilderness area of Arkansas.

Lost Valley is one of the most popular hikes in the state, and for good reason. This is a 2-mile out-and-back trail that is easy, well maintained, and family-friendly. Eden Falls is the main attraction of this trail and falls 53 feet into a glistening turquoise pool near the end of the hike, and there are several smaller waterfalls along the way.

If you want to go a bit further, you’ll reach Eden Falls Cave. This part of the trail is difficult and slippery, but if you make it to the end and head about 200 feet into the cave, you’ll come across another 30’ underground waterfall! Bring a strong flashlight for this one. 

Location: In the Ponca Wilderness Area near Ponca, Arkansas. 

Great Nearby Campsite: The Buffalo Outdoor Center RV Park is a perfect jumping-off point for exploring many of the waterfalls in the Northwest Arkansas area, and it is only about 6 miles from the Lost Valley and Eden Falls trailhead. 

Arkansas Waterfall Vibes Score: 10/10 – the Lost Valley Trail and Eden Falls area is a great way to spend an entire day. 

6. High Bank Twin Falls

About the Falls: High Bank Twin Falls is a 70 foot tall double waterfall that is accessible from a short, .4 mile out-and-back easy trail. This waterfall is best observed during the spring or after a heavy rain, like most waterfalls in Arkansas.

Although this waterfall is located close to the road, it is a lightly trafficked trail and chances are high that you will have this beautiful place all to yourself. 

Location: The High Bank Twins are located near the Mulberry River, between Cass and Oark, Arkansas. 

Great Nearby Campsite: Byrd’s Adventure Center is a great RV and tent campground near the High Bank Twins and is a great destination in itself. Located on the Mulberry River, you can kick back and relax, visit the waterfalls, and even tackle the whitewater of the Mulberry. 

Arkansas Waterfall Vibes Score: 8/10

7. Natural Dam Falls

About the Falls: And now: a waterfall you don’t have to hike to! Natural Dam Falls is only about 10 feet from the road, no hiking required. This waterfall is 8 feet tall, and about 187 feet wide.

Natural Dam Falls looks manmade, but has formed naturally over centuries of erosion. This is a beautiful area and has a great nearby swimming hole as well as a trail nearby, if you fancy a hike. This waterfall is best during early spring or after a heavy rain. 

Location: Natural Dam Falls is located in aptly named Natural Dam, Arkansas, about 30 minutes from the city of Fort Smith. 

Great Nearby Campsite: Park Ridge RV Park located in Van Buren, Arkansas, is a no-frills RV park located about 25 minutes from Natural Dam. If you’re in the mood for a more natural feel, check out Devil’s Den State Park campground which is about 40 minutes away, and has a man-made rock dam waterfall of its own. 

Arkansas Waterfall Vibes Score: 8/10

Plan Your Camping Trip To An Arkansas Waterfall

You can easily make a full day out of any of these waterfalls in Arkansas. If you’re up for hiking and checking out some of the most rugged scenery and picturesque waterfalls in Arkansas, this list makes for a great week-long Arkansas waterfall tour! 

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  1. Bob says:

    All beautiful. I keep thinking of going through NW Arkansas on my way back to MN from boondocking the 6 months of winter, then remember my last time there, late March some years ago, was dodging tornadoes. That’s what is nice in AZ. No tornadoes.

  2. Lorraine A Gehring says:

    Don’t forget Petit Jean. It has waterfalls worth seeing, too.