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5 Signs You’re RVing Too Much

5 Signs You’re RVing Too Much

You visit your in-laws for the holidays and reach down to flush the toilet with your foot. You ask them if it’s okay to run the hair dryer while the coffee maker is going.

You put a bucket in the sink to catch the water while you wash your hands.

Are you crazy?

No, these are just signs that you may be RVing too much.

Are You Or Your Loved Ones Exhibiting Any of These 5 Signs? You May Be RVing Too Much

Are interventions needed? Probably not, but it’s a good laugh to make fun of yourself or your loved ones who exhibit any of these five signs. The next time you gather for vacation or the holidays, take note of your actions.

Are you RVing too much?

1. Talking About Black Tanks With Non-RVers

All RVers know a good black tank story. It’s fun to joke about bodily waste and the “uh-ohs” of black tanks. But it’s probably not great conversation around the Thanksgiving table.

You may be RVing too much if you bring up your latest RhinoFLEX hose kit purchase while eating turkey and stuffing.

2. You’re Overly Concerned with The Power Consumption Of Everyday Items

You’ve established the rule that if someone is using the hair dryer, no one can be operating another household item. If mom is vacuuming the camper, no one can be charging their iPhones.

That’s just part of RV life – making sure you don’t overload the circuit breakers. So when you visit some friends for the weekend, you find yourself questioning whether you can work on your laptop while the coffee is brewing. You tell your child not to play on his tablet when your friend is using the Instant Pot.

You may be RVing too much if you’re overly concerned with the power consumption of everyday items. 

Pro Tip: Lithium batteries are an RVers best friend.

3. You Try To Pedal-Flush Your Household Toilet

When you return home from a weekend camping trip, you unload the camper, get the dirty laundry in the washer, and fill the refrigerator with leftover items.

Then you head down the hallway to use the bathroom and wonder why you can’t find the pedal-flush. You laugh at yourself for this silly mistake, but you may be RVing too much if you automatically reach for the flush with your foot rather than your hand.

4. You Temporarily Forget Where You Are As You’re Waking Up

If you travel often, you may have days where you wake up in a different state than you drove through the night before.

You leave Amarillo, Texas and spend the night in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. You leave Sioux Falls, South Dakota and spend the night in Minneapolis, Minnesota. State lines and city lines start to blur and you temporarily forget where you are.

When you return home, if you’re RVing too much, you may wonder “Am I still in Florida?” the next morning.

Quartzsite BLM Boondocking

5. You’re Extremely Conservative With Water Usage (Not A Bad Trait!)

None of these signs are necessarily bad, but this one is actually a positive trait. When you’re used to boondocking, you only have so many gallons of fresh water onboard your RV.

You may use hand sanitizer instead of soap and water. You may turn off the shower to wash your hair. If you’re RVing too much, you may find yourself continuing these habits at home. When your children are brushing their teeth and you hear the water running, you immediately shout, “Turn off the water!

We don’t have enough to last this week if you keep running the faucet!” It’s humorous when you realize what you’re doing, but keep this up if you find yourself conserving water.

It’s a good habit!

Don’t Worry – All RVers Do These Things! Here’s How to Find Like Minded RVing Friends

So you want to make black tank jokes. Who can you share them with who will actually laugh with you? There are numerous RV club memberships and these groups sponsor events and build community around the RV life.

Fulltime Families is one of these groups that connects families who live full-time on the road. Need to find other dads who also have daughters who consistently trip the breaker with all of their gadgets? Consider joining Fulltime Families.

Escapees is another RV club where you can find like minded RVing friends. This particular club is also a leader in RV education and has their own job board.

They sponsor rallies throughout the year where you can connect and talk all you want to pedal-flushing.

Want to RV More? Consider Full-Time RV Life!

If you’re a Weekend Warrior but find yourself craving more of the RV life, consider full-time travel. S’mores around the campfire, sunsets over red canyons, and hikes through National Parks are waiting for you.

Don’t worry about being overly concerned with power consumption again. It’s your life – you have to be concerned! Don’t worry about if your in-laws are secretly laughing at you because you forgot where you were when you woke up on Christmas morning.

Join the full-time RV community!

There’s No Such Thing As Too Much RVing

Honestly, you can’t RV too much. You can’t put a cap on early morning walks with your dog on gravel roads through a country campground.

You can’t really say you’ve had enough glowing sunrises over the Appalachian Mountains. If you find yourself exhibiting these five signs, consider yourself lucky. You love to RV! You’re enjoying a life of travel and experiencing the outdoors.

Go do more of it!

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  1. Cindy Lou says:

    How about remembering you can order something online or send someone an email because you actually have WiFi service.

  2. iris munger says:

    Thank you so much for writing about the sleep/waking up part. All these have happened to me waking up at a campsite thinking where are we. Also, arriving at home in my own bed waking up thinking I was still in the trailer.
    I’m not crazy! I’m glad to know other people have experienced this too.