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5 Best RVs for Families (with Video Tours)

5 Best RVs for Families (with Video Tours)

Do you need an RV for your family?

More families than ever are moving their children into an RV to go on the road, or they’re looking for a way to vacation with the whole family in a safe and fun manner.

Finding an RV that fits the larger family with five, six or eight people can be a challenge. Here are some choices to consider when hunting for a RV for a big family.

What To Look For in an RV for Your Family

When looking for an RV for a large family, buyers need to look for opportunities to renovate and upgrade units. Some can be purchased new with the amount of beds needed, but used units might be more economical.

You can add couches that convert to beds, bunks that convert to desks, and so much more. When there are little ones, it’s possible for them to share a double bed in some RVs. Of course, some parents want everyone to have their own space. It’s all up to you and your family’s personal preferences.

Many times having more than one bathroom is a must! Also, Do the parents want some privacy in their bedroom with a door? And finally, where will everyone sit for dinner time/school time/social games?

U-shaped dinettes and tables that can double their size are great options in an RV for a larger family.

Slide outs can double your living space, which can be a lifesaver with many people living together on a rainy day.

 What Class of RV is Best for Families? 

Fifth wheel – A great option with lots of space and configuration options, many with more than one bathroom. Bonus! A fifth wheel might be the best RV for a large family.

Travel Trailers or Toy Haulers – Travel Trailers provide the option for different layouts and depending on the vehicle you’re towing with, can provide seating for the whole family. Toy haulers can be converted into sleeping spaces instead of towing a 4×4. 

Class C – Larger Class Cs offer many amenities and can sleep a large number of people.

Class A – Class As also offer many sleeping spaces, if configured for that. Some are designed for two with the occasional guest. Find the floor plan that works for your family. And don’t forget to check for the number of seatbelts you need.

Fifth Wheel: Forest River Heritage Glen 356QB 

The Forest River Heritage Glen has storage and beds for many, making it a great RV for a large family. It also has two full baths. The U-shaped dining table is good for up to five people, but more space can be added with a table and chairs.

The other thing large families need is storage for food. The fridge needs to be big enough to keep a couple gallons of milk, fresh veggies and all of the condiments needed for a big family, this one might fit the bill. The master bedroom over the hitch has a slide out with plenty of room to make it a retreat for the adults. The Forest River Heritage Glen is 42’3” long.

Fifth Wheel: Grand Design Solitude 3740BH

As well as large storage tanks for fresh and gray water, and black tanks, the Grand Design Solitude is a great RV for a large family. There are sleeping bunks all over the unit with options for a super sofa with a trifold bed.

This has a full bathroom and a half bath in the bunkhouse. There is a lot of space once the four slides are out. This unit is 40’4” in length.

Travel Trailer: Highland Ridge Light LT312BHS

This travel trailer has options for larger RV families from a U-lounge table option to a tri-fold sofa option. This unit has a smaller refrigerator, fewer bunk beds, but says it sleeps up to 12, and has only one bathroom.

A travel trailer will be lighter to haul with a utility van or larger vehicle, and won’t need the expense of a half-ton truck. It’s 36’11” long.

Class C: Winnebago Minnie Winnie 31H 

At 32’9”, the Minnie Winnie 31H can house up to eight people. Most of the space in this drivable RV is either a bed or can be converted into a bed. There’s a queen bed, bunk beds, a dinette and sofa/bed, as well as an overhead bed over the driver’s cab.

The great part of a class C RV is that you don’t have to stop if someone needs a quick bathroom break or if there’s a conflict at the table.

Class A: Winnebago Vista 31BE

This Winnebago Vista class A is not super long at 31’2”, but it still sleeps 7. There is a queen bed, bunk beds, a dinette that converts and a sofa bed/couch. There is an optional loft bed over the front seats. This unit creates extra space with the full-length slide.

It has one good sized bathroom, and seatbelts for seven.

There are many options when looking for an RV for a large family. From towing a unit to towing a car, RV selection is based on what each family deems important in their dynamic.

If a second bathroom will make all the difference, or if not having to convert the living room couch each night is more crucial, keep looking until you find the rig that’s right for your large RV family. 

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