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5 Foodie Hacks for Easy Camping Meals

5 Foodie Hacks for Easy Camping Meals

There’s something about camping that brings out the foodies in many of us, and easy meals give us more time to enjoy our time outdoors.

Food just seems to taste better when you’re surrounded by friends and family around a campfire. Doesn’t it? But, cooking easy and tasty meals without access to your full kitchen at home might sound far-fetched.

So let’s look at five hacks for making easy camping meals you’ll love.

5 Hacks for Easy Camping Meals

Camping food is great as long as it doesn’t require hours of attention followed by a lengthy clean-up process. We’ve gathered a few hacks for easy camping meals that allow you to enjoy both the food and the cooking process. 

1. Prep Ahead of Time

Doing as much prep ahead of time as possible is one of the best ways to create easy camping meals. Cutting up your vegetables while you’re still at home allows for fewer dirty dishes while at the campsite. Pre-portion ingredients in baggies so you don’t have to measure at the campsite.

Making sandwiches or other grab-and-go lunches gives you a quick meal with zero fuss. This tip is especially great for large groups working around multiple schedules.  

2. Make Foil Pack Meals

Even more convenient than preparing all of the ingredients in advance is arriving with entire camping meals prepared. As you’re prepping for your trip, prepare individual foil pack meals. These are highly customizable, allowing you to add meat and vegetables along with spices. These foil pack meals can even be a fun activity for children. 

Not only does this save you time with on-site preparation, but also in the clean-up. You can eat a foil meal in the foil, saving you from washing additional plates. Once you’ve finished eating, simply throw away the foil. As a bonus, because you prepared it at home and the camp meals cook in the foil, you won’t need any dishes for cooking, either. 

3. Cook Eggs in Ziploc Baggies

Want easy, mess-free eggs while camping? Crack a few eggs into a Ziploc bag and seal it tight. When you’re ready to cook your eggs, simply submerge the entire bag in hot water and allow them to cook right inside the bag. Add in a few of your favorite spices and veggies to customize your eggs. Using this method will eliminate breakfast dishes. 

4. Get a Camping Fridge to Preserve Food with No Watery Mess

As long as you have access to electricity, you can bring along a small refrigerator, even when tent camping. Coolers are great for drinks but can prove frustrating when it comes to packaged foods.

Labels peel off, leaving gross trash behind, and boxes get soggy and lose their structure. Having a camping fridge allows you to keep meal leftovers at a safe temperature and prevents that watery mess that often accompanies coolers.  

5. Use Empty Containers to Store Foods and Spices

Think twice before throwing away that empty ketchup bottle. You can fill a washed-out ketchup bottle with premake pancake mix. This hack saves you from dirtying a mixing bowl while camping.

You can also use old plastic creamer bottles for eggs and mason jars for salads. Or use Tic Tac boxes for pre-portioned spices.

The Key to Easy Camping Meals Is Preparation

Every item you prepare in advance saves you time and supplies while enjoying your time at the campsite. Each dish you wash at home as you prep is one less dish you’ll wash while camping. 

Not only will preparing in advance create less work for you while enjoying your trip, but it’ll also save you time. Instead of cleaning dishes, take a walk with your family, head out for an adventure, or play a game.

When you spend a bit of time getting meals together before your trip, it keeps you from hanging back while the rest of the family creates memories without you. 

Easy Camping Meals for a Stress-Free Campout

The great thing about the camping community is their love for finding the best tips and tricks for making the whole experience even better.

Hacks for easy camping meals are no exception! Camping meals can be delicious without being stressful. What tricks have you found for preparing great-tasting camping meals without all of the hassles?

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  1. Sigrid says:

    I eat granola for breakfast. Easy to prepack in a ziplock bag already mixed with dried milk, just add water and some fruit.
    Frozen dinners are easy too. In the cooler they keep other things cool while defrosting, then heat it up in a pan with a little water. Hardly any cleanup.

  2. Wendy says:

    I have a MH, so access to a freezer. When planning meals I determine how many eggs in a dish, then break them into a zip lock and freeze them, taking them out in time to thaw and use. Eggs in shell are so fragile and take up space.
    I also prepare meat for taco salad in advance, freezing it in a zip lock. Then thaw, heat and add veggies and chips.
    I love your articles!! 🇨🇦