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5 Best Outdoor Drinking Games for Your Camping Trip

5 Best Outdoor Drinking Games for Your Camping Trip

Ready to kick up your camping trip a notch by throwing some drinking games into the mix?

A weekend camping trip is a great way to relax after a hard work week.

Gathering with friends around a campfire could become a treasured memory. And some great outdoor drinking games could make it even more fun.

Let’s take a look!

What to Know Before You Play Outdoor Drinking Games

You, of course, want to be a good neighbor regardless of whether you’re traveling far from home or to your local campground. So while you and your buddies might be ready for a night of fun, there are a few things you should keep in mind while playing outdoor drinking games. 

Woman pouring drink at a campsite.
Make sure to respect your campsite while participating in fun drinking games.

Don’t Damage Your Campsite

Take a moment to think about if the game will impact your campsite. Don’t get fined for damage caused by a simple drinking game. You could also leave a mess for whoever uses the site after you.

Don’t Recreate Outside of Developed Areas

If there isn’t already a space for you to play your game, don’t create a new one. It may be tempting to trample down a bit of seemingly useless weeds to make a clearing but don’t. Removing any vegetation from your site harms the ecosystem and is probably against the campground’s rules.

Follow Posted Quiet Hours

Respect the posted quiet hours. Virtually every campground has quiet hours. If you’re unsure of the campground’s quiet hours, a quick check with the campground host or front gate will clue you in. If you’re boondocking or can’t find the hours, a bit of an unspoken rule is that quiet hours run from 10 p.m. – 8 a.m. 

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Group of friends drinking at a campsite together.
Always remember to leave no trace when camping…including your drinking game supplies.

5 Best Outdoor Drinking Games for Your Camping Trip

Now that you know the rules, it’s time to play. Let’s look at five of the best outdoor drinking games.

1: Bucket Ball Giant Beer Pong

Players: 2-4 

How to Play: Bucket Ball Giant Beer Pong is similar to beer pong but in mega form. The large buckets sit in a triangle in front of each team. You’ll take turns attempting to lob a ping pong ball into the other team’s buckets.

When to Drink: When a player successfully tosses their ball into the other team’s bucket, a player from the opposing team must take a drink.

Beer pong set up.
Take beer pong to the next level with bucket ball giant beer pong.

2: Tipsy Toss

Players: 2-4 

How to Play: Tipsy Toss comes with two posts, two bottles, and a frisbee. Stake the posts into the ground and place a bottle on top of each. Each team takes turns tossing their frisbee at the bottles to knock them down. 

When to Drink: A player from the opposing team takes a drink each time the other team knocks down a bottle. 

Keep in Mind: Camping in a national park? Make sure to research Is It Legal to Drink In National Parks?

3: Cornhole – Possibly the Most Famous Drinking Game

Players: 2-4 

How to Play: Each team gets a Cornhole board and four bean bags. A player from each team takes a turn attempting to toss their bags into the other team’s board hole. You get a point every time you get a bag onto the board and three points for getting it through the hole.

When to Drink: Each time one team makes it into the hole, the opposing team takes a drink.

Two male friends playing cornhole.
A classic camping game, cornhole is a perfect game to turn into a drinking competition.

4: Kan Jam Disc Throw

Players: 4 

How to Play: Kan Jam Disc Throw is a drinking game similar to beer pong. The game comes in both standard size and tabletop versions. In two teams of two players each, you will take turns throwing the disc toward the buckets. 

When to Drink: A player takes a drink when a player from the opposing team successfully gets a disc into a can. 

5: Tipsy Artist AKA Drunk Pictionary 

Players: 4-20+

How to Play: This is a great game for both small and large groups. Separate your group into evenly numbered teams. A designated “timekeeper” will whisper the clue in one person’s ear. The person will then begin drawing, with their team members attempting to guess the clue. The turn ends when the team guesses or the drawer gives up.

When to Drink: Once the round is over, the drawer takes a drink for every 20 seconds it took to guess the picture. If the drawer gives up, they take a shot. 

Mix Up the Outdoor Fun with Some Drinking Games

Camping is a great way to spend some quality time with friends and family. Adding an outdoor drinking game into the mix could create even more hilarious memories. What drinking games have you found while camping?

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