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What is a Scout Camper?

What is a Scout Camper? 

Adventurer Manufacturing is launching the Scout Camper. “So what,” you say? Well, it’s actually a big deal.

Outdoor enthusiasts have numerous ways to provide shelter for themselves, from massive 5th wheel toy haulers to dome tents. These rigs have certainly changed a great deal over the years, adding innovations and all the comforts of home.

But truck campers haven’t seen much of a transformation over the years … until now. So, we’re excited to bring you the details about Scout Campers!

Let’s take a look!

Image Source: Scout Campers

What is a Scout Camper?

The Scout Camper is a lightweight truck camper with components that can be used inside and outside the camper shell. Adventurer Manufacturing designed the Scout series to provide simple and flexible camping options. In fact, their goal is to encourage users to travel lighter. To further their minimalist design, the campers have detachable equipment throughout the coach to use in other settings. 

All of these truck bed campers are energy efficient, with a gravity-fed water system and solar panels. They also include a water filtration setup that’s detachable, making it easy to fill and use anywhere. Camp stoves can be used outside and in the kitchen, and the refrigerator is also portable.

The Scout has gear bags attached to ceiling hooks in many places throughout the camper. As a result, this decreases weight and increases flexibility as compared to installed cabinets.

Purchasers can outfit their rigs with upgrades to meet their own particular needs. They can build onto the base camper with accessories such as fridges/freezers, toilets, and fireplaces.

Image Source: Scout Campers

How Much Do Scout Campers Cost?

With three models to choose from currently, the prices of Scout Campers range from $19,780 to $24,900. They’re certainly affordable alternatives to travel trailers and 5th wheels, which require trucks to get to their campsites. The footprint of a Scout is much smaller. It’s essentially the size of the truck it’s attached to, thus giving users much more flexibility in travel. 

Where Are Scout Campers Made?

Scout Campers are created in Yakima, Washington, by Adventurer Manufacturing. They’re the culmination of 50 years in the business of designing truck bed campers and various adventure vehicles.  

How Much Do Scout Campers Weigh?

The models have different lengths and components that add to their weights. Therefore, the dry weight of each of the Scout Campers varies from 958 pounds to 1,370 pounds. Various accessories can additionally be mixed and matched. 

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Scout Camper Models

Currently, the Scout is offered in three models, each with its own configuration and standard items included. Listed below are the basic components. However, keep in mind that you can add optional accessories like a fridge/freezer, an indoor/outdoor gas cooktop, a fireplace, a portable toilet, awnings, and a portable shower.


The Olympic has a floor-length of 74.25”, a dry weight of 1,161 pounds, and an interior height of 78”. It can sleep four to six people (with the optional roof tent.) This Scout fits most full-length domestic and imported truck beds.

The camper comes standard with a 175-watt solar panel, a 1500 watt lithium power station, and a five-foot gear locker. Additional basic comforts include a moon roof with a screen, a full-sized bed measuring 56” x 80”, and a four-person dinette that converts into a bed. It also has a portable jerry can with a sprayer, two 5-pound propane tanks, a solar-powered vent, and a stainless steel sink. 

Image Source: Scout Campers


Weighing in at 958 pounds, the Yoho model has a floor-length of 69.75” and an interior height of 75”. It sleeps four and fits most midsize trucks, making it a minimalist backpack for your vehicle.

Standard components include a 175-watt solar panel, a 1000 watt lithium power station, and a four-foot gear locker. It also has a moon roof with a screen, a full-sized bed measuring 56” x 72”, and a two-person dinette that converts into a bed. The camper has additional basics such as a portable jerry can with a sprayer, two five-pound propane tanks, a solar-powered vent, and a stainless steel sink.

Image Source: Scout Campers


The largest of the Scout Campers, the Kenai weighs 1,370 pounds and has a floor-length of 92.25”, with an interior height of 80”. The optional roof tent can sleep four to six people. This Scout fits most half-ton to one-ton trucks with short or long beds.

This model also comes with a 175-watt solar panel and a 1500 watt lithium power station. It additionally has ten cubic feet of lockable storage and a designated bathroom area, with a mudroom entrance and interior wardrobe. A queen-size bed measuring 60” x 80” and a four-person convertible dinette are standard, along with a moon roof with a screen, a portable jerry can with a sprayer, and two ten-pound propane tanks. The camper also includes a solar-powered vent and a stainless steel sink.

Image Source: Scout Campers

Are Scout Campers Worth It?

If you’re looking for a way to simplify your camping trips and outdoor adventures, the Scout line of truck campers is definitely worth a look. Their base offerings are minimal, but you can add accessories and amenities to fit almost any need or desire if you see the need to upgrade. The Olympic, Yoho, and Kenai models all provide a flexible way to enjoy camping while concentrating on the simplicity of the Great Outdoors.

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