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The Most Exclusive Airstream in 2022 is a Collab with Pottery Barn (and Only One Dealer Has It)

The Most Exclusive Airstream in 2022 is a Collab with Pottery Barn (and Only One Dealer Has It)

Two of America’s most iconic brands have teamed up to bring a travel trailer to the market that’s unlike anything else we’ve ever seen. The 2022 Airstream + Pottery Barn is already making waves!

The amenities and luxury of an Airstream trailer plus aesthetics, design, and accessories from Pottery Barn? Yes please!

Let’s take a closer look at one of the hottest 2022 RVs hitting the market this fall. 

Keep in mind: This Airstream is currently available at one dealership, Airstream of Tampa. If you must have it, here’s their phone number, (813) 452-6344.

First: What Sets Airstream Apart? 

We get it: Airstreams are expensive. One of the top questions we hear about these iconic RVs are: “why are Airstreams so expensive?” The truth is: Airstreams are expensive because they are the best at what they do. 

There is no other rig on the road that’s built like an Airstream today. 

Newer Airstream RVs are all aluminum and composite: in the frame, walls, AND flooring. This means no wood to gather moisture and rot or mold – which is the main type of damage you’ll find in other RVs. 

There are 3,000 hand rivets on the exterior of an Airstream, and before any walls or interior structures are added, each unit goes through a water test. 

Airstreams are built really well, point blank. Elisha Bendele from Airstream of Tampa said: 

“Since the 1930’s… since the very beginning Airstream that was ever made, 70% of these are still registered and in service and on the road… That’s absolutely incredible and no other RV company can say that.”

2022 Airstream Pottery Barn Edition is Unlike Anything on the Market

An RV collab with Pottery Barn is unique in many ways, and nobody else is doing it. 

This RV is a brand new take on Airstream’s commitment to design and quality with finishing touches and accessories provided by one of the country’s leading interior design brands.

The Pottery Barn travel trailer leaves nothing to be desired when it comes to structure, aesthetics, or functionality… and comes with tons of fun accessories included, straight from Pottery Barn. 

Airstream has always been an innovative brand and this new 2022 model is no exception!

Choose Your Floorplan: Two Twin Beds or One Queen Bed

The Pottery Barn Airstream comes with two identical floorplan options with different bed styles: the 28RB and the 28RB Twin. 

Each model has identical stylings and features, but one has a central queen bed in the rear of the trailer, and one has two twin beds in the rear. 

The queen bed option comes with two nightstands with storage on either side of the bed, USB power, and reading lights. 

The twin bed option comes with a central nightstand and two cabinets for storage at the foot of each bed. 

Let’s take a look at the rest of the features of the Pottery Barn 28RB. 

The 2022 Pottery Barn Edition 28RB Exterior Features

Perhaps the most incredible feature of this RV is that you get two 100ah Battle Born Lithium batteries standard – not as an upgrade! This unit also has two rooftop solar panels that come standard, and powered jacks and awnings. This is an Airstream first and a major selling point. This RV is ready to boondock as soon as you drive it off the lot!

The Pottery Barn 28RB is 28’ in length, has a dry weight of 6,660lbs and a hitch weight of 900lbs. 

There are two roof-mounted ducted AC units, an on-demand propane water heater, and 50amp electrical service. 

This RV also has a window awning package standard, with awnings over every window on the entire length of the RV. Also included is a rear-view monitoring camera system. 

Looking For Specs? Here’s What You Need To Know: 

  • Length: 28 ft
  • Exterior Width: 8 ft, 5.5 inches
  • Exterior Height w/AC: 9 ft, 6 inches
  • Interior Height: 6ft, 6.5 inches
  • Dry Weight: 6,600lbs
  • Hitch Weight: 900lbs
  • GVWR: 7,600lbs
  • Fresh Water: 37gal
  • Gray Tank: 34gal
  • Black Tank: 34gal

The Pottery Barn Accessory Kit

Other than the interior design, what sets this unit apart is the included Pottery Barn Accessory Kit. With this kit, you get an Indio Outdoor Folding Table and Armchair set and a hanging exterior window table. There’s also a 16-piece Mason Stoneware Dinnerware Set, a doormat, storage bins, Pottery Barn Belgian Flax linen bedding, two sheet sets, and so much more. 

You’ll find a special screen door, a door-mounted chalkboard, Pottery Barn’s best-selling curtain collection, throw blankets and pillows, and custom storage solutions too. 

The 28RB Pottery Barn Airstream Interior Features

The interior of this Airstream does not disappoint. Every Airstream is beautiful, but this Pottery Barn collab takes it to a whole new level! 

