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5 Best Toyota Tacoma Truck Campers

5 Best Toyota Tacoma Truck Campers

If you’ve got a Toyota Tacoma, you might want to tack on a truck camper. Why not get the best of both worlds with your truck and camper all in one place?

We’ve searched high and low to bring you the best truck campers for your Toyota Tacoma.

Let’s check them out!

What’s the Payload Capacity Range of the Toyota Tacoma? 

The payload capacity of the 2021 Toyota Tacoma ranges from 1,050 to 1,685 pounds. The Tacoma comes with six models, each with different trim options, bed sizes, and payload capacities. The bed size options are five feet and six feet. 

The 2021 Toyota Tacoma with the highest payload capacity is the 2021 SR5 4×2 access cab with a four-cylinder engine, six-speed automatic transmission, and a six-foot bed. This model has a payload capacity of 1,685 pounds. 

Toyota Tacoma truck with truck camper on it.
Having your truck and camper in one makes life on the road easier and more convenient.

Why Payload Capacity Matters for Truck Campers

It’s important to understand the difference between towing capacity and payload capacity. Towing capacity is how much weight the truck can safely pull behind it. Payload capacity is how much weight the truck can handle directly in the bed. 

Payload capacity is the number to look for when it comes to truck campers because the entire weight of the truck camper sits in the bed. There’s no towing when it comes to hauling a truck camper. 

How Much Does a Truck Camper Typically Weigh?

The majority of truck campers weigh more than 1,000 pounds, making it difficult to find models that work with the Toyota Tacoma. Truck camper models can vary in weight between 1,000 and 5,000 pounds. 

Factors that affect truck camper weight include whether or not they’re hard-sided or pop-up, amenities and features like a bathroom and water holding tanks, and slide-outs. Holding tanks and slide-outs add a lot of weight to a truck camper. 

Pro Tip: Make sure your vehicle can handle the amount of weight your RV weighs. From truck campers, 5th wheels, and class motorhomes find out How Much Do RVs Weigh?

White toyota tacoma parked.
Lightweight truck campers are the best option to pair with your Toyota Tacoma.

5 Best Truck Campers for Your Toyota Tacoma

Many of the lightweight truck camper options that are best for a Tacoma truck are pop-up campers. However, there are hard-sided options available too. Let’s take a look at five of the best truck camper options for your Tacoma. 

1. Four Wheel Campers Project M

The Four Wheel Campers Project M Pop-Up Truck Camper isn’t only a great lightweight option; it’s great on your wallet, too. This truck camper starts at less than $10,000 because it’s totally customizable. It’s basically a base to build your own truck camper with. 

The Project M Truck camper is essentially a truck topper on steroids. This is perfect for the DIYer who wants to create their own custom truck camper layout, and it leaves you plenty of weight to spare. The six-foot bed model weighs just 377 pounds. With a 1,685-pound payload capacity, that leaves you 1,308 pounds for adding whatever you want to your truck camper. 

2. Scout Yoho 6.0

The Scout Yoho is one of the lightest hard-wall truck campers in the industry. This six-foot truck camper weighs just 958 pounds dry and can sleep up to four people. The starting price of the Scout Yoho 6.0 is about $20,000. This camper contains everything you need for an off-grid adventure. 

Features of the Scout Yoho 6.0 include four-season construction, an aluminum frame and no-wood composite walls that will never rot, built-in solar, a Goal Zero power station, a convertible lounge for eating, sitting, and sleeping, and more. Available options include a dometic fridge, portable toilet, fireplace, and more. 

3. Four Wheel Campers Swift Model

The Swift model is another excellent choice from Four Wheel Campers and a great pre-built lightweight truck camper option. You can buy it built out starting at about $21,000, or you can choose a shell model to build yourself for about $14,000. The Swift base model dry weight is 935 pounds. It includes many fabric customization options. This camper also comes with a 20-pound fresh water tank, a sink, and tons of storage. 

4. Hallmark EXC

The Hallmark EXC is a functional and lightweight truck camper that’s perfect for the Toyota Tacoma. This truck camper has models for truck beds from 5.5 to eight feet long. Base models start at $21,995. 

The Hallmark EXC weighs 995 pounds, which is well within the payload capacity of the Tacoma. 

These pop-up truck campers come with a cabover bed, a dinette, a stove, a sink, and plenty of natural light. This camper also comes with optional fresh, gray, and black water systems, an optional propane system, and an optional water heater. 

5. Kimbo Camper

Last but not least is the Kimbo Camper. The Kimbo Camper is a sleek and rugged hard-wall lightweight truck camper that starts at $20,999. The base model weighs in at about 900 pounds, which is perfect for the Toyota Tacoma.

The Kimbo is a six-foot, all-season truck camper made out of a lightweight aluminum frame. This camper has dual-pane windows, blackout shades, a roof vent fan, a 12-volt battery system, LED lighting, a gear closet, two benches, a loft bed, and so much more. 

Pro Tip: There are always pros and cons to each RV type. Here are 5 Reasons To Avoid Truck Campers.

There Are Amazing Options for a Lightweight Truck Camper

Thought you couldn’t find an amazing truck camper for your Toyota Tacoma? You might want to think again. Whether you decide to buy a low-priced topper-style camper shell, like the Project M, or a rugged, lightweight beast like the Kimbo camper, you have plenty of options. Which of these campers fits your camping style best?

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