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You May Want to Avoid These Texas Attractions

You May Want To Avoid These Texas Attractions

There are so many Texas attractions, from the historical to the beautiful to the purely fun. 

But how many of those Texas attractions live up to the hype? 

We’ll help you figure out what to take off your list. And, of course, we’ve got ideas about what you can see instead.

Let’s get going!

Galveston Beach

Galveston Beach looks like a dream vacation – in the photos they use to advertise it. Those photos show pristine sand meeting clear blue water.

What they don’t reveal is the seaweed. Masses and masses of seaweed choke the surf and sand alike on this beach. It also gets crowded with college students during spring break.

A Better Texas Beach Attraction

Instead, why not try Rockport Beach?

There’s a mile of waterfront here, and it’s not covered in seaweed. Best of all, the beach is so tidy and well-maintained that it’s certified a “Blue Wave Beach” by the Clean Beaches Coalition.

To maintain cleanliness, no pets are permitted. But, there are plenty of good dining options and numerous picnic areas nearby.

Dr. Pepper Museum

The Dr. Pepper Museum in Waco salutes, of course, Texas’s most famous soda. The museum has been open since 1991. Over the years, they’ve added some features, such as an exhibit about marketing a product.

It’s hard to imagine that this museum would be better than just enjoying a cold Dr. Pepper on your own.

There’s a $10 entry fee, and a lot of the collection is devoted to old ads and bottles. It’s a dated attraction in a town that offers a lot better.

Street view of Magnolia market.
If you find yourself in Waco, a stop in Magnolia Market is a must do!

A Better Waco Texas Attraction

While the Dr. Pepper museum will only appeal to the most devout fans, Magnolia Market, also in Waco, has something for everyone. Owned by Joanna Gaines, the stores give shopping, dining, and recreational activities that could keep you busy all day.

Shop for home goods, clothing, paper goods, bath and body products, and baby items here. There are plenty of food trucks outside when you need a meal. Pick up something from the baking company or get a coffee at the cafe for a smaller snack. 

You can also do recreation options and play Wiffle Ball or explore a garden, check out the greenhouse, or head for the play area.

The Alamo

While everything may be bigger in Texas, the Alamo doesn’t deliver so much upon a visit. Some call it a tourist trap for the overpriced souvenirs. Many complain about how crowded it is and how unremarkable the activities there are.

While the Alamo is, of course, a big part of Texan and American history, the site doesn’t convey that very well.

A Better San Antonio Texas Attraction 

If you’re going to be in San Antonio, though, you might have more fun at the Riverwalk. It’s popular with tourists, but in the open air, so it feels less crowded. You can take a tour boat down the river. Or stay on land and sip cocktails while you peruse the local vendors. 

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Cadillac Ranch

Cadillac Ranch is a roadside attraction of graffiti-covered Cadillacs buried nose-deep in the sand. There’s so little to see here – just the cars, no activities or amazing views.

And there’s nothing remarkable about the Caddies or how they’re painted.

It’s better in the Instagram pics than IRL.

Aerial image of Cadillac Ranch.
While Cadillac Ranch is unique, there is not much to do after you take a few pictures of the installation.

A Better Amarillo Texas Attraction

For an infinitely better view, head to the Palo Duro Canyon State Park. The rugged 120-mile canyon is the second largest in the US. It’s been inhabited for over 12,000 years. 

Thanks to abundant natural resources, such as herds of mammoths and bison, many indigenous peoples lived and thrived in the canyon. The park also has several campgrounds available, including equestrian camping. 

Pro Tip: The park offers various guides to help plan your visit

Franklin Barbecue

Austin’s Franklin BBQ is a legendary local stop. James Beard award-winning chef Aaron Franklin and his wife, Stacy, opened it in 2009. Franklin is the host of “BBQ with Franklin” and is rated one of the best pitmasters in the US.

Unfortunately, it can take a few hours standing in line to get into the restaurant for seated dining.

A Better Way to Get Franklin Barbecue

You can still sample the famous food by ordering ahead. Pick up your order curbside and take it back to your hotel or a pretty place outdoors.

Check their website in advance to ensure they’re taking orders as food is served from open until they run out.

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There’s so much to do in the Lone Star State. Unfortunately, some things sound fun but end up in long lines or piles of seaweed.

There are plenty of options that are less stressful and more satisfying than the crowded tourist areas.

Why not opt for clean beaches and stunning canyons instead? Do you have a Texas attraction to avoid? Tell us about it!

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