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Ohio State Park Possibly Renamed “Donald J. Trump State Park”

Ohio State Park Possibly Renamed “Donald J. Trump State Park”

Our nation loves to honor former presidents by naming things after them.

Theodore Roosevelt National Park is located in southwest North Dakota. The Eisenhower Tunnel is located way up at 11,000 feet in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Could Donald J. Trump State Park soon be located 59 miles east of Cleveland, Ohio?

Read on to find out! 

Here’s the Scoop

Republican State Representative Mike Loychik is looking for a way to honor our nation’s 45th Commander-in-Chief. He recently announced plans to propose a bill that would rename Mosquito Lake State Park to Donald J Trump State Park. 

Representative Loychik feels left-leaning officials and the media are on a mission to cancel and bury former President Donald Trump and his name deep in the history books.

Loychik is determined that no one will forget about President Trump’s commitment and dedication to the American people. Local residents have already begun circulating petitions to voice their opinion, even offering counter-renaming suggestions for consideration.

This is sure to be a hot button issue in the near future, but we hope it helps more people discover Mosquito Lake State Park.

No matter which way you voted, we think you should check out Mosquito Lake State Park.

Where is Mosquito Lake State Park (and Why You Should Visit)

Mosquito Lake State Park is located approximately 59 miles east of Cleveland and is a 7000+ acre lake surrounded by nearly 2500 acres of woodland. It’s known for its tremendous boating and fishing.

You’ll find miles of hiking, horseback riding, and snowmobiling. If that’s not enough, there’s also a playground, swimming beach, dog beach and park, disc golf, and even archery. Very few parks offer this many activities to keep you busy, you might even need a few days to experience it all.

This state park has an impressive 235 campsites (40 full hook-up, 178 electric sites, 16 non-electric sites) at their seasonal campground. The campground offers wifi, sports equipment, two shower houses, laundry facilities, and more. You’ll have trouble trying to squeeze in everything this park has to offer.

You could also stay a night or two in one of the two yurts that provide an incredible lake view. If you’re looking for an ultimate adventure weekend, staying in a yurt is almost mandatory.

Name Change or Not, Get Outside and Explore

We love when amazing campgrounds get attention, especially in the national media. The more these parks get recognition, the more families will be encouraged to adventure and make memories together.

What about you? Is this the first time you’ve heard about Mosquito Lake State Park? Are you adding it to your list of places to make memories?

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  1. Cheryl Bacon says:

    Shouldn’t be a hot button issue, but people will make sure it will be. No matter if you liked him or didn’t, he was and always will be one the 45th POTUS. Almost anything would be better than the parks name now.

  2. Kyle & Olivia Brady says:

    Who came up with the original name?! 😂

  3. Deborah Kerr says:

    I have been there a couple of times on week-ends! It is a really nice park- the drone video didn’t show a lot of the campsites are within the wooded areas – nice & cooler in the Summer! And no mosquitoes until it got dark out! I expected ALOT of the little biters, but there weren’t too many. It’s a nice flat campground and you can ride bikes to the marina and beach. They even had a trick-or-treat on some Halloween week-ends! There was a food truck by the marina and some little band on a saturday evening. No comment on the name change, although I’m not against it. Thank you for covering this story – I had no idea!

  4. carolyn (Casita 16 SD) says:

    We stayed there once on our way to PA from MI, hiked the trails, wanted to paddle the lake next trip, but not if it is named after a person who has NO interest in protecting in the natural world.

  5. Bob says:

    Why shouldn’t it be a hot button? Worst person ever in the oval office. I for one will never go to anyplace named after him. Unless it’s a garbage dump. The trump dump.