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The Most Affordable Class B RV in 2021

The Most Affordable Class B RV in 2021

Living “in a van down by the river” has become so popular that Class B RVs have evolved into tricked-out luxury RVs. In fact, today, you’d be considered ‘the cool kid,’ as #vanlife is the desire of many.

Some of these Class B’s can cost as much as $200,000. But don’t lose heart! You can still follow that dream. Winnebago is releasing a new van that’ll make the river, or anywhere you travel, comfortable, stylish, and cozy.

In addition, the price tag will leave you with gas money in the bank. It’s the Solis 59PX.

Let’s explore!

Image Source: Winnebago

2022 Winnebago Solis 59PX Class B RV Overview

At 21 feet long with a relatively low price tag, the Solis 59PX has lit up the van market. Most Class B RVers are accustomed to opulent features and finishes in today’s models, as manufacturers cater to the upper echelon. But hardcore van lifers will find that less is more in this new offering.

Image Source: Winnebago

Winnebago built the PX model for those who spend the bulk of their camping life outdoors. It’s designed with simple luxuries such as a bed and places to cook and eat. There’s plenty of space to store equipment with a flip-up Murphy bed. And you can bring guests along with an extra sleeping area in the pop-top roof vent.

The galley includes a laminate countertop and a two-burner propane stove. In addition, it has a three cubic foot compressor refrigerator, which is run by batteries charged through a 220-watt solar panel or the included generator.

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There’s also a wet bath with a cassette toilet, extra seating with a table, and plenty of storage throughout the coach. A Truma tankless water heater can quickly crank out hot water for a shower or the dishes. And a Coleman air conditioner will keep Class B RVers cool inside after their excursions in the outdoors. 

All of this power is packed in a clean design on a Dodge Ram Promaster chassis. The 3.6L V6 engine provides great gas mileage for a Class B, and drivers will find the van responsive, with front-wheel drive. With side and rear screen doors, campers are sure to love their surroundings as #vanlife becomes real inside and out.

How Much Does the Solis Class B Van Cost?

Most Class B vans are now retailing at or above $150,000. But the Winnebago Solis 59PX has an MSRP of $107,821. Chances are, you can find a great deal on one for around $85,000 if you look hard enough.

What We Like About the 59PX Class B RV

Several design features make the Solis 59PX one of our favorite camper vans on the market.

Extra Passenger Seats

It’s easy to use the Solis as a family vehicle in the carpool lane, with two extra seats available right behind the driver’s cockpit. These comfortable chairs have three-point seat belts for the safety of all riders.

Image Source: Winnebago

Magnetic Drawers And Cabinets

Few things are as frustrating to RVers as drawers and cabinet doors opening when you drive to your campsite. The Solis Class B van has all magnetic doors on kitchen drawers and storage compartments. Flying food and linens will be a thing of the past. 

No Sink In The Bathroom

A bathroom sink seems to serve one purpose in a recreational vehicle – brushing your teeth. So it’s nice to see that Winnebago has expanded its bath space by losing the sink. Now you can turn around and brush those pearly whites at the kitchen sink while enjoying a little more room in the wet bath.

What You Might Not Like About the Solis 59PX

Because the Solis 59PX is a minimalist’s dream, Winnebago has downsized a few of the extra amenities you might find on a more expensive and lavish Class B RV.

Cassette Toilet

You still have a gray tank that needs dumping. So we’re unsure why Winnebago decided to go with a cassette toilet, which still needs to be wheeled into a bathroom and dumped into a toilet. Another drawback is that the cassette has only a five-gallon capacity, making in-town bathroom treks for dumping more frequent. 

Over Bed Cabinet Placement

Because they’ve increased the storage height under the Murphy bed, the bed sits higher than a typical mattress or sofa bed. This becomes a problem only if you don’t watch your head as you lay down or sit up. Cabinet storage is at a premium in small vans, and their placement in the Solis 59PX is unfortunate but not unmanageable. Just watch your noggin! 

No Awning Option

Chances are you won’t be using an awning often if you’re out and about exploring. However, it does give RVers a sense of having an outside ‘room.’ If you miss this feature, it’s easily rectified by adding one after purchase.

Minimalist Class B RVing in Comfort

Winnebago has created a van that gives RVers the option to leave luxury at home without giving up comfort and reliability. With the Solis 59PX, campers can explore their hearts’ desires in a vehicle that’ll provide great support. This camper van meets their requirements with just the right measure of service…no fluff needed.

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  1. Bob says:

    To me this is a great option. You say it’s comfortable but not luxurious. Comfort to me is luxury. Fancy stuff that doesn’t serve a purpose is useless. It’s like saying a woman in jeans and a tank top isn’t as good as one dressed to the nines. I prefer the former and no use for the latter.
    However, since I already own a Roadtrek 200P I bought 3 years ago for $19,500 I’ll stick with that. The savings makes up for the worse gas mileage.