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The Downside of RVing with Friends

The Downside of RVing with Friends

Friends make the world better, but does that mean you should RV with them?

Like anything in life, there are pros and cons to traveling with friends.

And then, when you add a small space into those travel plans, such as an RV, do friends really make the world better? Or worse?

Let’s find out!

RVing with Friends Is Fun, But…

Traveling with friends sounds glamorous. A girl’s or guy’s weekend getaway is a terrific idea, right? One with infinite possibilities of bonding and building stronger relationships. 

But when you’re all together for an entire RV trip, things might not be as peachy as you imagined. On these trips, you have to live, eat, sleep, and travel together, all in a tiny rig with little personal space. 

RVing with friends could be an absolute blast, but it could also be a disaster. Let’s look at both sides of the issue. 

Friends in a RV van.
RVing with friends can be special, but also can be challenging.

The Downsides of RVing with Friends

While we love our friends, there are downsides of RVing with them. The small space of an RV offers little privacy and cramped quarters. And friends rarely have the same opinions. 

If you’re going to hit the road with your friends, here are some significant downsides we foresee: 

Little Privacy

Even if your rig is a 40-foot Class A with enough space to sleep a basketball team, there’s little room for privacy. In many rigs, the only door is to the bathroom, which is probably where you’ll find the only real private space. And the thin doors don’t offer much comfort. 

Plus, if you snore or talk in your sleep, you’ll face embarrassment or sleeplessness throughout the RV, which only raises tensions. 

And while we all think we know our friends intimately, you’ll quickly learn a lot more about them–their quirks, habits, and opinions. Some things may be better left unknown when it comes to friendship. 

Friends sitting outside while camping.
Make sure to prepare for cramped quarters and little privacy when traveling with friends.

Many Opinions

Each of us has our own opinions, and when friends get together, it’s easy to share them–regardless of their reception. The term “backseat driving” takes on a whole new meaning when RVing with friends. 

The saying “too many chefs in the kitchen” comes to mind. Easy decisions, like where to camp or what gas station to stop at are usually quite simple when one person is at the helm.

However, multiple opinions can create arguments, hurt feelings, or twinges of annoyance that can cut the trip short.

Cramped Quarters

The best thing about RVing is that these small spaces can take us to big places. Places like national parks, monuments, mountain tops, ocean fronts, and so much more. Within Mother Nature, there’s plenty of space to spread out and be yourself.

But when it comes time to gather in the RV, those wide-open spaces quickly transition into cramped quarters. Clothes and personal toiletries may be strewn about because there’s not enough space for everything. What you need to be comfortable may not fit into the RV because there are so many people. 

Trying to find personal space is next to impossible, and stress levels may rise because of all this, causing arguments. And nobody wants to argue with friends. 

Pro Tip: If you’re going camping with your friends, make sure not to do one of The Don’ts of Camping with Friends.

Benefits of RVing With Friends

Sometimes being cramped with little privacy and many opinions can actually make RVing with friends great. Little privacy might mean closer bonds. Cramped quarters mean shared responsibilities.

And differing opinions can motivate you to listen and try new things. 

Besides, friends usually make things better, even when traveling.

Great Bonding Experience

Having a chance to spend time with friends without the interruptions of day-to-day life can yield a fantastic bonding experience. Conversations run deeper, and trust and camaraderie grow thanks to time spent in small spaces. 

The closeness and comfort of the small RV space become a natural sanctuary from the outside world. Sharing secrets and reminiscing are easy when your friends are in that same small space with nowhere else to be.

Shared Responsibilities

In the words of Kenny Chesney, “Can’t we all just get along?” Friends often figure out how to do just that in tight quarters, making it a better experience overall. 

When we decide to work together on a task, things that are often difficult become easier. Everything from the initial planning stages to setting up and tearing down camp becomes something to look forward to.

Shared responsibilities can actually make RV travel a pleasure instead of a chore.

Group of friends barbequing by their RV.
RVing with friends will always make things more fun.

Friends Make Things More Fun

Almost everything is better with a friend by your side. Conversations are better. Hiking is less laborious. Setting up camp is no longer a boring routine. Making decisions can be enjoyable. 

Friends know you, sometimes better than your significant other and yourself, making RV travel days more fun.

Think of the times you’ll spend around the campfire, the games you’ll play, the meals you’ll share, and the unforgettable experiences you’ll have. Those moments are hard to beat. 

Pro Tip: Amp up the fun with your friends with these 5 Best Outdoor Drinking Games for Your Camping Trip.

Friends Motivate You to Explore Outside Your Comfort Zone

When by yourself or with your partner, it’s easy to become set in your ways. The mundane daily tasks become a sort of comfort zone that you rarely step out of. However, new friends may challenge you to try new things.

Friends are great motivators. They can support us in ways others cannot. They might also suggest activities you wouldn’t normally try. And true friends will understand boundaries and when they’ve pushed too far.

If you’ve ever wanted to try something new and push past your zone, having friends along is a great way to start.

Is RVing with Friends Worth It? 

Yes, traveling with friends in an RV can be challenging, but isn’t that why we travel? And who do we miss the most when we find ourselves across the country in a new location? 

Our friends, of course. 

So, gather your friends together for your next RV trip. The benefits can outweigh the drawbacks, but you’ll never know until you go.

Do you like to travel with friends? 

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