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5 Best Van Conversion Companies in 2021

5 Best Van Conversion Companies in 2021

Van life dominates Instagram, Tiktok, YouTube, and more. Seeing all these images and videos of beautifully built vans in epic locations is sure to leave anyone with a good amount of wanderlust. 

So what do you do when you want a beautiful, custom campervan but don’t have a single craftsman bone in your body?

Hire a van conversion company!

What is a Van Conversion Company? 

If you want a campervan but you don’t want to build it yourself, you can hire a van conversion company. There are hundreds of them in the US alone. 

Depending on which business you hire and what you want to have done, a van conversion company can do a partial build, a full-build, solar, and more. 

Why Choose a Conversion Company over DIYing? 

Let’s face it: building your own camper van is not only intimidating… it’s hard work. It’s expensive, and it takes a ton of time. Plus, if you’re solo, it can seem impossible sometimes! 

If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t want to build a campervan yourself or can’t or prefer the convenience of having someone else do it, then hiring a conversion company is a smart choice. 

Things To Consider Before Choosing a Van Conversion Company

There are many factors to consider before choosing a van conversion company. These factors will be personal to you and what you are wanting or needing to have done. Here’s a list of some things you should keep in mind.

Overall Price

Most conversion companies will give you the overall price of the build before they start any work. The price may include only the conversion cost or the cost of the van itself plus the conversion. 

Wait Time

Another thing to consider is the wait time. Some companies are booked out up to a year in advance.

Van Type

Some van conversion companies will work on any van. But, with others, they have a specific model or two that they prefer building out. 


If budget is a concern, do they offer financing in-house? 


If the van conversion company is not near you, do they offer shipping and delivery when the rig is completed?

Custom or Template Builds

Depending on the company you choose, they may prefer to work from a template instead of custom building to meet your desires. This is definitely an important thing to consider. 

5 Best Van Conversion Companies in 2021

#1: Sportsmobile

Sportsmobile is one of the oldest names in the game when it comes to van conversion companies. This company has been creating awesome custom campervans since 1961. 

They also have a large selection of pre-owned campervans to choose from if you don’t want to wait for a new conversion. 

#2: Boho Camper Vans

Boho Camper Vans is a conversion company based in Arizona that makes cozy and functional van builds for renting or purchase. This company has been featured on Shark Tank and has a large portfolio of van build work.

Check out our article about Boho Camper Vans here. 

#3: Rossmonster Vans

Rossmonster creates custom camper vans for any adventurous lifestyle. This company is located in Colorado. The Rossmonster team is a group of craftsman with a passion for the outdoors, creating custom vans to suit the outdoor lovers unique lifestyle and needs. Not ready to buy a van yet?

They have rentals out of Colorado where they are based.

#4: Vanlife Customs

Vanlife Customs is a custom conversion company based in Denver, Colorado. They build functional and custom vans to suit any desire.

Not only are their vans custom, but they are elegantly designed, too. This company works on Sprinter, Promaster, and Transit vans only.

#5: Contravans

Contravans is a unique conversion company building on many types of vehicles. This includes minivans and box trucks!

With such a wide range of available vehicles they will build on, there is sure to be something for everybody with Contravans. One of the most affordable van conversion companies out there. Prices start at around $25,000. 

Get Your Dream Camper Van Custom Built

Hiring a van conversion company can save you tons of time and frustration! And the best part is that you end up with an amazing custom-built camper van specifically designed for you and your lifestyle. Unless you’re a craftsman yourself, you won’t find that in a DIY build! 

If you have the money and the patience, we definitely recommend any of these 5 van conversion companies for your dream campervan. 

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