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How To Upgrade Your RV Mattress?

How To Upgrade Your RV Mattress?

The key to a happy vacation starts with a good night’s sleep.

Nothing is worse than trying to enjoy an adventure with crabby unrested companions or back aches from a bad mattress!

A common complaint in the RV world is the poor factory RV mattresses that come with RVs and campers. 

Factory RV Mattresses Aren’t The Best

It isn’t a secret, one of the most common complaints you will hear about in camping circles is that the RV mattresses are lackluster at best.

In a move to cut costs, most RV manufacturers don’t pay much attention or put much effort into upgrading or getting quality mattresses.

Why is this? We don’t know, but luckily mattresses are an easy DIY fix to considerably increase your enjoyment of your RV. At the very least, you’ll sleep so much better!

With new technology, the “bed in a box” or foam mattresses are an easy and inexpensive way to upgrade your RV mattress experience.

In the last few years, this concept of a foam mattress has revolutionized mattress buying.

Benefits of Upgrading to a Foam RV Mattress

Unlike bulky spring mattresses, you don’t need a truck to haul it, you don’t need to figure out how to get enough help to wrestle it into your RV, and your favorite UPS or FedEx delivery driver will bring it right to your door in a convenient box.

These mattresses are also much less expensive than traditional mattresses, and can be purchased in a variety of sizes, thicknesses and firmness levels right from your computer or smart phone!

How to Upgrade Your Mattress

First order of business is to research and order your mattress. Use this blog and online camping groups to get opinions on mattresses that might work! Then order your mattress! Make sure to look at delivery time frames in order to give yourself plenty of time before your trip. Be sure to measure your existing mattress to make sure you are getting the correct size. Many RVs use “short queen” sizes. 

Open and let it breathe. Tip: get your mattress inside the camper before taking it out of the confining box! It is much easier to move inside the packaging! Once opened, follow the instructions on letting the mattress expand to its end size, as well as to air out any smells.

You may have to cut the mattress to fit, but most foams are easy to cut using electric knives! 

Donate your old mattress, give to friends, or even try to sell on marketplace if you have the time and storage for the mattress.

Best Foam RV Mattresses

Here are a couple RV replacement mattresses that we have found interesting!

Want to get a custom mattress instead? Check out our article about Mattress Insider here.

Live and Sleep Elite Short Queen Mattress

The Live and Sleep Elite mattress advertises firm support and a cooling night’s sleep with CertiPUR certification.

A deluxe cushion of 2.5 inches of premium Air-Flow Memory Foam over a layer of Gel-Infused Memory Foam on top of a High Density Support Base provides a comfortable sleep experience for side, back and stomach sleepers alike.

Extra-thick profile gives luxury feel to the coverings and finishes. Over 90% positive reviews makes this a mattress to consider.

Lucid 10” Gel Memory Foam Mattress

This medium plush Lucid mattress is created with hypoallergenic bamboo and charcoal for a fresh smelling mattress.

Construction is 1.5 inches of transition foam and 5.5 inches of dense bamboo charcoal infused support foam that provide stability and full body support. 

Dynasty 10” Memory Foam Short Queen RV Mattress

The Dynasty RV medium firm mattress option boasts 2.5 inches with 3 pounds gel infused memory foam Sleep Cool Technology for a comfortable temperature, on top of 7.5 Inches of durable Construction Foam that provides structural integrity for the mattress, making it comfortable for any type of sleeper.

The Dynasty mattress has a machine washable, zippered cover for convenience and a 30 year warranty.

Upgrading Your RV Mattress Makes Camping Better

Upgrading your RV or camper mattress may be the easiest and best thing you can do to ensure the best adventure possible.

Everything’s better with a restful and rejuvenating night of sleep, especially after driving all day or having amazing adventures in the wilderness! Create your best home away from home experience with an upgraded RV mattress.

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    Even more important, if you buy a new RV, replace the tires. As a former owner of a RV park, I have heard many horror stories about the cheap tires put on new RVs. They have earned the moniker “China Bombs” and it is well earned.