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How Much Do RVs Weigh? (14 Examples)

How Much Do RVs Weigh? (14 Examples)

When you find yourself pulled into the lure of RV camping, one of the first factors in deciding what type of vehicle you want to travel in will be the total amount of weight it has. 

Will you pull a trailer, and if so, do you have a vehicle that can pull it?  Or would you rather drive a motorized RV?  How much ‘stuff’ can you bring along? 

Let’s start your search by answering the question, “How much do RVs weigh?”

Different Classes of RVs

Recreational vehicles fall into two groups: motorized or towable. 

Within those groups you will find RVs divided further into several different categories or “classes.”  Here’s a quick breakdown of each:

Motorized Group

Class A – usually built on a commercial truck or bus chassis, these are the largest motorcoaches.  They can sleep from 1 to 8 people and can vary in size from 21′ to 46′ long.

Class B – known as “vans,” these RVs typically sleep 1 to 2 people comfortably and can be 19′ to 24′ long.

Class C – built on a truck chassis, these motorhomes typically have a bed over the cab and can sleep from 1 to 6 people.  They run from 19′ to 32′ in length. 

Towable Group

Travel Trailer – also known as bumper pulls or pull behinds, these RVs usually look like boxes pulled behind trucks or large SUVs.  They can run from 12′ to 40′ in length and can sleep from 1 to 6 people.  Many newer towables are shaped like “tear drops,” including the TAB series.

5th Wheel – these RVs are characterized by the extension of the trailer over the bed of the truck that is pulling it.  They can sleep up to 8 people and can vary in length from 15′ to 42′.

Pop-up Camper – with a hard-sided bottom, these RVs “pop up” when in place, with tent-like walls and bed areas on either end.  They can sleep up to 4 people and the base is usually about 10′ to 12′ long.

Truck Camper – these hard-sided camper shells fit into the bed of a truck and can sleep 1 to 2 people comfortably.  Their base is usually 6′ to 8′ long with a bed that lies over the cab of the truck.

So… How Much Do RVs Weigh?

The answer: it depends!

RV weight can vary greatly based on what class of RV you have, how big the RV is, what amenities it has, and more. Along with class and size, below are some additional factors that affect your RV’s weight.

Factors that Affect an RVs Weight

There are several ways that weight is added to an RV, which need to be considered when you are looking at the space you will need and the modifications you might add to it:

  • Slides add additional weight, which is distributed to the side on which they are built
  • Upgrades like furniture built-ins, ceramic tile and added appliances can also add significant weight
  • Water weighs approximately 8 lbs. per gallon, so consider how much water is in not only the freshwater tank, but also in your gray and black tanks
  • Unleaded gas weighs almost 6.5 lbs. per gallon and diesel fuel weighs 7 lbs. per gallon, so calculate how much fuel is in your gas tank
  • Propane weighs 4.25 lbs. per gallon
  • Construction materials used in building your RV can vary greatly in weigh, as with fiberglass vs metal or wood construction
How much do RVs weigh?

Understanding RV Weight Specifications

GVWR – the maximum total weigh of an RV and its contents, according to the manufacturer

UVW – also known as “dry weight,” this is what the RV weighs as it comes off the line from the manufacturer

CCC – cargo-carrying capacity, which is the amount of weight you can carry in the RV before it hits the maximum capacity or GVWR.  This will include the weight of passengers, water, fuel, and propane.

Hitch weight – the amount of weight a travel trailer’s tongue puts on the towing hitch

How much do RVs weigh by class and type? Here are some of the most popular models today:

Popular Class A RVs and Their Weight

Popular Class B RVs and Their Weight

Popular Class C RVs and Their Weight

Popular Fifth Wheel RVs and Their Weight

Popular Travel Trailer RVs and Their Weight

Popular Teardrop Trailer RVs and Their Weight

Popular Pop-Up RVs and Their Weight

Once you understand how much RVs weigh and how they arrive at that weight, you can begin to decide on the type, class and weight of a recreational vehicle that will match your camping style. 

You’ll be able to load it up appropriately with your necessities and toys, enhancing each camping experience to the fullest.

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