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What is the National Park Senior Pass?

What is the National Park Senior Pass?

There’s so much natural beauty and magnificence across the country, but nowhere is it more evident than throughout our National Parks.

The United States has 63 National Parks, each featuring grandeur unique to the region.

One extraordinary gift to this country’s senior citizens is the National Park Senior Pass, which makes exploring the country’s natural wonders affordable to America’s elders.

Let’s dive in to the details!

What Is a National Park Senior Pass? 

A National Park Senior Pass is a lifetime pass allowing Americans age 62 and older admittance to all National Parks for a single fee.

Once a senior has purchased the pass, he or she will never have to pay an admittance fee to any covered site again.

Pro Tip: A National Park Pass is one of the many items on our list of 101 RV & Camping Gift Ideas.

What Does the National Park Senior Pass Cover? 

The pass covers admittance to all National Parks and includes more than 2,000 recreation sites that six different U.S. Federal agencies manage. The pass covers all entrance fees and day-use fees and anyone traveling in his/her party. 

At per-vehicle fee sites, the National Park Senior Pass admits the senior who holds all passengers in the noncommercial vehicle he/she occupies. 

At per-person fee sites, the pass admits the senior and three other adults. (Children under 16 always get free admittance.) 

In addition, the pass owner receives a discount on expanded amenity fees at some sites. These might include camping, swimming, boat launching, and guided tours. 

What National Parks Accept the Senior Pass?

The sites covered by the National Park Senior Pass are all managed by the National Park Service, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, the Bureau of Land Management, the Bureau of Reclamation, the U.S. Forest Service, or the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

How Much Does the National Park Senior Pass Cost? 

The lifetime pass costs $80. Seniors may instead choose to pay a $20 annual fee.

After four years of paying a yearly fee, you can exchange the annual pass for a lifetime pass. This may be an ideal option for those on a fixed income. 

Who Is Eligible?

All U.S. citizens or permanent residents 62 years or older are eligible for the National Park Senior Pass. Once a person has turned 62, he or she is eligible to buy the pass.

How to Get a National Park Senior Pass

Seniors can buy their National Park Senior Passes in person from some Federal recreation sites and offices. They’ll ask for proof of both residency and age. Click here for a list of sites that issue the Senior Pass. Note that there are no additional fees for purchasing in person. 

You can also purchase the Senior Pass by using the USGS online store. If you do, you’ll need to upload proof of residency and age as well. The easiest way is to photograph your documents and upload the image files when you order the pass.

If ordering online, you’ll need to use a credit card, and there will be an additional $10 fee for document processing. So, if you’re buying a lifetime pass, you’ll pay $90 ($80 + $10 processing fee), and if you’re purchasing the Annual Senior Pass, you’ll pay $30 ($20 + $10 processing fee).

You can also purchase the Senior Pass by mailing a paper application to the USGS (United States Geological Survey). Enclose a copy of your proof of residency and age, and include a $10 processing fee on top of the annual or lifetime pass fee. 

If you order your National Park Senior Pass online, USGS employees should process and ship your application within five business days from when they receive it. Shipping times vary, so try to buy your Senior Pass well in advance of your trip.

What Is the Difference Between the Golden Age Passport and the Senior Pass?

There’s no difference. The Senior Pass replaces the Golden Age Passport, but all sites will continue to honor previously-issued Golden Age Passports.

Other Passes to the National Parks

In addition to the National Park Senior Pass, the following passes are also available:

  • Annual Pass
  • Access Pass
  • US Military Pass
  • 4th Grade Pass
  • Volunteer Pass

The splendor of our National Parks offers moving, meaningful experiences to all who experience them.

Taking advantage of the National Parks Senior Pass or any of the other available passes associated with our National Parks and Federal Sites is an investment in adventure and the experience of true majesty.

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There's also a pass for people with disabilities. My husband has very limited sight and was able to get this pass with the proper paperwork. We were able to use it and travel to 6 National parks back in 2018.


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