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The Best Class A RV for Holding Value

The Best Class A RV for Holding Value

Are you considering buying a class A RV? Knowing which holds their value the best may help you in your decision process.

Similar to cars, an RV depreciates each year. But it can lose more value more quickly than a car.

That’s why we want to help you know which brands are a better investment.

Let’s dig in!

What Is a Class A RV?

A class A RV is a motorhome built on a heavy-duty chassis. You can pick them out going down the road by their big, tall front windshields. Class A motorhomes on the market range from 25’ to 45’, and there are models with gas and diesel engines. 

They often have residential-style features and a lot of storage space. And the floor plans on class A RVs vary greatly.

From models with two bathrooms to multiple slide-outs, there are many options to choose from. 

Class A RV driving on highway.
Enjoy plenty of residential features in a class A RV.

Which Type of RV Holds Its Value Best?

If you’re planning to resell your RV and get the biggest bang for your buck, you might want to reconsider a class A. After driving it off the lot, they lose approximately 30% of their value in the first three years.

And after 10 years, a class A RV is likely to be worth less than half its original value. However, the brand of the RV does play a role in the long-term value. Some higher-end coaches will hold a bit more value than the average.

So which RV holds its value best? According to the NADA, it’s a class C motorhome. They depreciate about 38% in the first five years of ownership.

Pro Tip: All the different class size options can get confusing, so we uncovered The Pros and Cons of RV Class Types.

Why Do RVs Lose Their Value So Quickly?

RVs lose their value the minute you drive them off the dealer’s lot. This is due to their construction and use. Remember, they’re not a sticks and bricks house. And think about it, an RV is going down the highway at high speeds.

You’re putting your home on wheels through hurricane-force winds regularly.

It makes it nearly impossible for them to hold value anywhere close to what they had when coming off the factory line.

Class A RV parked at rest stop.
Unfortunately, all RVs will lose their value as soon as you drive off the lot.

These Brands of Class A RVs Hold Their Value Best

Despite the reality of depreciation, class A motorhomes are fantastic options for getting out on the road and living the RV lifestyle.

So let’s take a look at five brands that hold their value best.

Jayco RVs

Jayco RVs have four different class A models. Customers know them for holding their value and reselling better than other brands. Their construction and design offer high-quality, which elevates them in the marketplace.

And they custom-build their metal frames for each specific unit.


Airstream is a top RV manufacturer and has a reputation for building quality products. They get a higher than average resale value. While they haven’t had a class A on the market in years, the ones they did make still hold up. You may get lucky to find a used Airstream class A RV for sale.

Today, Airstream makes class B and B+ touring coaches. They build them on Mercedes-Benz chassis, which increase their durability and longevity. The interiors are luxurious, with a variety of features to keep you comfortable on the road. 


When you think of a class A RV, the classic Winnebago likely comes to mind. The brand has been popular for years, and for a good reason. Winnebagos are among the best class A RVs that hold their value well.

They have strong, quality construction, and their interiors have high-end features with modern décor. There are currently eight different class A models on the market with various floor plans.


Tiffin is an industry leader in luxury class A motorhomes. They make a smaller amount of RVs each year than most manufacturers to increase quality control. When you walk into a Tiffin, you can tell that they obsess over every detail.

They currently have seven class A models.


Newmar is another manufacturer that builds luxury class A motorhomes. They hold value for resale due to their excellent construction. They build each coach by hand with attention to detail.

Craftsmanship is extremely important to Newmar, and it shows in their products. People who buy Newmars often keep them for years, which speaks volumes to their quality.

How to Help Your Class A Hold Its Value

The best way to help your class A hold its value is to take care of it. Keep up with regular maintenance and go above and beyond to meticulously check it over. Change the fluids on time and ensure everything is running properly on the inside and out. 

Keeping the interior clean and in like-new condition is also important for the RV’s value. When you resell your class A, and there are ripped cushions, that’s a ding on the price tag. And be sure to prevent leaks. Water damage is an RV’s demise and a seller’s worst nightmare. Any bit of water damage will affect the value of your RV.

Pro Tip: Everybody makes mistakes, but don’t let your RV purchase be one you will regret! The wrong RV can quickly become a Camping Nightmare: “I Bought the Wrong RV”.

Mom and daughter posing in front of motorhome.
Depending on your travel preferences, a class A RV might be perfect for you!

Is a Class A RV the Right Investment for You?

A class A RV depreciates quickly, but that shouldn’t be the only factor to consider when purchasing an RV. Consider if a class A is the right investment for you based on your needs and travel preferences. For example, if you want to see all of the national parks and easily get into any parking space, a class A might not be the best choice.

A class B or small class C motorhome may be worth considering instead. But if you want a large class A and find a floor plan that works for you, it can be a great investment.

The bottom line is that, similar to buying a house, an RV is a personal choice based on your preferences. And because RVs lose value, don’t settle for something that doesn’t meet your needs. A class A RV may or may not be right for you. We recommend walking through some models and doing a test drive to help in your decision.

You may even consider renting a class A for a weekend camping trip to really get a feel for it. Do you have any tips for keeping your RV in good condition, so it holds its value?

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