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7 Cheap Beers Perfect For Summer Camping

7 Cheap Beers Perfect For Summer Camping

There’s something about beer, even cheap beer, that pairs well with camping. But there are certainly a few that stand out amongst the crowd, whether for food or mood.

We’ve somehow managed to narrow that crowd down to seven brands of cheap beer that we think are perfect for camping.

Let’s dive in!

What Makes For A Perfect Cheap Summer Beer?

So, what makes for a perfect cheap summer camping beer? You’ll find a couple of common elements as we roll through our list. They’re all easy drinking and on the lighter end of the alcohol spectrum.

The 7 Best Cheap Beers To Enhance Your Camping Trip

We chose the seven beers below for a few reasons. They’re all relatively inexpensive because you don’t want to break the bank to enjoy a brew at the campsite. Each widely available across most of the United States, so you shouldn’t have to search too hard for them. And they are all available in cans, which are much easier than bottles to deal with when camping.

#1: New Belgium Fat Tire

New Belgium Brewing was one of the first breweries in the U.S. to bring Belgian beers to prominence. Much of the brewery’s popularity stems from Fat Tire, an easy-drinking, malty, amber ale.

Price: $9 to $10 per 6-pack / $17 to $20 per 12-pack

Why It’s a Great Cheap Camp Beer: Fat Tire is a great camp beer for people that want a little bit more of a sweet, slightly fruity flavor out of their beer without being too sweet. It’s a beer that isn’t overly heavy and clocks in at 5.2% alcohol by volume (abv). It’s great after a hike and has enough body and flavor to be a good sipper around the campfire.

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Image Source: New Belgium Brewing

#2: Founders All Day IPA

A light, refreshing session IPA with a nice pop to it, but not the big alcohol bite of a regular IPA from a Michigan mainstay.

Price: $8 to $9 per 6-pack / $18 to $19 per 15-pack

Why It’s a Great Cheap Camp Beer: At 4.7% abv All Day IPA lives up to its name. That’s a low enough amount of alcohol, coupled with a bright, crisp touch of bitterness to make this a beer that you can crush all day long, as the name suggests. With Founders offering it in a 15-pack for the same price as many 12-packs, it’s a little easier on the wallet too.

Image Source: Founders Brewing

#3: Coors Banquet Lager

The Coors Brewing Company’s roots reach back to 1873 when it started brewing Golden Lager. The miners in Golden, Colorado, where the brewery is located primarily consumed it. That beer eventually got renamed to what we now know as Coors Banquet, with which almost any beer drinker is familiar.

Price: $7 to $8 per 6-pack / $11 to $12 per 12-pack / $21 to $22 per 24-pack

Why It’s a Great Cheap Camp Beer: Coors Banquet is a light, golden lager. It stands out from many other American lagers because of its slight malty sweetness with a little bit of floral glow from its subtle hops. At 5% abv, this is another beer that you can enjoy throughout the day.

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#4: Guinness Draught Pub

Guinness is known throughout the world for one thing – its Dry Irish Stout. Guinness, of course, makes other beers, but if you ask for a Guinness, nearly everyone knows what you mean. That’s because Guinness has been brewing this beer at its St. James Gate brewery in Dublin, Ireland, since 1759.

Price: $8 to $10 per 4-pack of 14.9 oz. cans / $13 to $15 per 8-pack / $26 to $29 per 18-pack

Why It’s a Great Cheap Camp Beer: Guinness Draught is such a great camping beer because they found a way to put Guinness in a can and still have it taste like it was poured from a tap. It has that same bold, roasty character with a creamy, dark caramel sweetness, blended with hints of chocolate and coffee.

With an abv of just 4.2%, you could drink Guinness Draught all day, but its bold flavor says otherwise. When camping, it’s a stellar beer to pair with outdoor staples. Cooking up a big beefy burger or a juicy steak? Toasting marshmallows and jamming them between graham crackers with some dark chocolate? Guinness is the beer you want to have along with you.

#5: SuperEIGHT Gose – Dogfish Head

SuperEIGHT Gose is a unique beer on our list, but probably not for the reasons you might think. It definitely stands out because of its style and flavor. However, what makes it truly unusual is that Dogfish Head collaborated on the beer with Kodak. Yes, the camera film company.

The style lends itself to having a low pH. In fact, the pH of this beer is low enough that Kodak can develop its Super 8 film with it. Don’t worry, it’s still highly (and safely) drinkable.

Price: $13 to $15 per 6-pack

Why It’s a Great Cheap Camp Beer: This is a great camp beer because it doesn’t really drink like a beer. SuperEIGHT Gose is light on abv at 5.3% but has a tremendous amount of flavor. It’s light-bodied with strong tastes of salted watermelon, berry, cherry, and citrus with a tart finish. Anyone in for camping at the beach? This is your beer.

Image Source: Dogfish Head Craft Brewed Ales

#6 – Pabst Blue Ribbon

Another oldie, Pabst Blue Ribbon (PBR), has been around since 1844. It’s a light American lager that pours clean and clear.

Price: $6 to $7 per 6-pack / $12 to $13 per 12-pack / $20 to $23 per 30-pack

Why It’s a Great Cheap Camp Beer: PBR is great for camping because it’s crisp, smooth, and super-crushable. With just a hint of citrusy sweetness and at 4.8% abv, it goes down super easy, especially when ice cold on a hot day. Add in the idea that it is one of the cheaper beers on the market, and PBR is ready-made to be a go-to camping beer.

#7: Bell’s Two Hearted Ale

As the oldest existing craft brewery in Michigan, Bell’s has been making great beer – for camping or otherwise – for more than 35 years. They’ve been brewing Two Hearted Ale for most of that span. In fact, it quickly became one of the most popular beers in their line-up and has only increased in popularity over the years.

Price: $11 to $12 per 6-pack / $19 to $21 per 12-pack

Why It’s a Great Cheap Camp Beer: Bell’s Two Hearted Ale is a great camping beer for those that like a little bit of bite from their beer. An American IPA, Two Hearted clocks in at 7.0% abv and sends grapefruit wafting up your nose when you open the can. It kicks off with the bitterness of an IPA but quickly washes over your tongue with flavors of pine and grapefruit. It pairs well with many of the foods common on a camping trip and can be quite refreshing when the sun is beating down.

Image Source: Bells Beer

Stand-Out Cheap Beers Make Your Summer Camping Trip

With more than 8,000 breweries across the United States these days, there’s no shortage of cheap summer beer options. But for going off the grid and getting back to nature, we feel the beers on this list really stand out. We certainly tried to narrow it down to a grouping that’s easy on the wallet but covers it all when it comes to your palate. Which one of these cheap beers is your favorite for summer camping?

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  1. John147 says:

    Schafer beer; $4.99 per six-pack! Can’t beat it!!!

  2. P Rose says:

    Miller High Life. $15 – $20 for 30 can pack

  3. Ken Nelson says:

    Blue Moon 24 pack for $24.99 Sam’s Club, a Belgian White, brewed with Valencia orange. This is the Summer beer!

  4. Jeff says:

    PBR does it for me!