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Why Choose a Travel Trailer RV?

Why Choose a Travel Trailer RV?

Are you in the market for an RV but can’t figure out what type to buy? You might want to consider a travel trailer.

While they’re not as glamorous as motorhomes, they have a lot of appeals that may surprise you.

Today we look at the many reasons to choose a travel trailer RV and which is the most reliable brand.

Let’s get started!

Towing a travel trailer down an Arizona State Highway in overdrive.

What Is a Travel Trailer?

A travel trailer is a non-motorized RV that you tow behind a vehicle. Travel trailers come in various shapes, sizes, and floor plans. Some have sides that slide out to make more interior room, and others have tops that pop up for more headspace.

They all have one distinct identifier – a bumper hitch tows RV travel trailers. This is the hitch on the very back of a truck (unlike 5th wheel RVs towed with a hitch in the bed of the truck).

Travel trailers often look very boxy. Some have two wheels and others have six wheels.

There are numerous options for any size family or budget.

Why Choose a Travel Trailer RV?

There are many reasons people choose smaller RVs. Let’s take a closer look at five reasons a travel trailer is a good choice.


Travel trailers are the most budget-friendly class of RV.

You can find new models as low as $10,000, high-end models for more than $100,000, and everything in between. The variety in options makes them accessible to people ready to start RVing but who can’t afford something too costly.

RV dealerships are quick to finance travel trailers. While we don’t recommend financing, it makes it pretty easy to buy a travel trailer.

Variety of Sizes and Floor Plans

There are travel trailer floor plans for solo travelers, couples, and nearly any size family.

The variety offered across the RV industry makes them accessible to any type of traveler. And the sizes range from under 20’ long to models that are 40’ long. 

Pro Tip: Here are the best micro trailers.

Easy to Unhitch

Travel trailers are easy to unhitch. If you’re traveling between destinations often, they give you the flexibility to leave your RV at a campsite and explore with your tow vehicle.

In addition, the ease of setting up and taking down camp with a travel trailer makes it possible for an individual to do it alone.  

Off-Road Capabilities

Several manufacturers make travel trailers with off-road capabilities.

From all-terrain tires and high clearance to solar power and large freshwater tanks, you can have a trailer that can get you off the beaten path in comfort. 

Smaller (Less Expensive) Tow Vehicle

If you purchase a small, lightweight travel trailer, you can tow it with an SUV or small truck.

This keeps your overall expenses down from not having to upgrade to a large vehicle. And the smaller your vehicle and lighter weight your RV, the better gas mileage you’ll get while traveling.

Keep in mind: These are the best small pickup trucks for towing.

What Is the Most Reliable Travel Trailer Brand?

It’s challenging to narrow it down to just one travel trailer brand. So we’re recommending five of the most reliable travel trailer brands.

Drum roll, please! They are Grand Design, Airstream, Scamp, Winnebago, and Lance. 

Grand Design offers superb customer service and puts a lot of emphasis on the quality of its construction. They have luxury and lightweight travel trailer options.

Airstream is a classic that’s known for holding value. Their “silver bullet” trailers are timeless. Scamp is a small but mighty fiberglass trailer that gets excellent resale value.

Winnebago is another classic that holds up due to its quality construction and faithful customers. And finally, Lance is one of the most reliable brands due to its all-season models and eco-friendly manufacturing.

They remove all mercury from their builds for a toxin-free RV.

How Long Will a Travel Trailer Last?

The life of a travel trailer will depend on how well you maintain it. For example, if the RV stays out in the winter snow year after year, you’ll likely find rust and potential water damage.

In contrast, an RV that you store properly indoors and keep meticulously maintained will probably last longer. 

RVs are made to be used. So the best way to ensure your travel trailer will last as long as possible is to take good care of it. Keep up with the outside maintenance, such as cleaning the roof and resealing when needed.

Also, keep the interior clean and ensure everything is running properly. The better you stay on top of things when something breaks, the greater chance of your RV sticking around for years to come.

How Much Do Travel Trailers Depreciate?

Travel trailers depreciate 20-30% the minute you drive them off the dealer’s lot. By year five, you can expect it to lose about 39% of its value. Since travel trailers go down the road and aren’t built out of steel, they get a lot of wear and tear.

Therefore, travel trailers depreciate rather quickly.

However, some, like the Airstreams, Lances, and others, hold their value better than other brands.

Is Buying a Travel Trailer a Good Investment?

Buying a travel trailer is a great investment, especially if it’s your first RV. They’re an excellent way to get your feet wet, learn about RVing, and decide what you like. Starting off with one can help you determine the best floor plan to fit your needs and more. 

If you already own an SUV or truck that can tow, look for a travel trailer within its towing capacity. This way, you don’t upgrade vehicles without figuring out if the RV you choose is something you want to stick with long-term.

These RVs can provide you with a lot of flexibility while traveling. If you own one, let us know in the comments below what your experience has been.

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