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9 Best Things To Do in Flagstaff, Arizona

9 Best Things To Do in Flagstaff, Arizona

If you’re looking for things to do in Flagstaff, Arizona, you’ve come to the right place.

For the last five years, my wife and I have been traveling the USA full time in our vintage Airstream. Flagstaff, Arizona became a wonderful Arizona escape for us. Once the desert gets too hot, we head up to Flagstaff to enjoy a little shade and cooler temps.

There’s a vibrant college-style downtown and tons of hiking trails.

Today we’re sharing the best of what’s around.

Let’s dive in!

Visit Lowell Observatory

Price:  $16 to $22

Why You’ll Love It:  Star gazers will enjoy out-of-this-world evening viewing sessions through 6 progressive telescopes and a laser display that showcases constellations across the night sky.  And everyone can participate in the interactive educational and historic exhibits where Pluto was discovered!

Address: 1400 West Mars Hill Road, Flagstaff, AZ  86001

What’s the Word:  A recent reviewer on Google stated, “I loved this visit.  I underestimated the amount of time I’d need or how much I would enjoy it.  I was just passing through and ended up with a membership and returned 3x in a week.  The presentations were all very educational and delivered with great enthusiasm.  The opportunities to look through a telescope and see something real and interesting were multiple.”

Flagstaff AZ Vibe Score:  9.8/10

Explore Wupatki National Monument

Price:  $25

Why You’ll Love It:  If you love archaeology, anthropology and history, Wupatki has all three in spades.  With dozens of Native American ruins scattered throughout the high desert, it is easy to envision tribes building pueblo communities back in the day.  And the hiking here will take you back 800 years in time!

Address: 25137 N. Sunset Crater-Wupatki Loop Road, Flagstaff, AZ  86004

What’s the Word:  A recent review on Trip Advisor says, “The visitors’ center did a great job of placing the people of Wupatki in time and place: I felt I had a pretty good idea of their lives here. Wupatki Pueblo is HUGE compared to some ruins, so take the time to grab a guide and really poke about. Don’t miss the blowhole (not the right word…you’ll know it when you see it)!”

Flagstaff AZ Vibe Score:  9.4/10

Wupatki Ruins at Wupatki National Monument, Arizona, USA.

Ride the SnowBowl Scenic Chairlift

Price:  $25

Why You’ll Love It:  What can beat riding a chairlift to the top of a mountain in the summer sun?  The view of the surrounding countryside from the top is astounding, and knowing that you are enjoying the cool temps while experiencing summer in Arizona will blow your mind!  You’ll start planning your next visit before you ever finish the first one.

Address: 9300 N Snow Bowl Road, Flagstaff, AZ 86001

What’s the Word:  A recent review in Trip Advisor commented, “My sister and I chose to do the chairlift and it was so beautiful, peaceful, windy and cool. It’s about a 20 or so minute ride up and down. You get to take in the natural beauty of Northern Arizona from a birds eye view. It was like looking at a postcard or painting.”

Flagstaff AZ Vibe Score:  9.5/10

Get a History Lesson at the Museum of Northern Arizona

Price:  $12

Why You’ll Love It:  Fans of Native American history, artistry and archaeology will be thrilled with the variety of exhibits at the museum.  There are also some fascinating displays centered around Arizona insects, dinosaurs and plants.  And if you’re looking for a more “mobile” experience, join one of their “Ventures Trips.”  You can explore Oak Creek Canyon, Painted Desert and many other Arizona locations with a knowledgeable guide.

Address: 3101 N. Ft. Valley Road, Flagstaff, AZ 86001

What’s the Word:  A recent reviewer on Google said, “Always changing, always entertaining and educational.  Wonderful staff and volunteers.  Visit the museum, and be glad you did.  Thirsty-Thursdays are pretty great as well.”

Flagstaff AZ Vibe Score:  9.8/10

Hike the Elden Lookout Trail

Price:  Free

Why You’ll Love It:  Gaining over 2,000 feet in altitude is quite a feat when it’s done in one-and-a-half hours!  This trail will work you hard, but the payoff at the top is well worth the effort.  360 degree views of the city and the wide variety of geologic landscapes surrounding Elden Mountain will give you something to look at as you catch your breath.

