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Why We’re Not Members of FMCA RV Club? (And What It Is)

Why We’re Not Members of FMCA RV Club? (And What It Is)

Why We’re Not Members of FMCA RV Club? (And What It Is)

If you’re an avid RVer, you’ve probably seen the FMCA name a time or two. Today we’re diving deep into what FMCA is, and if you need the membership.

Like all RV memberships, it has a fair share of pros and cons!

Let’s dive in.

What does FMCA stand for? 

The Family Motor Coach Association was created almost 60 years ago as an organization that offers assistance, training, and support to RV owners across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Great Britain, and beyond.

Members are required to follow a code of ethics that includes being “good neighbors, careful and responsible RV owners and operators, and good citizens of our communities.”  FMCA provides events for their membership, and because they have more than 100,000 members the group can offer great benefits with collective purchasing.

About FMCA: A Brief Overview

Formed in 1963 by 26 families that met in Maine to socialize with other “house car” owners, the Family Motor Coach Association became the premier organization for those who have self-contained recreational vehicles.

Today there are more than 100,000 members in more than five countries, with over 500 chapters that assemble members with like interests together. 

They present specialty events for these groups, and the entire FMCA organization plans two large international RV conventions each year in the United States, attracting around 5,000 RVs!

FMCA Membership Benefits and Discounts

Membership in the Family Motor Coach Association provides the following:

  1. FMCA Magazine – a monthly magazine with RV travel and repair tips and member stories
  2. FMCA Newsletter – a monthly online newsletter with member forums
  3. Tire Saving Program – large discounts on RV tires whenever you need them
  4. FMCA Campground – enjoy two free nights every month at the FMCA member-only campground in Cincinnati
  5. Discounted Mobile Wifi Plans – Sprint offers unlimited data plans for $50 per month to FMCA members, and Verizon has a 25GB month plan on broadband for $50.
  6. FMCA University – virtual classes on RV tips and advice from industry experts are available online to members
  7. FMCAssist – with membership, emergency medical evacuation, RV return, pet return, prescription drug card and more are available when emergencies happen 100 miles from home

How Much Does an FMCA Membership Cost?

RVers can receive an FMCA membership for a yearly fee of $85.  New members receive a custom-made plate to attach to their RV, and every member receives a membership card, decal and membership guide. 

Is an FMCA Membership Worth the Price?

In looking at the benefits and discounts FMCA offers its members, only you can decide when or if you will be able to utilize them. 

Will you need new tires on your RV this year? 

The Tire Saving Program can keep hundreds of dollars in your pocket.  What if you fall ill on the road and need to have your motorhome or trailer driven back home while you are incapacitated? 

There’s more money you will save AND you’ll have peace of mind in knowing your RV is being well taken care of.  Do you enjoy meeting with other RVers at events around the country? 

FMCA can make that happen, too.

Why We’re Not FMCA Members?

We’ve joined many RV membership clubs over the last five years. Escapees & Harvest Hosts are, by far, our two favorites.

But why haven’t we joined FMCA RV club?

The answer is pretty easy. We weren’t a “family” during most of our RV travels. We began our RV life as two adventurous souls and a companion pup.

Even though you don’t have to be a family to join FMCA, the branding never enticed us to sign up.

Also, we couldn’t join for many years because they previously didn’t allows travel trailer owners join. This rubbed us the wrong way, too! Even though RVs of all types are now allowed to sign up, the memory of exclusion is still there.

Most of the great discounts provided with an FMCA membership are also available with an Escapees membership.

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Pat Cattin 239600FMCA

Saturday 30th of October 2021

I’m a single 67 year old male. I signed up with FMCA in 1997. The rallies and trade shows are worth the membership cost. You will meet as many other FMCA members as you wish. Of the hundreds of groups (self-defined) you are certain to find a mutual set of interests. For me, the financial reason is the benefit of the impossible to replace wi-fi plan. If you must have Verizon It is available for $50 for 25GB per month. I chose the absolutely unlimited hotspot connection from Sprint. (now T-Mobile). Still just $49.99 per month. I have had this service full time for three years now. I use my internet connection for VOIP, television viewing, internet shopping, (Amazon can deliver to you everywhere in the USA probably Canada too). I currently consume approximately 225GB Every 30 days. The FMCA internet connection has provided me with GB’s I could never afford without them. This internet deal is unavailable from anyone, anywhere else. If you use the internet this FMCA offer is all the reason you need.

Fmca - Contact Fmca | Fmca

Tuesday 22nd of June 2021

[…] 10. Why We're Not Members of FMCA RV Club? (And What It Is) […]

Skip Haley

Saturday 3rd of October 2020

It only seems that at the start of the FMCA was a requirement as in no trailers. That's the Association's by-laws. Defination of F"MC"A MC =motor coach=something with a motor within the traveling unit. As time moved forward things changed. I do think maybe FMCA needs to change their organization to be exclusive of travel trailers. Maybe FMCTTA. Kind of think this opens my mind in joining this group and I have read great things about it and the bennies. But every organization promotes what they think is best or needed. So as next spring arrives and I prepare to return to the luxury of RV travel its on my list of joins.

Rich Truesdell

Monday 31st of August 2020

I think that you both are selling FMCA membership short, very short. Two years ag, in February, I purchased a vintage 1974 FMC 2900R motorhome (yes, just like the one Charles Kuralt drove in his long-running CBS News "On the Road" series). At the same time as I bought the FMC 2900R, knowing that I would be driving it 70 miles home, called in and signed up for full FMCA membership.

A good thing that I did as less than a half-hour later, my engine let go, leaving me stranded on the side of the CA-22 freeway. Friends helped me get towed off the freeway and into a nearby side street. While it took me almost three hours to get towed home on a huge flatbed trailer, I was back in my RV park by midnight.

The cost, had I not had FMCA coverage, would have been between $900 and $1,000 for the service. I was able to locate a shop, right across the street from my RV park, who did the removal and reinstallation on my engine for $2,500 (I was able to locate a rebuilt low-compressing Chrysler 440 out of a van for just $400 from a friend). I'm now on the road in a classic FMC 2900R for less than $8000, with a brand new engine.

As I need tires, thanks for reminding me of their Tire Savings Program as my tires are date-coded to be seven years old and while they look OK, I believe they should be replaced, just to be safe.

Barbara B Wadel

Sunday 30th of August 2020

Please, re-read the information provided. I am a new full timer and there is nothing disparaging presented here. They only provided information that applied to them at the time and gave a positive review of what is included with the membership.


Sunday 30th of August 2020

Hi Barbara, congratulations on your being a new full timer. My point above is that the 2015 Technomania video used in this article is an old, misleading & inaccurate with respect to the FMCA (refer to video timeline 5:10 mentioning FMCA motorhome only membership). The author's are certainly permitted to their opinion but need to strive to be accurate to continue to be creditable. I usually enjoy Drivin & Vibin articles very much but in this case the support video could mislead the readership. Misrepresentation is disparaging. Anyway, my only point is to use a video that accurately reflects the subject matter or remove it so as not to mislead others.

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