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This Is Why RVers Can’t Have Nice Things

This Is Why RVers Can’t Have Nice Things

If you’re looking, it doesn’t take long to spot the reasons free overnight RV parking opportunities are being closed down around the nation. 

Whether you participate in forums or groups online or just take a look at your local Walmart parking lot, the reasons are right in front of you! 

We spotted a thread on Reddit that highlights the problem perfectly. Let’s get into it. 

Overnight RV Parking Spaces Disappearing Right Before Our Eyes

We’ve seen a bigger influx of new RVers hit the road over the last couple of years than in many years prior. And with the influx of new RVers comes the consequences, like losing some of our favorite free overnight parking spots. 

From popular BLM and public land boondocking sites being shut down to private parking lots around the nation banning RVers, we’re seeing more and more camping bans almost every month. 

With more people continuing to hit the road without much preparation, it doesn’t look like this trend will slow down anytime soon. 

Bad RV Practice #1: Using a Construction Generator While Lotdocking

This photo posted on Reddit shows just one of the reasons private parking lots hate hosting RVers overnight: being obnoxious. 

This photo shows several RVs posted up at what appears to be a Walmart parking lot. And one of the RVs is running a generator for power – specifically a construction generator. If you know anything about construction generators, you know that they’re way louder than their camping-specific counterparts. 

We get it – lotdocking doesn’t offer power and sometimes you just need a little juice. But Walmart is not the place. 

A comment from anotherjustnope sums it up pretty well: 

“This is the sh*t that ruins it for the rest of us. A lot of Walmarts have stopped letting people overnight and I’m guessing this would be one of the reasons why. Being unobtrusive is the way to go.”

Later on in the thread another commenter chimed in with another bad RVer at a Walmart in Edmonton: 

“I wish I took a pic of a Walmart lot we spent a night in in Edmonton a few years ago. We parked next to a trailer who had (and I am not kidding about this at all) fenced off the parking spot next to his, and laid down artificial turf – made himself a little yard. Had a BBQ there and everything. And now you know why Walmarts all over are denying RVers the ability to park for a night.”

A Few Irresponsible RVers Ruin Free Parking For Everyone

We’ve said it before but it bears repeating now, and we’ll say it again in the future: it only takes a few irresponsible RVers to ruin overnight parking for literally everyone else. 

Photos like this one from Reddit are a prime example. 

Maybe some people just really don’t know the “unwritten rules” of free overnight parking. Maybe they don’t know that they’re running the risk of ruining it for everyone else. 

We think it’s important to share these instances far and wide as well as sharing the consequences to educate RVers and hopefully prevent or slow new overnight RV parking bans.

Need Power to Run Your AC? Pay For a Campground or Find BLM Land

In most of the country it’s hot right now – like really hot. We get it! You need to run your AC, and parking for the night at a Walmart in most states during the summer is a recipe for a sweaty, sleepless night. 

If you need electricity that bad, go somewhere where it’s acceptable to run your generator and run it to your hearts content! Or pay for a campground. Is it really worth one night of comfortable sleep to potentially ruin a safe overnight parking spot for what could be hundreds or thousands of RVers passing through in the future?

Other Ways Irresponsible RVers Ruin Free Overnight Parking For Everyone Else

Running a construction generator in the middle of a Walmart parking lot isn’t the only way people are ruining free camping, but it’s a pretty glaring one. Here are a few other examples of things RVers do that people just aren’t putting up with anymore. 

Setting Up Camp

Like the commenter above stated, some people really do try to setup an entire campsite at a Walmart parking lot. 

We’ve read stories of RVers setting up their lawn chairs, BBQ grills, and hanging out around their camper while lotdocking, drinking and grilling up some food. 

This is never appropriate lotdocking etiquette. Parking lots that offer free overnight parking are for sleeping only – definitely not hanging out outside your rig.

Being Loud

Whether it’s generators, boisterous people, or loud music, being loud and obnoxious is one of the major no-nos when it comes to staying in a free overnight RV parking spot. Private businesses offer lot space to RVers for one purpose: well rested drivers make the road a safer place. 

Overnight RV parking spots are not for camping, partying, or recreating in any way. They are for sleeping or taking a quick break from the road and that’s it.

Overstaying Their Welcome

Like the previous two points mentioned, overnight RV parking spots like those offered by private businesses such as Walmart typically like RVers to arrive after 8pm and leave by 8am.

This is ample time to park, wind down for the night, fall asleep, and wake up refreshed to hit the road again in the morning. 

12 hours is a pretty generous time allotment, but many times RVers will stay at the same parking lot for up to a week at a time. 

Taking advantage of free overnight parking resources cause stores to put up “No Overnight Parking” signs and ban it altogether. 

Being Trashy

By being trashy, we mean being literally trashy. Irresponsible RVers abuse free parking options by leaving trash behind, dumping ashtrays, throwing litter out of their RV, or worse: dumping waste water. 

When human waste starts being disposed of, a free overnight RV parking spot gets shut down fast. Not only is this disgusting, it’s a legitimate hazard to human and animal health. 

If You Want to Set Up Camp, There Are Other Free Options

You want to park overnight in your RV for free and you want to enjoy your time, too. We get it! We also hate paying for camping. But when it comes to a resource like a quick overnight stop (such as a parking lot), we follow the unwritten rules and try to be as respectful as humanly possible.

And we’ve also gotten good at finding legitimate overnight camping spots where we can actually set up camp and have a good time… for free! If you want to park overnight for free and actually be able to enjoy your spot (without ruining it for others), sign up for our email below.

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  1. Bob says:

    YES, people seem to be getting more obnoxious with “The World revolves around me” syndrome. Feeling entitled to do whatever they want wherever they want. Look at the free rent people for the ultimate in feeling entitled. Hey, I want free RV parks 🤣

  2. Perry says:

    I’ve just retired at 71 yo and I have been looking forward to all the benefits of an RV lifestyle for many years. It saddens me that I will not be able to benefit from some corporate parking lots (yes, corporations can be generous) and some beautiful, free boondocking sites – making the challenging parts of RV life thatifestyle more difficult. The type of person that would trash a parking lot or free campsite is exactly the person I am trying to leave behind in “civilization”. And yet I have no answer for the situation.