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How Much Do RV Rentals Cost?

How Much Do RV Rentals Cost?

Have you ever thought of renting an RV? It seems that lately, others have too. You might be wondering: how much do RV rentals cost?

According to multiple RV rental companies, there has been an increase in not only inquiries but actual RV rentals over the last year.

If you want to try out an RV before purchasing, feel like you want to travel on your own schedule, or simply need a weekend get-a-way, rent an RV.

Here we give you a run-down on what you need to know before renting. Let’s dive in!

How RV Rental Pricing Works

There are two types of RV rental companies. One type rents from their fleet, like Cruise America or El Monte RV.

The other type is peer-to-peer. This is when individual owners rent their personal RV. Companies like Outdoorsy and RV Share consolidate these rental listings in one place online for us to easily find. 

RV rental companies offer multiple types of RVs for rent. Each type of rental usually has a different price based on its size and how long you’ll be using it.

Daily rental rates are the most expensive so if you can rent by the week or the month, you will often get a discount. 

But, don’t think that’s all you’ll be charged! You’ll likely pay a refundable security deposit to begin.

Then, you’ll be charged for the type of RV and trip duration. In most cases, rental insurance is included in the price. 

In addition, the location where you’ll be renting from matters in how much you’ll be charged. For example, you will be charged more if you rent in Los Angeles compared to renting in Boise. This is especially true for peer-to-peer rentals.

How Much It Costs To Rent an RV

Renting an RV doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll spend less on your vacation. Budgeting is essential when it comes to other costs involved. Here is a list of costs you should consider before renting.

Fuel: You must factor in how much fuel you’ll use when traveling. Larger motorhomes will cost more while towing a small pop-up rental or renting a campervan will definitely cost less.

Find out the average fuel mileage for your RV rental choice and the amount of fuel it will take to fill it up. Then find out fuel prices along your route. This will help you estimate how much each fill-up will cost along your journey.

Mileage: RV rental companies vary when it comes to charging for mileage. Some RV rentals come with unlimited mileage, and others charge per mile after you reach a certain limit. The price per mile is anywhere from $.25 to $.75. 

Insurance: Rental fees usually include insurance, but be sure to check. Check to be sure rental insurance is included in the rental fee. If not, this is an additional cost you should factor in just in case any damage is done to the rental while you have it. Trip insurance is also suggested in the event you need to cancel your trip.

Security deposit: Most rental companies require a refundable security deposit.

how much does it cost to rent an rv

Other Fees Associated with Renting an RV

Campground fees: You need a place to stay with the RV. Campgrounds vary in pricing based on their amenities.

National Park and State Park campgrounds are in the $20 – $30 range. RV resorts, on the other hand, can get pretty pricey but can average in the $40 – $50 range. Make reservations ahead of time. A deposit may be required.

Set-up fees: Some peer-to-peer rentals require that the owner comes to set up the RV at your campground. Other times you can request this service. There is a fee for this, too.

Food, souvenirs, activities: You’re going to want to factor in all of these as well during your trip. When you’re in an RV though, you can cook your own food. If you’re on a budget, this is less expensive than eating out.

What you save by eating in gives you more flexibility for spending on things such as entrance fees, equipment rental, or other fun ideas you come up with on your trip.

Average RV Rental Prices by Type

So… How much do RV rentals cost? Below you’ll find average nightly rates for RV rentals. These averages come from rental services like Outdoorsy, RV Share, Cruise America, and Escape Campervans.

  • Motorhomes / Class A: $450.00
  • Class B: $250.00 
  • Class C: $250.00 
  • Travel Trailer: $125.00 
  • Fifth Wheel: $175.00 
  • Campervan: $225.00 
  • Popup: $90.00

How to Save Money on an RV Rental

The answer to “How much do RV rentals cost?” can vary greatly by type and location. We understand that RV rentals can cost quite a bit. However, there are ways to fit one into your budget.

Instead of renting a Class A, luxury motorhome, rent something more modest like a Class C motorhome. It doesn’t mean you won’t be comfortable or have all you need, it will simply be cheaper. You may be surprised by how many people can sleep in a Class C or travel trailer and you will still have your own bathroom and kitchen.

Choose a smaller RV. With the exception of some higher-end campervans, choosing a smaller RV will typically drop the per night rate.

Extend your vacation! RV renters are usually given a discount for weekly or monthly rentals.

Don’t need a bathroom? Choose a campervan without one and just use the campground’s bathhouse. It’s a slight inconvenience but can save a ton of money.

Rent an RV without a kitchen and take along your own portable one. If you have your own propane stove or grill, you can save money by not renting one from the rental company. Add to that your own water jugs, paper plates, pots and pans, and you’re ready for a great camp out.

Additional Tips to Save Money on an RV Rental

Keep in mind—the older the RV, the lower the rental price. Look for older RVs on peer-to-peer rental sites. These usually have lower rental fees but still have all the amenities you need for your trip.

You’re more able to find cheaper rates when renting from peer-to-peer companies than the fixed rates you get from the fleet companies. Peer-to-peer RV rental companies have more RVs to choose from and thus have a broader range of pricing.

As you can see, renting an RV can be done on a budget or you can spend whatever you like. 

The point is to enjoy the journey, and RVs allow you to do that in comfort. So get out there and take that road trip you’ve always dreamed about. You won’t regret it.

If you want to dove deeper, check out this comprehensive resource about how to rent an RV.

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