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Manufacturer Shares Prototype of RV with Light Wood Interior

Manufacturer Shares Prototype of RV with Light Wood Interior

RVs with dark, outdated wood are plentiful, but manufacturers are finally getting in on the lighter and brighter interior trend.

Many people renovate their RVs with modern and light-colored furnishings. And, recently, Alliance RV surprised us with a more modern prototype they’re currently working on.

Let’s take a closer look!

Who Is Alliance RV?

Alliance RV is committed to creating products driven by their customers’ input. They began production in late 2019 in Elkhart, Ind. They focused first on luxury fifth wheels. Alliance RV is serious about engaging with its customers and has a private Facebook group to do just that. The brand currently has seven fifth-wheel floor plans and four toy hauler floor plans. 

What New RV Model Is Alliance RV Sharing Information About?

Alliance RVs’ finishes and decor already have a modern flair, but they’re working on upping their game even more. They just released a sneak peek of a new mid-profile fifth wheel that includes light wood and furniture.

It’s currently a prototype without a name and not yet available for sale. However, they did post some photos on their Facebook group if you want to get a sneak peek.

Are Light Wood Interiors a Big Upgrade for the RV Market?

Not exactly. There are older RVs out there that feature light wood. Monaco Coach manufactured some light wood motorhome interiors in the early 2000s. Winnebago travel trailers have had light wood options for some time. And other brands started carrying light wood interiors in years past. 

While light wood on its own isn’t necessarily a significant upgrade, a complete modern decor package is. The RV market has been waiting for a more comprehensive selection of light and bright interiors with modern design features. As a result, light, white, and cream-colored woods are on trend now. 

Are Other RV Manufacturers Following the Light Wood Trend?

Alliance RV joins other RV manufacturers who are implementing light wood into their products. Airstream has been following the trend for a while and continues to progress with the times. You can choose their light-colored cabinets and furniture when designing your RV. 

A couple of years ago, Thor Motor Coach introduced their Home Collection, which features an Ivory Coast light wood. Jayco has a similar option with their Modern Farmhouse design.

Light wood in a class B motorhome opens up the small space. Leisure Vans do an outstanding job with their light and airy interiors. We love their premium finishes and ability to make a 25-foot motorhome look roomy. In addition, Winnebago features a Weathered Teak wood in their camper vans. While it’s not as light as Leisure Vans’ options, it dramatically opens up the space. 

The Future is Lighter and Brighter

Everyone’s style differs, but we like that the RV industry is broadening its options. RV owners want their home on wheels to feel like a home and not a dreary tin can. Light wood creates a more open space and seamless transition from inside the RV to outdoors. Is light wood in your RV a game-changer? Have you been exploring lighter interior options lately?

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  1. Pie Lady 56 says:

    It is still too masculine and looks outdated. Furniture looks like a warehouse find from the 80’s.