Address: Santa Fe Avenue, Flagstaff, AZ  86001

What’s the Word:  A recent review on Alltrails stated, “Left at 5am.  Saw an incredible sunrise.  Easily marked trail, good, consistent climb.  Very few people on trail for a Monday morning.  Doable hike before work.  Up and down in 2:45.  Grab a light jacket for the top…cool and windy.”

Flagstaff AZ Vibe Score:  9.7/10

Grab a Beer at Mother Road Brewing Company

Price:  $3 to $8

Why You’ll Love It:  If you enjoy a laid back atmosphere where beer is the one and only thing on the menu, Mother Road Brewing Company will be your go-to spot in Flagstaff.  Grab a brewsky and order food from the restaurant next door to be delivered straight to your table for a comfortable afternoon outing.

Address: 7 South Mikes Pike, Flagstaff, AZ  86001

What’s the Word:  A recent reviewer on Yelp exclaimed, “Intimate set-up is excellent. Drink at the simple bar or next to the stainless drums where beer is crafted and if you’re lucky, a live band is playing. There’s couches in the side room if you prefer quieter space or sit outside by the fire. BYOF (food.) It’s unpretentious – it’s just a place they brew beer, pull up a chair.”

Flagstaff AZ Vibe Score:  9.3/10

two smiling women sitting on wooden bench

Get a Glass of Wine at Drinking Horn Mead Hall

Price: $3 to $28

Why You’ll Love It:  Check out wine like you’ve probably never tasted before.  Fruits fermented with honey produce mead, one of the first versions of our favorite libation.  Drinking Horn has brought back this early beverage with a variety of small batch wines that you’ll fall for.

Address: 108 E Route 66, Flagstaff, AZ 86004

What’s the Word:  A recent review on Trip Advisor said, “Outstanding place with a lot of hard work put in. If you are looking to discover (or rediscover) the ancient beverage, mead, then this should be the place! Extremely knowledgeable bar tenders, a cool, unique atmosphere, and the mead is produced in a way that you can enjoy a few.”

Flagstaff AZ Vibe Score:  9.6/10

close up photo of two people toasting with red wine

Best Flagstaff Camping: A-1 Mountain Road

Price:  Free

Why You’ll Love It:  If solitude and a scenic view are at the top of your list of great campsites, A-1 Mountain Road will meet your criteria.  Scattered in the hills 6 miles from downtown Flagstaff are approximately 30 dispersed campsites with views of the San Francisco Mountains and plenty of peace and quiet.

Address: GPS: 35.2095, -111.73299

What’s the Word:  A recent review on The Outbound Collective says, “This is honestly one of my favorite sites in Flagstaff. The campsites are across from a totally peaceful pastoral scene. Rolling grassy hills spotted with wildflowers. You can see the observatory in the distance as well.”

Flagstaff AZ Vibe Score:  9/10

Best Flagstaff Hotel: Little America Hotel

Price:  $116 – $139

Why You’ll Love It:  If you love the luxury hotel experience, but want to pay standard motel prices, Little America Hotel will surpass your expectations.  Located on a 500 acre forested parcel, the rooms are spacious, the service exquisite, and the amenities are to die for!  It’s centrally located for excursions to the Grand Canyon, Sunset Crater and Lowell Observatory.

Address: 2515 East Butler Avenue, Flagstaff, AZ  86004

What’s the Word:  A recent review on Google stated, “Wow! I’m not usually one to stay at luxury hotels so maybe my perspective is a bit skewed. This place is totally amazing. The private 500 acre forest was exactly what I wanted out of our family Flagstaff trip. We had an incredible room, with a perfect view of the woods and easy access to the pool. A very unique experience for sure. Can’t wait to go back again!”

Flagstaff AZ Vibe Score:  9.8/10

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  1. Bob says:

    You left out the incredible Walnut Canyon National Monument about 5 miles E on I 40. Really beautiful canyon views that the long gone cliff dwelling indigenous people also had. But they couldn’t dash into town to get food and water. For us beauty. For them a very harsh life. Free for those of us with the Federal pass.

  2. Karen says:

    I second Walnut Canyon. Be prepared, there are lots of steps! Excellent visitor’s center. Did I mention the steps?!!
    Buffalo Park has excellent trails & is a local favorite.
    And Flag is a great starting spot to head to the Grand Canyon for the day!

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