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This Popular RV Device Will Be Useless Soon

Technology is ever expanding and changing. It’s hard to keep up. Do we need the newest smartphone and has it changed that much? Do we need to upgrade our computer to keep current? It’s a blackhole of questions that can only be answered by the individual.

The same questions can be asked by those looking for technology in an RV.

Even from the time we began RVing in 2015, we’ve seen many RV devices rise and fall. Today we’re predicticting the next RV device that will soon be outdated.

What Device is it?

RVers are always trying to find the best way to connect to the internet.

It is probably the most asked question on newbie forums. How do I get strong, reliable internet that won’t break the bank? The answer often is “get a RV WiFi Booster.”

Here’s a quick YouTube video that explains the function of an RV WiFi booster.

What is An RV Wifi Booster?

A WiFi booster is a device that does exactly what it says. It boosts an existing WiFi signal. If you’re at a campground and the WiFi isn’t strong, the booster will amplify the signal using an antenna on the outside of your RV, connected to a device on the inside of your rig.

The key to the WiFi booster is having a WiFi signal to amplify in the first place.

The booster does have its limits. When the WiFi signal is weak because there are too many people using it, the booster will not be able to make it faster. That’s a bandwidth issue.  

Why Will It Be Useless?

Technology is advancing at the speed of light. 3G was all the rage a few years ago and now 5G is what everyone is after. Even now, space shuttles are being launched into space to help everyone gain better access to the internet.

Cellular internet will advance far beyond WiFi internet capabilities – Eventually, cellular internet development will transform so much and be so fast, we will use smartphones as hotspots to do all of our work and play.  This is, in fact, one of our 2021 RV Trend predictions.

5G – Fifth generation (5G) cellular networks allow cellphones and other equipment to transfer data at super-quick speeds. Some people market 5G service as transformative to everyday life.

It’s not available everywhere yet, but it’s coming quickly to a cell provider near you soon.

Starlink Satellite Internet – If you don’t know Elon Musk, you haven’t been paying attention. The CEO of SpaceX and Tesla has been doing what he can to bring worldwide internet coverage for the masses.

The low orbit satellites (Starlink Satellite Internet) he has been launching from his space rockets will create a network for anyone who can afford the approximately $99 per month and $499 upfront cost for the Starlink Kit.

It’s being rolled out in the southern US in 2021.  

Can you get use out of a WiFi booster now?

Heck yes – It’s a good idea to get a booster if you work from the road and need a signal to connect with the office. If you like or need privacy when working, and want to be in your RV, then a WiFi booster makes sense.

RV WiFi boosters are great when you need to stay connected to family, friends or work without the frustration of slow internet. If you need to check your email or download videos, you can do that at a coffee shop or at a local fast food joint.

The cost of a WiFi booster can be a bit pricey if you’re watching your coins, but the headaches it will save not waiting for the internet to load will be priceless.

Just don’t expect it to be useful in 2024 – If you’re planning to camp from this moment into the future, it might be worth it to pick up a WiFi booster, but know that in a few years the technology will probably be obsolete.

That being said, for now, this is the cheapest and easiest way to connect to the internet. If you’re concerned about safety when using public or campground WiFi, then research using a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

How Much Does an RV WiFi Booster Cost?

You can usually find RV WiFi boosters range from $150-$400.

We recommend the Alfa Camp Pro. It has been the most reliable and economical option from our experience. It also has positive reviews.

Here’s the current price for the Alfa Camp Pro Wifi Booster.

New Advancements Make Old Technology Obsolete

As soon as we buy a new piece of technology, it’s already old. It’s the cold, hard truth. It’s best to use what we can to make life simpler, easier and more enjoyable.

RV WiFi boosters make sense when you need to stay connected to family, friends or work without the frustration of slow internet.

For around $200, you can get a WiFi booster. Depending on how you chose to travel, a WiFi RV booster could be just the piece of technology you’ve been waiting for.

One similar but different device we see enduring is the RV Cell Booster.

Cell boosters should be able to remain useful as long as we see cellular technology advancing. Most of the progress made with cell signal involves the speed of data transfer, not the robust signal itself.

While boondocking, a cell booster will still be handy for years to come. It makes a weak signal stronger and increases the speed of already strong signals.

Pro Tip: Here are our Decent, Better & Best options for RV Cell Boosters.

Boondocking With Rooftop Cell Booster
Boondocking With Rooftop Cell Booster

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  1. Bob says:

    Question. Why not just get a cell signal booster instead? Because I mostly boondock so am seldom where there is wifi I haven’t used my laptop in years. Our phones are computers, plus they connect to the internet. Unless you actually have to be working. But for retired people our people just on vacation (where you shouldn’t be working anyway!) We can do all we need to do on our phones and tablets.

  2. James Ball says:

    My wife and i have been using a Jet Pack as our internet connection for years. It’s better than using your phone as a hot spot because it’s only purpose is the internet.