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7 Ways to Make Your RV Trip to Quartzsite More Enjoyable

7 Ways to Make Your RV Trip to Quartzsite More Enjoyable

Will you be heading to Quartzsite this year?

A lot happens in this desert town in the winter months. We want you to know how to make your RV trip in the crowded small town one to remember.

Keep reading to find seven tips for a more enjoyable time in Quartzsite, Arizona.

Let’s dig in!

About Quartzsite, Arizona

Quartzsite is a small town in western Arizona that sits on I-10 just before the border of California.

The population is about 3,700 people, making it look almost like a ghost town with the vast desert valley surrounding the city proper.

Quartzsite’s valley sits in the middle of miles and miles of flat desert landscape surrounded by mountains.

Why Do So Many RVers Flock to This Tiny Town?

In the winter months, the tiny town spills over with more than 750,000 RVers. The desert surrounding Quartzsite is mostly Bureau of Land Management land on which you can boondock for up to 14 days. This is one reason RVers flock here.

Another is the Big Tent RV Show and several RV rallies and group gatherings in January and February. 

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Quartzsite entry sign.
Boondock for up to 14 days in Quartzsite, Arizona!

7 Ways to Make Your Quartzsite RV Trip Enjoyable

The crowds in Quartzsite will likely be bigger than ever this year. With more people than ever itching to travel, including Canadians crossing the border, this year is likely to be one massive party.

If big crowds aren’t your thing, you may want to avoid an RV road trip to Quartzsite. But if you need community with fellow RVers, some time in the desert may be right for you.

So before you go, keep in mind these seven tips to make your trip more enjoyable.

1. Check Out the Big Tent Show

The Quartzsite Sports, Vacation, & RV Show, also known as the Big Tent Show, draws people from all over North America. While it’s not the biggest RV show in the country, it’s the main event that brings people here to gather and socialize.

You can walk through some of the latest RV brands and models.

The show also has camping gear for sale, and you can sometimes find good discounts.

Vendors from campgrounds also attend, which is an excellent opportunity to learn about new places to stay along your journey.

2. Attend Meetups for Your Favorite RV Clubs or Groups

One of the most enjoyable parts about staying in Quartzsite is attending meetups with RV clubs or groups.

Many organized gatherings take place here. For example, Escapees RV Club has several events in Quartzsite. Other groups will have impromptu meetups, which you can find via social media.

Follow your favorite groups on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter before your trip so you can keep updated on any events that arise.

3. Visit Hi Jolly’s Tomb

Sometimes it’s nice to take a break from all of the socializing at Quartzsite and do some sightseeing. Visiting Hi Jolly’s Tomb is a good start. In 1856, Jefferson Davis imported 70 camels to transport freight and people across the desert.

A Syrian caretaker named Hadji Ali escorted the first camels. He was called Hi Jolly by his American masters. But during the Civil War, the project ended, and they set the camels free in the desert. The last time anyone saw a camel in the area was in 1942. 

Hi Jolly remained in the area. When he died in 1902, the locals built a pyramid tomb out of petrified wood and quartz to honor him.

Later, the Arizona Highway department cemented a bronze plaque to the tomb, which tells his story.

4. Check Out a Rock, Gem, and Mineral Show in the Area

Rock, gem, and mineral shows take place regularly in Quartzsite. And when there’s not a big advertised show going on, you can find small vendors throughout the town selling their products.

In addition, DesertUSA maintains an online calendar of events, updating it regularly for upcoming shows.

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5. Visit the Reader’s Oasis Bookstore

Reader’s Oasis Bookstore contains thousands of books. But the shop’s owner, Paul Winer, is one of the best reasons to visit.

He’s well-known in Quartzsite and has a personality that will make you smile. You’ll just have to meet him to experience it for yourself.

6. See the Ancient Quartzsite Fisherman Intaglio

The Ancient Quartzsite Fisherman Intaglio outlines a fisherman drawn on the desert floor by ancient Indians. It’s north of Quartzsite, once a training ground for troops during World War II.

There are rocks on the desert floor for airplanes to see that spell out Quartzsite and form an arrow pointing the way to the Fisherman Intaglio, best seen from the air.  

7. Take a Trip to Palm Canyon

An excellent half-day or day trip option from Quartzsite is Palm Canyon. It’s in Kofa National Wildlife Refuge. You’ll drive on a seven-mile gravel road from US 95.

The canyon is a beautiful site with approximately 100 palm trees inside. On top of the canyon, you can get panoramic views of the Sonoran Desert.

Don’t Forget to Slow Down and Take in an Amazing Quartzsite Sunset

Our final tip is to remember to take in the sunset at the end of each day in Quartzsite. As the sun sets behind the mountains surrounding the desert, the sky turns all kinds of shades of pink, red, and purple.

Sunsets here are some of the best we’ve ever seen. It’s a great way to end your busy day of adventuring and socializing.

What are your top tips for visiting Quartzsite?

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  1. Bob says:

    YES, the best things to do in Quartzsite are not in Quartzsite lol! Like Palm Canyon. And since you can camp there on BLM land why would you go back to Quartzsite? Then not far from there you can camp on BLM along the Colorado River making it way nicer the the brown dusty desert.