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Camping World Gets OK For Electric Fence

Camping World Gets OK For Electric Fence

Camping World is a well-known RV dealership that has taken the first steps to install an electric fence on one of their lots. Is this a good idea?

Where’s the line when it comes to a business protecting their property? Security cameras? An armed guard? What about an electric fence?

Let’s take a look!

Why Does Camping World Need An Electric Fence?

Specifically, robbers targeted the La Mirada, California, Camping World several times over the past year. 

This Camping World location previously requested an amendment to a local ordinance prohibiting them from using an electric fence to protect their property.

Not only was Camping World frustrated by the thefts, but several RV owners were as well. You see, Camping World didn’t own all of the stolen RVs. In fact, some were the property of customers having their rigs serviced there. 

This Camping World location sits in an area that is currently mostly vacant properties. The lack of traffic in this area makes it a prime target for vandalism and theft.

For example, vandals or thieves have cut La Mirada’s rear fence several times. So, the La Mirada spot wants an electric fence to protect their property, and the RVs parked there, until the area develops fully.

Theft and vandalism often lead businesses to cover the expenses by increasing the costs of their products and services.

It’s natural for Camping World, like any business, to want to provide their customers with the lowest price and the confidence that their RV will be safe and secure during service. An electric fence is one of the best ways to secure their perimeter and protect their property.

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How Long Will The Electric Fence Be Up?

The motion working its way towards approval allows Camping World to utilize an electric fence to protect their property temporarily. The fence will be allowed until a highway widening project is finished and the many vacant lots are redeveloped. 

The council doesn’t want electric fences to become the norm for the city. Their goal is to fill the vacant lots with hotels and restaurants, which would find an electric fence less than inviting. As the area begins to see increased traffic, the fence will lose its approval and come down.

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Will All Camping Worlds Be Installing Electric Fences?

No, Camping World will not be installing electric fences at all of their locations. The La Mirada Camping World is working its way through the local council’s approval process to install an electric fence.

However, this is meant to temporarily protect the Camping World property until the area is redeveloped and is less inviting to thieves.

This is currently just a localized issue to this specific RV dealership, but dealerships across the country could request approval if the need arises. 

Whether it’s private owners or large corporate stores, no one wants to be the victim of vandalism or theft. Camping World is taking a precautionary step to keep RVs parked on their lot safe.

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  1. David Nelson says:

    Why does our society favor the criminal over the property owner? So yes, I’m in favor of the electric fence. Now I would make them put up a double fence so you wouldn’t get zapped just walking by. But you break through the outer fence, now you are a criminal, and you’re going to light up your life.

  2. Dave J says:

    Excellent idea. Better have the warning signs in multiple languages though.

  3. Warren Truitt says:

    Camping World in Fife Washington already has an electric fence around their property

  4. 123 says:

    Have they tried hiring security??? Ffs that’s step one.