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The Best F150 Camper Shells

The Best F150 Camper Shells

Are you looking for a budget-friendly camping option that will get you out of a tent? A camper shell is an excellent choice.

You can camp anywhere your truck will take you and sleep in a dry space with little setup or takedown.

Forget a motorhome or truck camper. A camper shell is efficient, cost-effective, and can be surprisingly comfortable.

Curious what we’re talking about? Keep reading to discover the best camper shells on the market for a Ford F150.

Let’s get started!

About the Ford F150

The Ford F150 is a half-ton pickup truck. It comes in eight different models.

The F150 has multiple choices for an engine, including a 3.3L Ti-VCT V6, 2.7L EcoBoost V6, 3.5L EcoBoost V6, 5.0L Ti-VCT V8, 3.0L Power Stroke Turbo-Diesel V6, or 3.5L PowerBoost Full Hybrid V6. 

The payload capacity on the Ford F150 ranges from 1,840 to 3,250 lbs depending on the engine size. Short or long truck beds are options. In addition, the 4×4 truck is available in a regular two-door cab or a crew cab with four doors. T

he Ford F150 starts at $29,290 for the XL and goes up to $73,105 for the Limited model.

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Ford F150 parked in front of trees.
Take your Ford F150 out on your adventures with a camper shell.

What Is a Camper Shell?

A camper shell is also known as a truck topper or truck bed cap. It’s an enclosed covering over a truck’s rear bed to protect it from the elements and provide additional storage room and camping space. Sizes of camper shells vary.

They might be aluminum, fiberglass, or canvas.

Does Ford Make Camper Shells?

While Ford doesn’t manufacture camper shells, some companies make them to fit Ford trucks precisely.

There are plenty of options out there that you can use with whichever truck model you own. Let’s take a look at the best camper shells for a Ford F150.

Woman driving Ford F150.
Make additional storage room and camping space in your Ford F150 with a camper shell.

The Best F150 Camper Shells

If you want to streamline your camping experience, look into getting a camper shell. Here are nine camper shells that are perfect for a Ford F150. 

#1. SnugTop Super Sport

About: The SnugTop Super Sport camper shell is fiberglass with flush-mounted tinted glass side windows. Its rear side frameless curved windows can also pop out for ventilation.

The one-piece construction has a wrap-around fiberglass rail and J hook mounting system, requiring no drilling. In addition, the tailgate lock system options include a standard lock or a remote-controlled electric lock.

The SnugTop Super Sport is an excellent option for a weekend outdoors when you need a dry place to sleep. You can toss sleeping bags in the back of the truck and some supplies for a comfortable camping trip. 

Price: $1,900 to $3,500

#2. BunduTecUSA Bivak

About: BunduTecUSA’s Bivak was a conceptual design for a Tacoma, but you can custom fit it for the Ford F150. It has a wood frame construction and aluminum exterior with a walk-on rubber roof.

The camper shell has a 10-gallon freshwater holding tank, 12V water pump, 15 in quick connect hose with a hand sprayer, LED lighting, battery tray, and external lockable storage bays. And it comes with a lot of upgrades, including solar.

The Bivak camper shell is perfect for off-road camping trips. You can even add on a porta-potty, TV, and air conditioner to this unique design.  

Price: Starts at $4,019

#3. AT Summit Camper Shell

About: The AT Summit is a durable and insulated truck topper that has a pop-up shell. Its base and roof are lightweight aluminum and honeycomb composite.

And the pop-up’s sides are waterproof and fire-retardant canvas. Robust gas springs allow it to open and close in most conditions, such as high winds. It also has double pane acrylic windows and skylights, along with retractable bug screens and thermal curtains for added insulation.

You can sleep two people inside, and there’s room for one person to stand up. It has a built-in mattress and five interior lights, making it comfortable for a getaway or road trip. 

Price: Starts at $12,000

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#4. A.R.E. Overland

About: A.R.E.’s Overland Series truck caps are great for off-roading. They’re tough with a spray-on protective coating that increases strength on uneven terrain. Its construction is fiberglass with a reinforced roof. 

The Overland is a durable camper shell to sleep under and protect your gear.

It comes with options such as fishing rod holders for a day or overnight trip. In addition, it has pet screen protectors for the windows so you can take your dog along and ensure they’re safe and getting airflow.

Price: Starts at $2,399

#5. A.R.E. Walk-In Door

About: A.R.E.’s Walk-In Door is different from the Overland in that it provides a full door on the back, eliminating your truck’s tailgate. This makes for easy in and out when camping and hauling gear.

In addition, if you’re pulling a trailer, the glass door gives a better line of sight to what’s behind your truck. 

The Walk-In Door camper shell is fiberglass with a reinforced roof. The center of the back hatch is a glass door that can open on its own when the hatch is closed. This makes it an excellent option for camping without exposing everything that’s in your truck bed.

Price: Starts at $1,799

#6. Leer 100XQ Sport Camper Shell

About: The Leer 100XQ Sport is a fiberglass truck topper with a frameless hidden hinge curved rear door. It has one-piece tip-out side windows and interior tube lighting. In addition, it has a keyless remote entry and weather cover for the lock.

The 100XQ Sport also integrates into your truck body, making it a good fit for off-roading.

It’s the perfect option for throwing a mattress, sleeping bags, and gear in for a weekend camping trip.

Price: Starts at $1,999

#7. OVRLND Pop-Top

About: Each of the Ovrland Pop-Tops is customized to a specific truck. You submit your measurements and get a custom-built camper shell. The Ovrland Pop-Top is aluminum construction with waterproof canvas for the pop-top sides.

Its roof is strong enough to carry a kayak or solar panels. 

Inside the Ovrland Pop-Top, you’ll find a full-size bed made of honeycomb composite material. It keeps you warm, and it’s load-tested for up to 500 lbs. There’s also eight inches of space over the cab, so you can put mattresses up there when you have the roof closed.

Price: $9,100

#8. Unicover Aluminum 1100

About: Unicover’s Aluminum 1100 sits on a heavy-duty welded aluminum frame. The front and side slant to match your truck’s cab. And it has a front picture window, two stationary windows, and a screened window on the sides. 

The Unicover Aluminum 1100 is a tremendous budget-conscious camper shell. Whether you’re sleeping in the truck bed or storing gear, it will keep you and your possessions dry and secure.

Price: $1,095 to $1,415

#9. ATC LHR Mid-Rise Camper Shell

About: ATC’s LHR Mid-Rise camper shell has a thick tri-cell honeycomb reinforced roof that can hold cargo. It also has oversized, tinted sliding glass windows with screens. And they didn’t skim on details, as it has a custom-fit door skirt to match your truck’s tailgate. 

The ATC LHR Mid-Rise offers the option of adding a roof rack to double up on your gear for camping trips. That makes this an ideal choice for outdoor adventures that require accessories.

Price: Starts at $1,199

Is an F150 Camper Shell Worth It?

An F150 camper shell is absolutely worth it, in our opinion. Even if you’re not planning to sleep in it, having the extra space for gear is a very nice addition to your travels.

For example, if you’re pulling a travel trailer and have a camper shell, you can get multiple uses out of it. You can use it for storage and day trips or overnights when you don’t want to hook up your travel trailer.

Are you ready to get a camper shell for your Ford F150? If so, please let us know which one you decide on and how you like it.

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