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The Cheapest Class A Diesel Pusher RV in America

The Cheapest Class A Diesel Pusher RV in America

There’s no doubt about it: diesel pushers are amazing RVs. 

But with the luxury that is to be expected with diesel pusher motorhomes comes a pretty hefty price tag! 

These powerful and luxurious class A RVs aren’t in everyone’s budget. But, Coachmen has a model that might contend with even the budget-savvy RV shoppers.  Famous RV YouTuber & salesman recently reported this Coachman as the cheapest (aka most economical) unit on the market.

Let’s dive into the cheapest class A diesel pusher RV from Coachmen. 

Keep in mind: By “cheapest” we mean lowest-priced, not low quality.

The Coachmen Sportscoach SRS 339DS

The Sportscoach 339DS is a 36’ long diesel pusher RV from Coachmen RVs. This is the smallest diesel pusher made by Coachmen, and also the cheapest!

This RV has been called the cheapest class A diesel pusher on the market today… and the price might surprise you! With sale prices for this motorhome running at under $160k, this coach is definitely entering budget-friendly territory.

With interior and exterior features you might expect from a more high-end or expensive diesel pusher RV, Coachmen has really hit the mark here.

What is a Diesel Pusher? 

Diesel pusher RVs are class A motorhomes that have a diesel engine instead of a gas engine. And, instead of having the engine mountain in the front, a diesel pusher’s engine is in the rear of the RV. Hence the “pushing” part of the name.

There are many advantages of diesel pusher RVs, one being that you don’t have the loud engine sound in the front of the RV.

Pro Tip: Here’s an in-depth look at diesel pushers.

Average Prices of Diesel Pusher RVs

A new diesel pusher RV can run, on average, between $250,000 to $600,000 or more. These RVs are typically much more expensive than their gasoline powered counterparts. 

Why Are Diesel Pushers So Expensive? 

Diesel pusher RVs have more torque, better braking, and can carry more than a gasoline engine. They are also significantly heavier than a gas powered RV. 

In addition to more power and a better ride, diesel pusher RVs are much more energy efficient.

In the long run, you may save money with the purchase of a diesel pusher RV. Diesel engines get better gas mileage and last about twice as long as their gasoline powered counterparts.

Did You Know: Coachmen is a division of Forest River RVs. Check out their other brands here!

Lowest Price Diesel Pusher: Coachmen Sportscoach SRS 339DS Price

The MSRP for the 2021 Sportscoach 339DS is $239,529.

But, we did a bit of looking from different dealers on RVTrader to see current sale prices for this motorhome. On RVTrader, prices for a new 2021 Sportscoach 339DS start at $159,999… That’s a crazy good price for a diesel pusher!

Exterior Features of the Sportscoach 339DS

This RV is 36’ 3” long and has tons of features. 

There is ample basement storage all along the length of this motorcoach, on both the driver and passenger sides. The passenger side features a doggy window which is great for pets and blind spot monitoring. 

In addition to the doggy window, this RV has staggered mirrors to prevent blind spots, as well as exterior cameras on all sides. 

The Sportscoach 339DS has an 18’ long awning spanning the passenger side with built in speakers and an LED light strip. Under the awning is an exterior TV and tons of extra storage. 

On the drivers side of the Sportscoach 339DS, you have more storage, power and water stations, and more. 

This diesel pusher RV has a Cummins Onan 6.0 diesel generator and a 2,000 watt pure sine wave inverter. The generator is on a slide-out tray in the front of the RV for easy access and servicing. According to Matt of Matt’s RV Reviews, you can even stand on it to clean your huge windshield. 

The roof of this coach is a one-piece fiberglass material, great for preventing leaks and roof issues. On top you have 2 air conditioning units, a wifi ranger, satellite prep, and more. 

Interior Features of the Sportscoach 339DS

The Sportscoach 339DS can sleep up to 5 people with a king sized bed in back, a convertible dinette, and a retractable bed over the cab. There is also a theater seating area with two recliners opposite an LED TV. 

This class A RV has tons of storage throughout including a pantry and a bedroom full of cabinets and drawers. The Sportscoach can come with a washer and dryer or leave that space empty for additional storage… but with all the other storage in this RV you might not even need it! 

There are 2 slideouts on this motorhome, a superslide in the front and a bedroom slide in the back. 

The kitchen features a farmhouse sink and residential-style fridge, along with a pantry for storing extra food. 

A really cool feature is found in the bedroom of this RV is the brands own “Coach-Pap Station”. The Coach-Pap station is a spot for a CPAP machine to be stored out of the way while in use and not in use. There is an opening for the CPAP machine hose to come right out of the bottom of the cabinet – this feature is so cool! 

Is It Really The Lowest Cost Class A Diesel Pusher RV? 

You may find a great deal or sale on another diesel pusher RV. But, there is no doubt that the Sportscoach is one of the cheapest on the market today.

According to RV expert, Matt’s RV Reviews, it is the cheapest!

And for so much luxury, too!

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  1. Frederick Moran says:

    Great report on the class a diesel pusher. Very tempting until the residential fridge part. That totally ended all interest. The worst idea ever. Hope that fades away very soon. See you on the trail someday. Keep up the good work you do. It helps us all . Frederick

  2. Robert Slimak says:

    As an average retired person I can tell you I would not consider this cheap. The average retiree income in the USA is just over $47k. One of my greatest pleasures in retirement is being debt free! No way am I going to buy anything on payments. This includes credit cards. Used only as a charge card for convenience. No debt, ever.