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Will Cracker Barrel End Overnight RV Parking?

Cracker Barrel is famous for its country stores, bacon and eggs, and genuine hospitality. Situated close to interstates, many travelers love this restaurant.

The locations usually offer large parking lots and easy access, which are RV-friendly features. And if you RV long enough, you’ll probably make your way to a Cracker Barrel for an overnight stay.

But will this free service be around much longer? Is overnight RV parking coming to an end?

Let’s explore this in more detail!

Do All Cracker Barrels Allow Overnight RV Parking?

All Cracker Barrels do not allow overnight RV parking, but most do.

Some even have designated RV and bus parking spots beside or behind the store. But it’s up to each individual store manager to decide whether or not they will allow overnight parking at their location.

There could also be local ordinances that don’t allow for overnight parking. It’s always best to call the store ahead of time and ask.

Why Might Cracker Barrel Restaurants Discontinue Overnight RV Parking?

Cracker Barrel restaurants could discontinue this free service because some RVers don’t practice proper etiquette when staying overnight.

Some travelers leave trash strewn across the parking lot. Others play loud music that bothers other businesses that stay open later. And other RVers will take advantage of a free location and stay longer than one night.

If travelers can’t abide by common etiquette principles, they could see an end to free overnight RV parking at Cracker Barrel restaurants.

This pattern of closing overnight parking spots has already been seen at Walmarts & Bass Pro Shops across the USA.

Are There Any Current Plans to End RV Parking Company-Wide?

Currently, there are no plans to end RV parking company-wide.

However, that doesn’t mean there couldn’t be future plans to do so. Depending on the behavior of overnight guests, Cracker Barrel may rethink this free service.

How RVers Can Be Good Guests When Parking Overnight at a Cracker Barrel

First, always call ahead. You need to ask if the store allows for overnight parking, but it’s also courteous to give the manager a heads up that you’ll be coming. Upon arrival, introduce yourself to the manager and ask about what is allowed.

Can you run a generator? Can you put out the awning? Do you need to leave by a certain time? Is there a specific place the manager wants you to park? Can you put all of your slides out? Can you lower the leveling jacks?

Also, leave your area the way you found it. Clean up your trash. Pick up after your pet. This is proper camping etiquette no matter where you stay. Another way RVers can be good guests is to avoid being loud. Don’t crank up the music or set out all of your camping chairs. It’s overnight parking.

Not a place to hang out. You also want to keep in mind that you’re parking at a restaurant. Don’t break out your grill and cook in the parking lot.

Finally, you’re there for one night. Get up and get out of the way the next morning. Delivery trucks arrive early, so make sure to ask the manager if you’ll need to move to give the driver plenty of space.

Most of all, be courteous and considerate. It’s a free place to stay, so be thankful.

Are Cracker Barrel Restaurants Good Places to Park Overnight?

Cracker Barrel restaurants are great places to park overnight. Most of the time, they’re well-lit, and you can’t beat the convenience. They’re usually right off the interstate, so although you may hear trucks driving past during the night, it’s easy getting in and out.

You may or may not have neighbors. Depending on other RVers who are passing through, there may be someone else staying overnight. Regardless, remember it’s not a campground. Keep the noise level down if you do end up interacting with other RVers.

It’s always a good idea to do your research ahead of time. Check out the area.

Make sure you feel safe staying in that location. Because the restaurant has set hours and Cracker Barrels aren’t open 24/7, you shouldn’t have to worry about cars coming in and out of the parking lot at night like you might if you stayed overnight in a Walmart parking lot.

Overall, most RVers feel safe staying at Cracker Barrel locations and appreciate the hospitality they receive while they’re there.

If you choose to stay overnight at a Cracker Barrel, be kind and courteous. Don’t ruin it for other RVers by making a scene, causing a disturbance, or leaving a mess.

The manager might decide it’s not worth it to have overnight parking available if too many RVers take advantage of the free parking.

Just check all of your boxes before arriving at a location. Call the manager ahead of time. Be prepared for whatever limitations the manager places on your stay. Scope out the location, so you feel safe. Many RVers prefer to stay overnight at a Cracker Barrel than other places like Walmart or Cabela’s.

What about you?

Will you be making a phone call the next time you need a quick overnight stop?

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  1. Kenneth King says:

    I would hope that Cracker Barrel continues this benefit to RVers. I’ve stayed at a few and they’re a great place to grab breakfast before hitting the road.
    That said, it amazes me how inconsiderate some people are, and how little common sense they have. It does not take a genius to know the rules of staying for a night at a business, be it Cracker Barrel, Bass Pro Shops, or Walmart and to respect them.

  2. Harvey A Ward Jr says:

    I am deaf and cannot call ahead as I have to make text calls.
    Isn’t there a central depository of active RV parking areas with vacancy information available with a single inquireable text number to call for deaf travelers to contact by Android smartphone?
    Thank you.

  3. Deborah Kerr says:

    We love Cracker Barrel for our long travel days! We pull in around 9 pm, go into Cracker Barrel for dinner. Then go in CB for breakfast before leaving the next morning! Not too many CB’s when we traveled from Ohio out West….

  4. CJ Harvey says:

    We have stayed at Cracker Barrels in the past with no problem. 2 years ago a Walmart security guard told us to leave the Walmart in Albuquerque, NM, not because they did not allow RV parking overnight, but for our safety. Luckily we found a Cracker Barrel a couple minutes away and spent the night there. Fast forward 2 years and passing through Albuquerque again in the evening, we stayed at the same Cracker Barrel – thinking it was a wise choice, remembering the advice we got about the Walmart. The next morning we woke up to find our bike cable cut clean through with a bolt cutter and the securing straps laying on the ground. Fortunately the thief was too stupid to figure out how to raise the locking bar or was shooed away by someone. We were lucky.

  5. Vera Jackson says:

    I have never had to stop at Cracker Barrels for sleeping but I have stopped to eat. I always call first to see if they are busy and ask if and where I should park.
    I am so happy you addressed this issue. Thank you
    It seems to be the ones that need to read it won’t ever a glance. Those that do these rude and disrespectful things know they are wrong but don’t care.
    In the 18 years I have been traveling as an RV’er all across the United States I have had to use a retail or restaurant for sleeping only 4 times. I always check the route and make proper arrangements free or not.
    Golden rule applies, do unto others as you would have them do to you.
    And always be respectful.