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Can You Visit Bob Dylan’s Childhood Home?

Can You Visit Bob Dylan’s Childhood Home? 

Bob Dylan’s childhood home is really two homes, both in Minnesota. 

The singer-songwriter spent his first few years in one. The other was home during his adolescence. 

Can you see either house now? What else can you see on a Dylan-themed road trip? 

We’ve got tips for your freewheelin’ vacation!

About Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan is one of the most famous singer-songwriters of all time. He was born Robert Zimmerman on May 24, 1961, in Duluth, Minnesota.

While attending the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, Dylan began performing music. He also started using the last name of Dillon (after a Gunsmoke character), which he later changed to Dylan. 

He soon dropped out of college and moved to New York. There, his idol Woody Guthrie was hospitalized with a rare disease. Dylan visited him and began to write and perform frequently. 

Dylan signed his first recording contract in 1961. He soon released classics like “A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall” and “Blowin’ in the Wind.” He was also considered the voice of the 70’s protest movement. 

Still, the singer-songwriter has continuously reinvented himself. Whether Dylan added an electric guitar to his act, starred in a Western, or exhibited a show of his paintings, he has continued surprising audiences. 

In 1989, Bob Dylan was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Then, he received the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2012. And, in 2016, Dylan won the Nobel Prize in Literature. 

Bob Dyland book on book shelf.
Bob Dylan fans will love visiting his childhood home.

Can I Visit Bob Dylan’s Childhood Home? Where Is It?

Bob Dylan lived in two different homes as a child. The first one in Duluth, Minnesota, is a plain-looking duplex on North Third Avenue. Dylan lived there with his family until the age of six. A Dylan devotee now owns that house. 

When Dylan was six, his family moved to Hibbing, Minnesota. That house is generally considered his childhood home since he lived there from age seven through high school. 

The Hibbing house is at 2425 7th Ave E. It’s a wood-framed, stuccoed, three-bedroom house. 

In fact, Dylan devotee Bill Pagel owns both of Dylan’s childhood homes. He’s open to turning the Duluth house into a museum in the hopes of boosting tourism.

Pro Tip: While exploring Bob Dylan’s home in Duluth, Minnesota make sure to check out The Split Rock Lighthouse Road Trip Guide.

Woman biking in front of home in Duluth.
You can find Bob Dylan’s childhood home in Duluth, Minnesota.

Is Bob Dylan Still Touring?

Yes, he is. Dylan’s current world tour, Rough and Rowdy Ways, is on now and scheduled through 2024. Check his website for upcoming dates.

What Other Bob Dylan Sites Can I Visit Near His Childhood Home?

The public library employees in Hibbing put together a Dylan-related walking tour. The trip is self-guided and is 1.9 miles. You’ll pass Dylan’s childhood home with a plaque outside. You’ll also see the diner where teenaged Dylan ordered cherry pie a la mode and the bowling alley where he won a tournament. 

In Duluth, you can walk the Bob Dylan Way, a 1.8-mile path through Duluth’s downtown. The route links different arts-related facilities to foster creative development.

You can also see the Duluth Armory where Dylan saw Buddy Holly perform just a few days before Holly’s death. Duluth also celebrates Dylan’s birthday every May 24. 

Couple hiking in Duluth.
Connect with nature on some of the amazing hikes close to Bob Dylan’s childhood home.

Best Hikes Near Bob Dylan’s Childhood Home

Chester Park Loop

This 2.4-mile trail is suitable for all levels and is primarily used for hiking. In addition, Chester Park has a sports field and picnic tables and offers cross-country skiing in the winter. Dogs are welcome if they’re on a leash.

The loop winds along Chester Creek, where you’ll see some small waterfalls. Families report small children liking this trail a lot.

Elys Peak Trail

This moderate trail is also near Duluth. It’s 1.7 miles, and May through October is the best time of year to hike it. Dogs are welcome here, too, as long as they’re on a leash. The spectacular overlook is many hikers’ favorite part of this trail.

Some rocky scrambles might challenge those with knee problems. In addition, some hikers report that it’s easy to wander onto side trails.

They recommend taking a picture of the map at the start and keeping the blue and white markings in sight.

Pro Tip: Before heading out for a hike or camping trip, make sure you Don’t Forget To Pack These Essentials.

Best Camping Near Bob Dylan’s Childhood Home

Buffalo Valley Camping

There are 63 sites at this Duluth campground, and all have full hookups. Tent camping is also available. They do have public showers, some of which are accessible for disabled patrons. Pets are allowed. However, they must obey leash laws.

They are open year-round and offer many outdoor activities such as golf, horseshoes, volleyball, and basketball. They also have a video arcade. 

For a 50-Amp campsite, it’s currently $54 per night.

Red Pine Campground

This campground is located 25 minutes from Duluth but has restaurants and stores nearer than Buffalo Valley does.

Red Pine Campground features 100 sites, including both pull-through and back-in. All sites have full hookups, and there are a few ponds on the property. Also, tent camping is available behind the park if you’re looking for a more rustic experience.

Reviews say the owners are friendly, and the website lists a lot of local attractions. They aren’t open year-round, so please confirm availability before your arrival.

The last reported rate was $42 per night. 

Is a Trip to Bob Dylan’s Childhood Home Worth It? 

There isn’t much to see to just go by either one of Bob Dylan’s childhood homes. However, both Duluth and Hibbing offer Dylan-themed sights to see. If you’re a diehard Dylan fan, why not take in both and also stop in Minneapolis for other interesting places?

Bob Dylan gave us an immortal song about Minnesota’s Highway 61. He also gave us songs about traveling (“Gotta Travel On”) and wandering (“Like A Rolling Stone”).

Maybe it’s time to take the hint and explore the places that made him who he is today.

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