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5 Best Class B RV Brands In 2021

5 Best Class B RV Brands in 2021

Class B RVs are the perfect vehicle for adventuring and keeping a minimalistic life.

These RVs are known for their versatility. The small size of Class B RVs opens up a world of possibilities on the road!

Many RV manufacturers produce these awesome motorhomes. Let’s dive into the brands that are leading the pack with the 5 Best Class B RV brands for 2021.

What Is a Class B RV?

A Class B RV is the smallest of all drivable RVs. Class B RVs are built on van chassis, with some models referred to as camper vans.

Since Class B RVs are small and compact, they can typically fit in most parking spaces. Class B RVs are great for solo travelers or couples and can be used for full-time or part-time RVing.

Pro Tip: While we love Class B RVs, before you get overly excited, there are 5 reasons to consider avoiding them.

Winnebago Industries

Winnebago Industries has been around since 1958. They create RVs under the names Winnebago, Grand Design, Newmar, and Chris Craft.

“We are committed to push the frontiers every day to develop innovative and differentiated solutions,” according to the Winnebago website. “It’s more than an RV, it’s a lifestyle,” is another of Winnebago’s mottos. Winnebago attempts to keep the brand and lifestyle synonymous.

Winnebago’s Workmanship

The workmanship of the Winnebago Class B RVs is top notch. This brand has been around for a while, so they really know what they’re doing! These RVs are built for quality, function, and aesthetic.

Winnebago Class B Product Line

This well known RV brand has five models of Class B RVs. They have two gas models – the Solis and the Travato. Then, their diesel camper vans are the Revel, Era, and Boldt.

The Winnebago Class B Rvs range in price from $107k to $215k, and all have many features and amenities.

In our opinion, the Winnebago Boldt is the best of the best.

Leisure Travel Vans

Leisure Travel Vans was the first company to create a 21.5-foot class B RV. This RV was released on a Mercedez Benz chassis cargo van.

This ushered in a new era of Class B Motorhomes. Leisure Travel Vans went on to create several different models – including a campervan with a full fiberglass body.

Leisure Travel Vans Workmanship

At Leisure Travel Vans, they believe that “it’s the little things that make all the difference.” They attempt to keep everything user friendly. They focus on form, convenience, use of space, and functionality. This company has very happy customers and rave reviews.

Leisure Travel Vans Models

This brand of Class B RVs has two models – the Wonder and the Unity.

Leisure Travel Vans Unity starts at $138k and has 6 innovative floor plans to choose from.

The Wonder model by Leisure Travel Vans starts at $119k. This model has 4 distinct floor plans at 25′ long.

Both models of Leisure Travel Vans are beautiful and functional. This brand is known for innovative design and thinking – and you can tell!


Known for quality and comfort, this European motorhome company produces some seriously cool Class B RVs. Hymer began in 1957 and is based in Germany, with a new Hymer USA subsidiary coming to the US!

Hymer produces many types of RVs, but their campervans are leading the pack – especially in the US.

The Hymer RV Workmanship

Known for outstanding workmanship, Hymer is one of the top RV brands in Europe! Hymer RVs and campervans are innovative, highly functional, and have unique design qualities.

From unique and hyper-functional floorplans to added amenities like a pop-top and bunk in their high-top vans, Hymer is producing some really cool units.

Hymer Class B Product Line

There are a lot of Hymers out there to purchase on the secondary market, but for new Hymers, it is unknown when production will begin in the US.

However, you can get your hands on a pre-owned Hymer Aktiv and hit the road in style and comfort!

Regency National Traveler

Regency RV creates 250 handcrafted, unique RVs each year. This specialty company prides itself on quality work and specialization for the owners.

The company started in 2014, by the owner Wayne Davis. The first RV came off the line in 2015. In 2018, Davis acquired National Traveler, a Class B van built on a RAM ProMaster chassis. The prices are around $100,000 for a new National Traveler unit.

Workmanship of Regency National Travelers

Regency RV prides itself on its workmanship. Every RV is handcrafted, and the materials used are quality. Although the interior is very sleek and minimalistic, it is considered a luxury line without the luxury price.

Regency Class B RVs

Regency RV has two Class B products. The National Traveler is on a RAM ProMaster chassis and is 20 feet 11 inches long. The Ultra is on a Mercedes Benz chassis and is wider and longer at 25 feet 1 inch.There are different floor plans for each unit. Some have a queen bed or Murphy bed, others have twin beds in the rear.

Storyteller Overland

Based in Birmingham, Alabama, Storyteller Overland was born out of a desire to tell better stories and live an adventure.

The company started marketing in 2016. From the website, “Storyteller Overland was born out of that spirit of grand adventure with a passion for equipping others to pursue meaningful experiences and live a life of discovery out on the open road and beyond.”

The people in the company and the owners of the rigs are just as important as the RVs.

Storyteller Overland Workmanship

Storyteller Overland focuses on the best practices in the RV industry to make sure their RV is ready for the outdoor adventurists who buy them.

Owners are happy with the 4×4 capabilities, rugged construction, and function of the unit. It can stay off grid and power itself for days without using the generator. By using the Volta Power Systems to incorporate the automotive-grade M-Power lithium energy management system, Storyteller partnered with, the units are self-contained.

Storyteller Overland Class B Models

There are three Class B RVs put out by Storyteller Overland. The Classic MODE 4X4, the Stealth MODE 4X4, and the Beast MODE 4X4. The vehicles are very similar, but as the price goes up the features and styling increase.

The Beast is the most expensive at $189,743 and has more off-road features like increased lighting, and an expansion in height and width. These units have hidden showers inside and outside for convenience and economy of space.

Check out Storyteller Overland Class B RVs here.

Hit The Road in Style in a Class B RV

Buying a Class B RV is not like buying a van. You’re buying a lifestyle, a brand and a company ideology. Each of these companies manufacture RVs for a certain demographic of people who are looking for adventure, the ability to live small, and to have many of the creature comforts of home with them always.

Class B RVs can be used for camping, full timing or even for driving around town doing errands. Is this the lifestyle and size rig for you? Try one of these best Class B RVs and find out.

Popular RV YouTubers, Eat See RV, share their favorite Class B RVs in the video below.

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  1. LeeAnn Land says:

    You missed an opportunity to showcase PleasureWay based out of Saskatchewan, Canada. I admit I’m biased, but I looked at Class Bs for 3 years and kept returning to the Plateau TS – for the utilization of space and quality of the build. I have been delighted with their customer service and how well the unit has held up especially since I mainly boondock and my Beagle buddy and I have essentially lived in it for 6+ months each year. Glamping on wheels.

  2. Mark Levin says:

    I’m with LeeAnn. I have the Lexor Pleasure-Way Lexor TS and it’s great. Pleasure-Ways are quality built and come with a five-year warranty on the P-W build. Winnebago can’t match that.