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Are KOA Campgrounds Worth Your Time? (Probably Not, Unless…)

Are KOA Campgrounds Worth Your Time? (Probably Not, Unless…)  

If you’ve been camping for any length of time, you most likely have heard of KOA campgrounds (Kampgrounds of America). You recognize the yellow shirts and signs when you drive on to the property.

KOAs are known for their hot showers and kids’ activities, and they are convenient because they are located all over the United States and Canada.

But, are KOA Campgrounds worth your time?

About KOA Campgrounds

KOA has more than 500 campgrounds in the United States and Canada. In fact, it’s the largest network of privately-owned campgrounds in the USA.

They are known for their friendly and helpful staff and diverse camping sites. From sites for RVs & tents to yurts and small cabins, KOA has a lot of camping options.

KOA also embraces technology when it comes to quick and easy reservations and WiFi at the campground.

Campgrounds that become KOAs have to go through a stringent review process to make sure they’re up to the KOA standards. They go through a 900-point assessment each year.

Average Cost of KOA Campgrounds

KOA prices vary depending on the individual campgrounds. The campsites range from $24 a night for a tent site to $80 per night for an RV site. Cabins and other rentals can go up to $250 per night.  

In California, prices run around $43 per night for tents, $78.63 for full hookups and basic cabins are about $80.

Connecticut has two KOAs and the average price for RVs is $71. For lodging, the average price is $98, and tents run around $55 per night.

With Florida’s 22 KOAs, prices are on average $54 a night for RV and tents are $45. Lodging is $117.

In Michigan, the average for the state is $74 a night for RVs, $45 for tents and $151 for lodging.

Why is KOA So Expensive? 

In many cases, you get what you pay for.

KOA is expensive because it’s privately owned and operated. The owners have expenses they have to cover for franchising the KOA name.

They offer great amenities like pools, clean showers, and restrooms, which all require staff to keep them spotless. Sites are well maintained and you can choose any of the luxury sites, which will cost more.

But, the fact is, sites are often stacked on top of each other and have limited privacy.

What You Can Expect at a KOA Campground

All KOA campgrounds have a list of basic amenities. Each site has or has access to clean bathrooms, hot showers, laundry facilities, fire pits and picnic tables, a store, pet parks, playgrounds, and group sites.

Many have swimming pools and group activities, as well.

Sites can be pull-thru with full-hookups or any variety of electric, water, and sewer.

KOA also offers luxury campsites – some have concrete or stone patios, patio furniture, private hot tubs, stellar views, and even doggy sites with fenced play areas for your four-legged friends.

Pro Tip: These are the 5 best KOA Campgrounds in America.

Does KOA Have Discounts?

KOA has discounts for its campers. They have a Value Kard (also called the VKR program) that you purchase for $33 per year. It gives the cardholder 10 percent off campsites, earns points for free camping, and cardholders get member-only offers from other programs.

KOA also offers hot deals that vary by campground. It does not offer AAA or Good Sam discounts.

Are KOA Campgrounds Worth the Price?

When camping at a KOA, you know what you are getting in general. Most KOA campgrounds are individually owned and operated, but they are all under the yellow umbrella, meaning they have rigorous standards they are required to uphold.

The feeling in the campground might not be like that of a state park or a boondocking site.

However, KOAs do fit the need for many people who are looking for a chance to get away, unplug and enjoy some fun with the family, but still be comfortable with flush toilets and a heated pool or children’s activities.

Many RVers opt for free-camping (aka boondocking) to save money and connect with nature.

Planning Your RV Vacation

KOA campgrounds are not for everyone, but for those who like to rough it in style, KOA might be the place for you. Each KOA will offer different perks like pools, mini-golf, or horseshoe pits.

Check out the individual campgrounds – reviews may vary greatly from KOA to KOA.

If you do decide that KOAs are for you, look into the Value Kard to save 10 percent on each night you camp.

And like the KOA motto “Never turn down an opportunity to go on a camping trip.” 

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  1. Jeffrey Phillips says:

    I am a part-time camper and I’m also a KOA member. As stated in your article, you know what to expect (in general) at KOA campgrounds. Are KOA’s pricey? Yes, and some more so than others, especially at popular destinations. And some KOA’s are better than others and some you probably don’t wan to stay at… it goes with the territory, just like any brand of campground. That said, I happen to like the KOA Brand campgrounds and what they offer. Like you said in your article, KOA is not everyone’s cup of tea, and I completely understand that, but, I respectfully disagree that KOA campgrounds aren’t worth the time.

  2. Jeffrey Elliott says:

    I respect your opinion about KOA campground, but when traveling on trips to new states on trips to states you are not familar with I feel more comfortable knowing I can reserve my site ahead of time in a safe , clean campground ahead of time, and know it will be there waiting for me to arrive.

  3. Anonymous says:

    While camping at KOA I thought I would check out the site my son and his family will be camping on come the end of the month just to give them a “heads up” of what to expect as far as size, etc. It is ridiculous that the girl (with an attitude) in the office could not tell me their site when I had their reservation on my phone (with me) from my daughter-in-law.(if my son and daughter-in-law were that private, they would not have sent me their reservation for me to check ahead of time for them. Most people feel more comfortable knowing approximately what size to expect for their family. Crazy not to be able to book a site ahead of time and know it will be there waiting for campers arrival. Thank you for your time.

  4. Robyn says:

    You may want to add that you get pretty good security using KOA. They keep a watchful eye on who comes in and out.

  5. Ken Matthews says:

    How much does it cost to join KOA?