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RV Remodel Ideas for the Average Handyman

RV Remodel Ideas for the Average Handyman

RV remodel ideas don’t have to be expensive or labor-intensive.

Plenty of projects will upgrade your RV without killing your wallet or your back. So, today we’ll take a look at 15 RV remodel ideas for the average handyman!

Let’s dig in!

15 RV Remodel Ideas for the Average Handyman

These RV remodel ideas are cheap, simple, and accessible for the average handyman. If you want to remodel your RV on a budget, try these out. 

Woman drilling into wall doing repairs.
Even with little experience, simple upgrades can drastically improve your RV.

1. Paint

Painting is one of the cheapest things you can do in an RV to totally change the look and feel. Most older RV interiors are dark and gloomy. All that dark wood and brown tone makes a place feel tiny and depressing. Try painting your RV with more modern colors for a bright and airy feel. 

2. Swap out the Sinks – Unexpected RV Remodel

The sinks in most older RVs are plastic and not very aesthetically pleasing. Luckily, swapping out the sink is a pretty easy task that can make your space feel different. While you’re at it, swap out the faucets too.

Modern options can really make your RV feel updated. 

3. Update the Countertops

Do you have ugly RV countertops? You could recoat them with paint or epoxy resin, or you could swap them out altogether. If you’re updating your sink, why not replace that countertop with something modern and trendy, like a butcher block?

Butcher block can be pricey, but when your countertop is small, like in an RV, you might be surprised at how affordable it can be. 

4. Add a Backsplash – Simple RV Remodel

If you want to update the vibe of your kitchen, try adding a stick-and-peel backsplash on the walls. You can do it just behind the stove and sink or throughout the entire kitchen. 

From faux subway tile to gorgeous faux mosaic, there’s a stick-and-peel backsplash to match any aesthetic. And this is an RV remodel idea any handyman can handle.

5. Install New Light Fixtures – Stylish RV Remodel

Update your discolored plastic light fixtures with newer, more modern options. You can find a variety of light fixtures on Amazon for relatively cheap. Modern light fixtures are an inexpensive upgrade that can update your entire RV.

6. Replace Lighting with LED Bulbs

Not only are LED bulbs more energy-efficient, but they can really set the mood. Even if you don’t upgrade your light fixtures, try swapping out your incandescent bulbs with LED options. Choose from warm white, amber, or bright white LED lighting for different areas of your RV. If you have the skills, you can add dimmer switches for an even cozier vibe. 

7. Upgrade Cabinet and Drawer Handles

Upgrade your cabinet and door handles to match the overall aesthetic of your RV. You don’t even have to buy new ones. You can use spray paint, and an epoxy seal for an updated handle look that will last. 

8. Upgrade Your Flooring – High Impact RV Remodel

If it’s time to get rid of that stained RV carpet, rip it out and replace your flooring with laminate or vinyl planks. Stick-and-peel vinyl planks come in so many different styles and colors and are really easy to install. 

Laminate flooring is a bit more expensive but comes in many different styles too. Laying new flooring is so easy; anyone can do it. 

9. Replace Furniture

Out with the old, in with the new. Replace your RV furniture with newer, more functional options. Be sure that whatever you add fits the space, adds function, and can be strapped down for travel. 

10. Upgrade Your Toilet

Many older campers have plastic toilets, and a lot of them aren’t even normal toilet height. If you want to make your camper feel more like a home, try upgrading the toilet.

There are porcelain RV toilets, composting toilets, macerating toilets — the list goes on. Research the different styles of RV toilets to find what suits your lifestyle, and go for it. This is an RV remodel idea that isn’t as daunting as it sounds at first.

Pro Tip: Doing updates and renovations should be fun and not stressful! Make your next bathroom project easier with these 7 Hacks That Will Save Your RV Bathroom Remodel.

11. Install Under Cabinet Lighting – RV Remodel for Ambiance

Lighting creates a cozy ambiance that can make your RV feel like a home. Try adding some cheap LED light strips under and on top of your cabinets for a high-class, luxury feel. You can even add them under the kickboards to illuminate the floors. They’re the perfect night-lights.

12. Make a Butcher Block Sink or Stove Cover

Most RV sinks and stoves come with some kind of cover that doubles as a cutting board or prep space, but they’re usually not aesthetically pleasing. You can purchase a small piece of butcher block at a low price, seal it, and voila: You have a modern and functional cutting board. 

Pro Tip: Get all the kitchen reno inspiration you need from these Best RV Kitchen Remodels We Found on Instagram.

13. Replace Ugly Window Treatments 

Most RVers hate the window treatments that come stock in an RV. Rip out those ugly valances and dusty curtains and make window treatments of your own. Try blackout shades, wooden blinds, or whatever suits your style and abilities.

14. Upgrade Your Showerhead – Quick and Easy RV Remodel

The benefits of upgrading your showerhead are twofold: You get a more modern look in your shower and a better showering experience. We recommend the Oxygenics showerhead. It saves water, increases shower water pressure, and looks nice. 

15. Transform the Bathroom with a Backsplash Wall and Stick-on Tile

Remember that backsplash option for the kitchen? Do it in the bathroom, too. A faux subway tile in the bathroom makes your space feel updated, modern, and clean. Or you can try a funky wallpaper for a bathroom with a bit more personality.

Small Changes Make a Big Difference

Even if you only implement a few small changes from this list, you won’t even recognize your old, drab RV after a couple of tiny tweaks. Paint, backsplashes, wallpaper, and new throw pillows or blankets can totally change the look of an RV. 

You don’t have to have tens of thousands of dollars in a renovation budget to upgrade your RV. And you’re not stuck with ugly browns and beiges forever. Start with small changes and simple RV remodel ideas, and you’ll be surprised how far you get. What remodels have you made on your RV that were easier than they seemed?

Many plastering wall while doing RV renovations
Small upgrades can be done to your RV for very cheap, but will completely change its atmosphere.

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