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This Camper Comes Off-Grid Ready (and Touched With Luxury)

This Camper Comes Off-Grid Ready (and Touched With Luxury)

For a mid-size travel trailer that can tame the Great Outdoors while offering the creature comforts of home, look no further than the Wolf Pup line of campers from Cherokee.

These lightweight RVs are suited for living off the grid for a limited time. With sizes ranging from 19 to 24 feet long, they hit the sweet spot for traveling couples.

Thoughtfully designed, the Wolf Pup Campers provide some luxury with considerable storage and versatility.

Let’s take a look!

The Wolf Pup Is Off-Grid Ready

Each Wolf Pup comes complete with a 50-watt solar panel and battery readout, giving you an added boost when boondocking. This helps run a full-size 12V refrigerator, but the rig also comes with an exterior hookup for additional solar panels, if needed. 

Tank size is a big plus for those who want to stay off-grid. The Wolf Pup Camper has a 26-gallon freshwater tank, and both the gray and black tanks hold 23 gallons. 

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Who Manufactures Wolf Pup Campers?

Cherokee creates the Wolf Pup Campers. The company falls under the manufacturing umbrella of Forest River RVs. 

Woman posing in front of trailer.
Hit the road in a Wolf Pup camper.

Wolf Pup Floor Plans for Everyone

These pull-behind trailers can vary in length, starting with the 14CC, which is 19 feet long and weighs just under 4,000 pounds. The 16BHS adds two bunk beds to its floor plan while stretching to 21.5 feet. The 16FQ has an extended bath that reaches full cabin width, and it adds a sofa.

The 16HE reconfigures the sofa and dinette, and the 16TS provides more floor space, taking the sofa out and moving the dinette to the back wall.

The final three Wolf Pup Camper models have one slide to accommodate a family with extra dining, leisure, and bed space. The 16PF has a huge U-shaped dining booth that can become a full bed when needed. The 17JG replicates that dining booth and adds two bunk beds, as well.

The 18TO has one long slide that encompasses both a sofa and dining space.

All models come with a full bath and shower, a full-size refrigerator, a sink and two-burner stove, a queen-size bed, and a dinette that can become either a single or double bed, depending on the model. 

How Much Does the Camper Cost?

Prices start at $16,000 for the 14CC model, $20,000 for the 16BHS and the 16HE, and $18,000 for the 16FQ. The 17JG costs $25,000, and the 18TO starts at $22,000. The 18RJB Toy Hauler costs $23,000.

You can add special packages to any model at an additional cost.

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Truck towing camper.
Bring comfort and style to any campsite on your next adventure.

Off-Grid Features

Each Wolf Pup model has good-sized tanks, with 26 gallons for freshwater and 23 each for black and gray. A 50-watt solar panel will keep the full-size 12V refrigerator cool, with the option to add more solar by connecting to an outside port.

The lightweight build of each camper makes it easier to take the trailer off-road for dispersed camping. A battery read-out will help you monitor the juice left in the battery.

Which Model is the Smallest?

The 14CC is the smallest in the line of Wolf Pup campers, measuring 19 feet three inches and weighing less than 3,000 pounds. Its floor plan is compatible for two people.

It includes a queen bed, a full bath with a shower, and a kitchen with a sink, stove, full refrigerator, and microwave.

Is There a Wolf Pup Toy Hauler?

The new Wolf Pup 18RJB is an adapted toy hauler with a full ramp door. You have to take out the removable dining table to load equipment into the floor space of the camper.

There’s no separate garage, but this trailer will get your toys to the campsite in style.

Best Wolf Pup Model for Families

The 16PF, 17JG, and the 18TO Wolf Pup models are all configured to provide more beds and space for families.

Sadly, the toy hauler, 18RJB, gives up bed space for toy space, but the outdoor patio could house a small tent.

Is the Wolf Pup a Good Camper? 

A lightweight travel trailer that supports some of its own power usages is a great find! And the fact that Wolf Pup Campers also bring comfort and style to any campsite on or off the grid makes them a great choice.

If you’re in the market for a mid-size trailer, the Wolf Pup line should be on your radar. Have you ever checked one out? Let us know what you thought of it.

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