Inside, you’ll find a custom L-shaped couch with storage underneath and a hidden arm desk for working on the road. 

There is built-in storage everywhere you look: a built-in trash can with cutting board, built-in cutlery drawer and spice rack, a pantry, a knife rack, storage in the dinette, and more. 

Inside, you’ll find custom Pottery Barn Emery Linen Roman curtains, beautiful throw pillows and blankets, and cabinets that are lit from the inside. The woodwork in this Airstream is all handcrafted and joined with joints and dowels, without the use of staples. 

This RV even comes with built-in theft protection with a standard GPS monitor to track your RV no matter where it roams. 

The Pottery Barn 28RB also comes standard with a built-in wifi and cell signal booster – this rig really is ready for you to work from the road. 

In most RVs, you only see a skylight in the bathroom. In the Pottery Barn Airstream you have a skylight in your living area! There are 20 windows and skylights in this RV – which means a ton of interior light. That’s almost a window per foot of length!

Pros and Cons of The New Airstream/Pottery Barn Collab

Every rig has pros and cons, but the cons of this one don’t hold a candle to all of the pros. 

Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of this brand new model from Airstream. 

Pro 1: Battle Born Lithium Batteries, Solar, and Electric Awnings and Jacks Come Standard

The first and biggest pro in our opinion is more like a combo pro: the battery and solar! This rig comes with a 270 watt roof-mounted solar package with solar controller and 1,000 watt pure sine wave inverter. It also comes with two 100 amp-hour Battle Born lithium batteries for the most efficient use and storage of your solar energy. 

This unit also comes with electric awnings and electric jacks, which is a first for Airstream. All of this comes standard – typically it would be an upgrade. 

Pro 2: This Collab is Unlike Anything Being Done in the RV Industry

Matt from Matt’s RV Reviews said it best: 

“There’s a lot of collaborations that Airstream’s done in the past: Eddie Bauer, Tommy Bahama, but I think this one, especially in this day and age, is one of the smartest collabs I’ve ever seen… In the (Airstream history) video, the gentleman said was the reason why they do the collabs with these partners is because the exteriors of the Aistreams don’t change, but the interiors do.”

Airstream leads the way with innovative design and innovative collaborations, especially like this special Pottery Barn edition. 

This design with built-in storage, desk space, and tons of off-grid power capabilities make this an excellent rig for the full-time remote worker who wants to boondock and get work done wherever they roam. 

Pro 3: Aesthetically Pleasing Interior Design Makes Space Feel Larger

This brand is already known for it’s aesthetically pleasing interior design. The upper cabinets in this rig are bright white with bright interior lights, and the lower cabinets are a darker color. 

This helps draw the eye upward and makes the space feel light and airy. The lighter upper cabinets give you the feeling that there is more space than there actually is!

Pro 4: So. Many. Windows. 

There are 20 windows total in this Airstream – and at 28 total feet in length, that’s almost a window per foot! 

With so many windows you not only have impeccable natural lighting, you also have panoramic views of everything around you. And all the windows are perfect for cross-breezes to keep your camper from feeling stuffy! 

Both the front and the back of this rig have curved windows so you can easily see what’s in front of you, behind you, and on both sides. 

Con 1: No Slides

Since we have to include cons, we’ll start with an obvious one. No slides. But this isn’t truly a con when thinking about Airstreams in general… because none of the iconic silver Airstream trailers have slide-outs! 

The lack of slide outs might be a con to some, and to others they’re a pro. 

You have full use of your interior space at all times and there are less parts to worry about maintaining.

Con 2: TV Placement

The TV in this unit is right behind the far seat on the dinette. The TV is on a swivel arm, but it could be considered poor placement if someone was sitting at the dinette. 

However, there really isn’t anywhere else they could have put the TV in this model. A swivel arm helps make the TV still useful, even if the dinette is occupied. 

Con 3: Roman Shades

The Roman shades are new for the Airstream trailers, but will be standard going forward in all classic Airstreams. Roman shades are accordion-style manual shades that are aesthetically pleasing, but not as easy to operate as roller shades. 

The Pottery Barn RV Is Already a Hit

This RV is beautifully designed, super functional, and it’s already a hit with buyers. This Airstream collaboration proves that the company has their finger on the pulse of the RV market. It’s got everything people want: wifi and cell booster, lithium batteries, a solar setup with charger and inverter, a GPS tracker, and even a built-in desk.

Not only that: the design leaves nothing to be desired! This is a rig that you’d be happy hitting the road in from the day you buy it – no redecorating needed. 

Learn more about the Airstream Pottery Barn 22RB collaboration here.

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