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5 Luxe Glamping Accessories for Living the High Life

5 Luxe Glamping Accessories for Living the High Life

Before you crank up that RV engine, make sure to load it with the best family-friendly RV accessories on the market.

With hotels and air travel out of the question (your wallet thanks you), its the perfect time to take RV travel to the next level. Turn dispersed camping into rustic glamping!

If you’re a millennial family that loves high tech toys, these summer RV accessories are the next best thing to buying Tesla stock.

They’re far from essential (perhaps overrated for RV tech), but they sure are fun for the summer.

Let’s dive in!

Portable Hot Tub for RVs

We’re 100% serious. You can buy an inflatable RV hot tub to use outside your rig. Not only does it fit in a storage-bay, it can create some seriously hot water—one hundred four degrees to be exact.

The hot tub seats four (not social distancing safe) and has a built-in jet spa and filter pump.

With a price tag of $799, it’s the most expensive RV accessory on our list today. But, you would be the talk of the RV park!

Inflatable hot tub? Yes, please!

Silicone Wine Glass Set

Once you’re ready to relax in your inflatable hot tub, you better have the right wine glass.

These Silicone Wine Glasses are kid-proof and won’t shatter into a hundred pieces (simultaneously popping that hot tub).

Many RV parks have a “no glass” rule for beverages you drink outdoors. And you better believe it, RV park security officers love to test their power!

Cellular Hot Spot

If this is your first summer family RV vacation, please heed our warning. You will need a cellular hot spot.

Most RV parks have awful wifi. Everyone tries to stream Netflix at once, and the entire network goes offline.

A cellular hotspot will let everyone in your family use the internet at once. You can tether from your smartphone, as well. However, data might not be fast enough for your kids’ gaming habits. 

For the extra techy geeks out there – try a cell booster to amplify your cell signal.

RV technology can make or break your experience. But what tech should you avoid?

Smokeless Campfire

Here’s the deal; most RV campers don’t know how to create a smokeless campfire. It’s possible, with the right wood and log structure, but it takes years to learn.

Cut out the learning process entirely and bring one of these smokeless fire pits with you!

The smokeless firepit works because it optimizes airflow, creating a hotter burn.

We’ve seen it in action, and it works.

Pink Flamingos

Millennials love irony. There’s no better way to be ironic than by sticking a few pink flamingos outside your Airstream.

These vibrant pieces of yard (or campsite) art let your neighbors know you’re here for a good time. Not to mention, the kids will love the pink flamingos!

Ditch those old fashion wooden name signs and stick a few tacky flamingos in your site.

eBikes for Everyone

I used to scoff at e-bikes. After buying one, I completely changed my tune.

They’re freakin’ awesome. 

E-bike riders fall into two categories. The first (and best type) are people who never pedal an e-bike. This is me. Not only do I never pedal, I hacked the system to go faster than it’s factory settings.

The other type of e-bike rider is my wife. Also known as people who pedal. Suit yourself, but I’m using mine like a mini dirtbike!

Either way, e-bikes are great fun for the whole family.

Free Camping Does Exist (and most campers don’t know about it)

To be honest with you, we hate paying for camping. There are so many free campsites in America (with complete privacy). You should give it a try! A matter of fact, these free campsites are yours.

Every time you pay federal taxes, you’re contributing to these lands.

Here’s our list of the 20 Best Free Campsites in the USA.

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