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This Was Kenny Rogers’ Luxury RV

This Was Kenny Rogers’ Luxury RV

Kenny Rogers’ luxury RV is guaranteed to make your jaw drop. “The Gambler” certainly knew how to ride in style.

While the RV is fancy, it’s also surprisingly practical and lacks some amenities, like a shower. Hopefully, Kenny and his band cleaned up in the venue where they played.

Let’s take a look at Kenny Rogers’ last RV and all the juicy details.

Who Was Kenny Rogers?

Kenny Rogers was a legendary country music superstar. He’s famous for many songs, including “The Gambler,” “Lucille,” and many more. Kenny toured the country, making fans everywhere he went.

He also recorded with other musicians, the most famous being his “Islands in the Stream” duet with Dolly Parton. 

Kenny Rogers passed away in 2020, but his music will live on forever. He had 30 number-one singles on the charts from 1977-1999. And he won numerous awards and sold more than 100 million records worldwide.

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What Did Kenny Rogers Use His RV For?

Kenny Rogers toured the country in buses for years. He likely spent more time on the road than not.

Therefore, his RV became a home away from home for him and his band.

Luxury RV driving down the road.
Live like Kenny Rogers in a luxurious Prevost H3-45.

What Kind of RV Did Kenny Rogers Use?

The last RV Kenny Rogers toured in was a 45-foot long 2003 Prevost H3-45 converted by Nashville Coach. He named it Lucille after his hit song.

It has loads of features and luxury amenities. From the driver’s seat to the back, it’s a comfortable, stylish, and well-thought-out home on wheels.

Let’s start with the cockpit. There are phones throughout the Prevost bus to communicate with passengers. It also has extra speakers around the driver’s seat to help drown out the noise from the back. 

The living room has two large couches facing each other and a dinette. Since there are no slide-outs in the Prevost, there’s ample room to walk around while the bus moves. And the living room has a nice light decor and accent lighting.

While the kitchen lacks only a sink and coffee maker, there’s a residential refrigerator and microwave. 

After the kitchen area, you’ll find a half bathroom with a toilet and sink. Unfortunately, there’s not a full bathroom in Kenny Rogers’ luxury Prevost RV.

Then, you get to the bunk room where the band members slept while touring. Each bunk bed has lights and a DVD player. And in the rear of the bus, there’s a second lounge area. It has an L-shaped sectional couch, two TVs, and a stereo system. 

Country musicians palying.
Feel like a groupie traveling the world with Kenny Rogers in a Prevost H3-45.

The Prevost: What Makes It Stand Out?

The Prevost H3-45 is a passenger coach that you can convert into an RV. This model is a powerful machine. In fact, Prevost refers to it as their “Purebred Prevost.”

Its engine is an EPA compliant Volvo D13, 435 horsepower with a diesel particulate filter and selective catalytic reduction. The torque is 1,700 pound-feet at 1,100 rpm. And it has an Allison world, fifth-generation with FuelSense 2.0, six-speed automatic transmission.

It has a reinforced fiber composite outer shell and stainless steel internal structure. The basement compartment capacity on the Prevost H3-45 is a massive 460 square feet.

So when they convert it into an RV, it provides a lot of storage and room for a generator and other equipment. In addition, the gross vehicle weight rating is 53,000 pounds. In other words, you can pack a lot of cargo on this bus.

Man driving luxury RV
Prevosts will cost you a pretty penny to purchase.

How Much Did Kenny Rogers’ RV Cost?

Kenny Rogers’ 2003 Prevost H3-45 cost around $2 million. Prevosts are an expensive investment, but for a good reason.

You can find used passenger bus Prevosts between $200,000 to $500,000. Converting them into an RV adds a lot to the total cost. Adding components such as a kitchen and all the electrical and plumbing that goes along with it is significant. 

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Did Kenny Rogers Drive His Own RV?

Like most touring musicians, Kenny Rogers had a dedicated bus driver for his RV. They typically traveled between venues during the night after a concert.

This meant Kenny and the band could sleep in the RV and wake up at the next venue. But it wouldn’t surprise us if he took his RV out for a spin now and then. He loved cars and had a Cadillac he drove around proudly. 

Take a Look Inside a Prevost Just For the Fun of It

Would you invest in a Prevost? It’s a great setup for a durable, long-lasting coach. While the gas mileage is lacking, the construction and cargo capacity makes up for it. If Kenny Rogers liked touring in one, we think RVing the country in one would be a blast. 

If you have a chance to walk through a Prevost sometime, we encourage you to do so. Even if it’s way out of the realm of your budget, they’re fun to see in person.

Be sure to listen to the song “Lucille” beforehand to get you in a Kenny Rogers mood.

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