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5 Best RV Brands in 2021

5 Best RV Brands in 2021

There are hundreds of RV brands on the market today. So how do you know which one to choose from? 

Whether you’re shopping for your very first RV or your next RV, beginning the search can feel overwhelming.

We want to help make your RV selection a little easier for you, so we’ve put together this explanation of the 5 best RV brands in 2021. 

Choose your next RV knowing you’re in good hands!

Let’s get into it. 

What Makes an RV Brand Great? 

There are a few key qualities that set great RV brands apart from the rest. If you’re looking for an incredible RV buying experience, here are the qualities you want to look for. 

Customer Service

First on the list is customer service. Because what does the build quality matter if you can’t get help when you need it? 

When looking at RV’s, read reviews and real-life experiences from previous customers. Whether it’s the customer service you receive at the time of purchase, or when you inevitably have a question or problem down the road – some brands do this way better than others. 

Build Quality

Build quality is probably the most obvious factor in what makes an RV brand truly great. Surprisingly, many – if not most – RV manufacturers today use the cheapest materials to build their RV’s. 

This is done from a weight standpoint in addition to value. Many manufacturers cut corners with their build quality. While the design elements may be on-point, it’s what lies beneath that truly matters.

Pro Tip: We asked an RV mechanic, here’s what systems he said will break first in your RV.

Putting Consumers Needs and Desires Over Profits

Some large RV brands have a bad reputation for putting profits and business growth over consumer needs and desires. We’re not naming names here, but if you’ve been hanging around the RV community for any length of time, certain brands may be coming to mind. 

A great RV brand not only listens to consumers but builds new models with their customers’ needs and desires in mind. 

Why You Should Purchase From a Top RV Brand

Many RV’s are thrown together with low-quality materials and aren’t built to last. But, if you purchase from a top brand, you have the peace of mind of knowing this isn’t the case.

Top RV manufacturer brands listen to their customers and provide the best customer service experience possible, from the time you purchase throughout the entire ownership journey.

5 Best RV Brands in 2021

Let’s dive into the best RV brands in 2021. If you’re in the market for a new RV, check out these brands first!

#1 – Grand Design RV

Grand Design RV is one of the top brands in the Fifth Wheel RV Trailer market. Certainly, they cover all the bases from excellent customer service to beautiful, high-quality, and functional floorplans. 

Grand Design RV manufactures superb travel trailers, fifth wheels, and toy haulers.

Our Favorite Grand Design RV: Momentum G Class

The fifth wheel version of the Grand Design Momentum G Class price starts around $88,000. With upgrades and add-ons the price can get closer to $100,000.

Grand Design makes a travel trailer version of the Momentum G Class, it starts around $55,000.

Learn more about Grand Design here.

#2 – Newmar Corporation

Newmar Corporation is a manufacturer of luxury Class A motorhomes. They create gas-powered motorhomes and diesel pushers within a wide price range to fit many budgets.

Newmar is known for luxury, build quality, and their excellent customer service.

Our Favorite Newmar RV: Newmar Super Star

Unlike Class A’s, Super C’s have been known to ride a little rougher. Newmar is solving this problem by manufacturing a full air-ride cab. This will make travel days much smoother.

The Newmar RV engineers created a “collar” that transitions the air-ride cab to the fixed house of the motor home. This allows movement, which creates a more comfortable ride.

Learn more about Newmar here. 

#3 – Leisure Travel Vans

Leisure Travel Vans is an RV manufacturer specializing in Class C RV’s. Leisure Travel Vans are known for their luxurious and capable camper vans that can go anywhere with all the comforts of home. 

Our Favorite Leisure Travel Vans Model: Unity by Leisure Travel Vans

Leisure Travel Vans Unity starts at $138k and has 6 innovative floor plans to choose from.

The Wonder model by Leisure Travel Vans starts at $119k. This model has 4 distinct floor plans at 25′ long.

Both models of Leisure Travel Vans are beautiful and functional. This brand is known for innovative design and thinking – and you can tell!

Learn more about Leisure Travel Vans here.

#4 – Winnebago Industries

Winnebago is a household name, and for good reason! Winnebago is one of the oldest RV manufacturers in the game, and they still live up to their excellent reputation. 

Known for their build quality and designing products to suit their consumers’ desires, this mega-RV company has all types of RV’s. 

Winnebago owns many different RV brands, including the aforementioned Grand Design. 

You can find any kind of RV with Winnebago, from small travel trailers all the way to large Class A motorhomes.

Our Favorite Winnebago Model: Winnebago Revel

The Winnebago Revel is a Class B RV, sometimes referred to as a campervan. They build it on a Mercedes-Benz sprinter chassis. The 3-liter diesel engine coupled with 4-wheel capabilities drive makes the Revel powerful and practically unstoppable.

RV Business rated the Revel the 2021 Top RV Debut, and once you see it, you’ll understand why.

Learn more about Winnebago here.

#5 – Host Campers

Host Campers is a quality RV manufacturer based out of Bend, Oregon. This brand makes truck campers, and their design and build quality is unparalleled. 

Host Campers has 6 different truck camper models to choose from and many customization options, so there truly is something for everyone. If a truck camper is what you want, you can’t go wrong with Host.

Our Favorite Host Camper Model: Yukon

The Yukon Truck Camper is a hidden gem among RVs. It’s aluminum structure makes it heavy-duty and light weight – ideal for going off grid.

And, if you’re worried about space, fear not. This model has three slide-outs!

Learn more about Host Campers here.

Best RV Brands For Your First, 4th, or Last RV

Whether you’re shopping for your first RV, your 4th, or your last, you can’t go wrong with any of these RV manufacturers. 

Known for their customer service, build quality, and aesthetics, you will be in good hands with any of these best RV brands. 

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  1. The Eagle says:

    I found this article very informative! A fifth wheel is a trailer. Duh. And the article mentions both fifth wheel TT’s and regular TT’s. We have a Winnebago Voyage 2427RB and I can vouch for the quality. In August we were side swiped by a semi truck on I77 in the mountains in NC. Flipped the camper, shut the interstate down for an hour. We lost both truck and camper totaled out in insurance, but amazingly both held together so well that we went out and bought both the Ford an the Winnebago again. Everyone has a right to their opinion, but that was not worthless. I’ve enjoyed all of these articles! Appreciate all the work you do Kyle and Olivia! Keep up the good work!

  2. Susan says:

    I test drove the revel and the Storyteller Mode Classic – the storyteller was miles above the winnebago in quality and service

  3. soundoftext says:

    Great article! It’s interesting to see the top RV brands and their features. Thanks for sharing this informative post.

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